Using Fiverr And Other Cheap Services Website


Use Fiverr and other cheap website services - Using Fiverr to perform specific personal tasks can save you a lot of time and money. However, Fiver is not the only website available to you and here we will discuss some alternatives for Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?


The explosion of the web and the creation of websites almost unlimited by those who want to make a living or simply earn excess money has led to the need for specialized knowledge. The jobs that most people need help with are easily done by experts in their field and such expertise needs to spawn websites like Fiverr.

Some jobs may require specialized knowledge and others may require access to expensive software. Maybe you want the material to be proven, video captions, or cartoon characters drawn. Perhaps you want several hundred words translated into Chinese or Japanese. You can accomplish all of this using Fiverr - for only $ 5. Payments and refunds are made via PayPal.

If the specific job is more extensive, then the seller may charge extra. For example, a simple SEO test on a website can cost $ 5, while additional pages can cost an additional $ 5 per page. You can pay $ 5 for a 300-word website post and place two orders if you want 600 words, for example.

Basically, if you need expert help, you can download it on Fiver and similar sites at a much lower cost than if you hire someone in private, or buy software just for the public. that work. Most people are satisfied with what they receive. However, you tend to get what you pay for so be careful about the quality. If it seems that the price is too low, it is likely.

Here are a few options for Fiverr that you can also use. The term 'gig' is used for the service provided by experts on those websites and in some cases, you can state your own contract for experts to quote. For others, all have the same price: $ 4, $ 5 or whatever is the norm for the website. Payment usually by PayPal and usually kept in escrow until the buyer is satisfied with the job.

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As the name of the website suggests, Fourerr is like Fiverr but you only pay four dollars. As with Fiverr, service providers are paid 80% of the fee - $ 3.20. For this reason, you can find more options from Fiverr than Fourerr. Customer service, support is excellent and many people like it more than Fiverr.


You can choose the advertised contract to view. Gigs starts at $ 5 and raises $ 5 to $ 50 depending on the level of work done. You have one day to fix any problems after shipment. Payment of the buyer and seller is via PayPal.


SEOClerks operates margin services and charges a commission to the seller of 20%. Payments can be made via PayPal, Payee or Alertpay / Payza and in the event of a dispute or cancellation, money is returned to the buyer's SEOClerks account and can be paid via Payoneer card.

With SEOClerks, sellers can state their own prices. There is no fixed increase and the service is basically just a sales website for any kind of work at any price. You can advertise to write an eBook or design an entire website if you want.


Zeerk starts at $ 2, rises to $ 100 and only acts as the point of contact between the buyer and the seller of the service. There are no fees or commissions, though you only have to be contacted via Zeerk's messaging system. There is no escrow with this service and buyers pay sellers through PayPal. If they are not satisfied with the job, they can reimburse it through the usual PayPal dispute procedure.

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With ZJobs, you can post or purchase goods and services for $ 1 to $ 100. There are several payment options, the most popular of which is PayPal. If you are providing services, you include additional utilities at an additional cost and also pay $ 1 to get your project listed at the top of the list for 5 days.

These seem to be well-maintained, maintained websites, and it's easy to set up projects and buy them. It seems to be a great replacement for Fiverr, for professionals seeking a broader range of services. It's also good for those looking for a service they could never get for as little as $ 5, such as extensive SEO work on their website or even an eBook written for their clients. surname.

These are the main websites available for those who do not like using Fiverr. There are others originating from the United Kingdom, other countries, and accepting payments in their own money instead of internet standard dollars. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, but most will be ideal for you if you have a specific task that only an expert can accomplish. Or even if you're too busy to do your own simple task, using Fiverr or an alternative to $ 5 might be worth the price.