10 free analysis tools to measure content effectiveness


10 free analysis tools to measure content effectiveness - When you are creating content of different categories and on different forums, you will be very interested in factors like commenting, likes or sharing on your social media posts. Because these factors determine traffic, the level of interaction from people and generally content effectiveness.

People sign up for your newsletter from the website and you add them to your mailing list. This is good for personal social media profiles or websites where there are no expected financial returns. But when you are trying to monetize the content you own, it is important to be aware of exactly what is required from the content. You should also be able to effectively measure content to deliver what you are looking for.

General goal with the content

Measurement becomes controversial if you don't know exactly what you want from your content. So before we go into measuring content effectiveness, let's consider what people often expect to get from content. Your expectation of content will be any, few or all of the following:

Ranking on Google:

You want to get better Google rankings. In that case, you need to optimize your entire content. This needs to be done according to the latest algorithm from Google. The keywords in the content need to be able to. Full backlinks required.

Participation from viewers:

Some webmasters and business owners need engagement from visitors. That won't be obvious from the Google rankings. If participation is important, you will need to measure time on page. Social media engagement will lead to lots of likes and shares. Of course, there are several other aspects to participating in social media. We have covered aspects from social media engagement in the previous article.


The only goal is more and more people are watching your content. This is a very basic goal and is usually the easiest to achieve. Traffic data is enough to give you details from this metric.


This is the most common result that most content creators want. This will not be evident only from content participation. Organizations that own metrics like sales figures, new registrations, new leads, etc. will help.

Importance by measurement

We talked about several common goals being pursued. But results from them need to be measured. This measurement works on both of the following results:

  • If your content gives you the results you need, such a measurement will confirm success.

  • On the other hand, if things do not work, the measurement will also be useful. You will understand where you improve.

Goals for any content are important. But if progress is not measured, goals are meaningless. That's because you never know exactly what you're doing right or wrong and what improvements are needed. Measurable figures are needed. This shows progress but also the return on investment.

List of 10 best free analysis tools to measure content effectiveness

  1. Semrush


If you ask any digital marketer, you'll hear this name as their preferred option. The reason is that it effectively measures your own content. And it also gives you another view of the competition. The best is that Semrush is available for free. You also have the option to pay, but they are not required.

Why do digital marketing experts use this tool?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Whenever you get mentioned online, you are notified about it. This is a great relief for those who want to follow up. You do not need to follow up with any reviews from customers or comments that mention you. If your website receives a backlink, you will be notified about it.

  • Semrush helps to track not only participation, but also your Google rankings. If you make any changes to your content, you will be notified of the impact on rankings from Google.

  • If you are looking for topics for your website or for relevant keywords, you can use Semrush. It has keyword research tools as well.

  • Your website will have several pages. You can use this tool to compare traffic and engagement from different pages on your website. This is very useful in assessing which campaign on which page is more effective.

  1. SEO SpyGlass


Webmasters and business owners continue to wonder how competitors top the results page at search engines. SEO SpyGlass shows you best practices from competitors and also shows you how to incorporate those things into your content strategy.

Google has given a lot of weight to backlinks in their side algorithm. This tool is based on the same process. Not only that, backlinks from higher ranked pages carry more weight on this tool. So quality backlinks are also considered, not just quantity.

The tool will also specify if the backlink is from the website. In addition to the backlink score, you are also informed which backlinks help you get the most traffic. This tool supports the keyword well.

You will get easy social media tracking with this tool. Moreover, you will also get overall SEO report. Most users opt for the free version of SpyGlass SEO, although there are also paid alternatives.

  1. Hotjar


This is a new free tool for effective tracking and that's because it conforms to all new security standards like GDPR,…. That is why you do not need to worry about breaching current privacy rules.

The digital marketing team will be using this tool to gain great insights into the user experience with content. Hotjar is available on all major platforms like WordPress, Google and many other platforms. All user behavior on your website is displayed to you visually. This is done with the help of a heat map. These heat maps help marker user behavior.

You are also required to record what visitors on your website have done. Click order, usage time, and flow will help you understand customer preferences. It will also help identify errors or malfunctions on the website.

If you need page analysis, you will get that too.

