10 Best WordPress Comment Support Plugins

10 best WordPress commenting plugins to use - Okey! As you know, content is the "king" of a Web site, but besides that, blog comments are of particular importance. That's how you can interact with your "People", without "People", your content will be "Left" if you keep "People" long-term with you that you've success. If your site has a huge readership then make sure your suggested content is great for search engines.

10 Plugin for WordPress commenting

So when you create a default WordPress site, the comment feature is already built in, but the default comment feature is very poor, so you need to choose the best WordPress comment plugin, which This will bring you better results. For your convenience, I've collected the best WordPress Comment plugins that will make your comment more engaging and powerful.

Importance of Comment plugin

  • Create better interaction

  • Useful feedback with outstanding discussions

  • Comments can give better content ideas

  • SEO optimization

  • Help form a community

From the above advantages, let's explore some of the WordPress commenting systems below.

WordPress default comment

Hayzo, despite being said to be "poor", the default WordPress commenting system has the following advantages:

It is not a plugin, is an integrated system in WordPress, comes with WordPress by default and you can manage all of it through settings from the WordPress dashboard.

Designed specifically for WordPress, so there is almost no plugin conflict, a strong comment system and some large blogs are still in use.

Created with a simple design that helps readers comment easily.

This is an inbuilt system, so you don't need to install it.


  • It is a commenting plugin installed

  • Created with a simple design.

  • Give an engaging look to your comments.

  • Free.

  • Simply because you can chat faster and better.

Comment on Jetpack

Jetpack is a multi-option plugin that gives you lots of cool features. It is built with great features to help customize your commenting system in an attractive way. The plugin has an analytics module that helps you check how many people have visited your site.

Jetpack by WordPress.com


  • Keep track of comments and search queries.

  • Provide social share buttons.

  • Create a sitemap.

  • Keep track of daily blog backups.

  • Track website downtime and notify you.

  • Built with features compatible with WordPress source code.


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