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Taking screenshots of your computer, or more specifically taking screenshots of web pages, is one of the tasks that many people have to do everyday. For example, programmers, website designers, or writing content ... then taking pictures of the demo site to send to customers is a very regular job.

As you know, the most popular screen capture applications now allow you to capture only the portion of the current web page on the current screen, and for long content sites we need to take multiple shots. , making management and sharing more difficult.

So in this article I will share with you a utility on Google Chrome for you Capture entire web page with just one mouse click Please !

Take a picture of the entire web with 1 click with One Click Screenshot

+ Step 1: This is a free utility on the Google Chrome Store, compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, ... and other Chromium core web browsers.

How to install: Please go to this link => and press Thêm vào Chrome to be able to install this add-on into a browser.

click-to-click-website-1-click-2 (2)

Installation is complete, you will see one Camera icon at the top right corner of the web browser - in this article I use Microsoft Edge Chromium as a model!

+ Step 2: Now to take a picture, go to the website you want to capture => and then click on the utility's icon.

Immediately there will be a symbol of a person running in a straight line, and when that person runs to the end, the picture is taken. You need to wait for this process to work!

click-to-click-a-click-website-3-click (3)

+ Step 3: The shooting speed of this utility can be said to be quite impressive. Photos after shooting is completed will appear in a new Tab, and at the same time the new tab is also the interface to edit the captured image.

Below is a series of editing tools that allow you to crop, invert, rotate photos, draw shapes, insert cube icons, emoticons, text, background layers, color filters, etc.

When you're done editing, click the button Download To download the image you have just downloaded, click the button Load to be able to select and upload the image you want to edit using the 's tools One Click Screenshot.

click-to-click-website-1-click (4)


Yes ! Above is my tutorial on how to use the utility One Click Screenshot to take a picture of the entire website With just one mouse click.

Hope the article will be helpful to you, if you find this utility good, do not forget to share this article for everyone to use. Good luck !

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