This is not all, even the form you have on your website will be analyzed for you. You will know which form field takes the most time to complete. The free package helps you analyze up to 2000 websites in a day.

  1. Hubspot


It is one of the most popular tools, not only for analytics, but also for the digital marketing service. You will receive services to increase website traffic, create, close leads and also manage those leads. The prosperous community from Hubspot is another great plus. Therefore, it is not uncommon for it to have found a large number of users.

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Along with different pricing packages, Hubspot also offers free packages for business owners and digital marketers who use their tracking tool to track various activities. It will show you what the content is doing well. This will include specific pages, social media channel content, websites and even emails.

Special feature called Social Inbox. It keeps track of every occasion when your party brand mentions. This makes single window screens great for your entire social media post. It not only tracks brand mentions on your side but also hashtags and keywords.

Like we mentioned earlier, this tool also provides insights about generated leads. Feedback from people leading to your content is also available. This is the tool you should have for a more detailed view of the content. In addition, it also helps you to be a better business.

  1. Hootsuite


This tool is specially designed to become social media screens. Since social media is an important part of digital marketing, it doesn't matter anyway. This is a comprehensive tool and not limited to analysis.

The first thing it helps you with is setting the time in advance for your social media posts. Then you will manage the entire article with this tool. In addition, you are creating performance reports from those posts.

The social media posts you want to post will be created first and stored securely in the cloud. But let us focus on what we care about - analytics. You will be creating a custom dashboard for your social media content. Once done, these reports will be exported to PDF, excel or even powerpoint output. These reports are especially useful if you are using social media profiles to provide customer service.

They will tell you how effective your group answers are. The most useful thing about this tool is that all your social media profiles will be tracked in the same place. In addition, the tracking will be done in real time instead of just receiving reports. The only thing you don't like is that the free version doesn't miss some of the functionality provided in the paid plan.

  1. Google Analytics


Google is the most commonly used search engine and it is a useful tool to use.

There are three simple benefits to using Google Analytics. It is easy to use, it is very useful, and it's free. You only need to register, then you receive the tracking code. This code will be pasted into all the pages you want to track. And you will understand a lot about your website visitors.

You also get information about visitor behavior and profiles with them.


You will understand which segment is the most popular. This gives you a good idea of ​​your frequent postings on social media and elsewhere. You will also evaluate the effectiveness of other campaigns.

You will also think of using Webmaster Tools from Google in conjunction with Analytics. It will give you a good idea of ​​your content outside of your social media profile. The effectiveness from all your SEO efforts will be assessed using this tool.

  1. Buffer


Buffer is a software application designed for both mobile and web devices used to manage your entire social account. It is also known as an easier way to schedule posts, track content performance, and to manage your entire account on the platform.

With buffers, your posts are automatically spaced, scheduled and posted throughout the day. You can share the same post on many social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

This app comes with different time frames based on the time social media users are active throughout the day. However, you will be able to change, add and remove intervals as required.

It also comes with a feature that will offer post suggestions to users and also gives you retweets like clicks, views per post, based on the number of feeds the post displays. It is compatible with all three platforms, browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and news applications like Zite and Flipboard.

  1. Scoop.it


Scoop.It is a great analytics tool that comes with a free pack for individual users. Later you can upgrade your package if you choose to use this tool for all your digital marketing projects. This tool will even be integrated with Google Analytics. You will track daily views, number of visitors, comments and post shares on this tool.

  1. Tweriod


This is a free analysis tool developed specifically for Twitter. It lets you know when your twitter followers are online so you have an idea of ​​the exact time to post and engage your target twitter audience. You track the most favorable time to post and schedule your posts accordingly. To start using the tool, you are required to register on the website with your twitter account.

  1. Cyfe


Cyfe is an analytics platform that provides a single dashboard to monitor multiple websites in real time. So you keep track of everything, from social media to your SEO efforts. The free version limits you to a few limited control panels, but it is enough for many digital marketers and website administrators. This tool has been published in many magazines because it is an important analytical tool for business owners.

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The best thing about these tools is that they are free to use. If you're starting digital marketing efforts, you don't need to worry about spending huge amounts of money. The second thing is that these tools are easy to understand and use. You do not need to set a separate group. These tools help you do the most important things that will make your marketing strategy more effective. You will definitely find exactly what you want from this list.