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Is your WordPress site infected with malware? Hackers have inserted malicious code, redirect scripts into your WordPress source? Are you trying to remove WordPress malware?

In this guide of HOSTVN, HOSTVN will introduce you 4 best plugins to remove wordpress malware for your website. You can identify malicious code by scanning your site with any of the security plugins below.

If you do not know how to install plugins you can view the article Instructions to install plugins for wordpress by HOSTVN.

first. Sucuri Scanner

Sucuri is one of the best solutions to find and clean malicious code for your site. It also provides a firewall to protect your website from various types of attacks.

Sucuri offers a free version that scans your site with just one click. Premium paid packages have additional advanced features such as Firewall, DDOS restriction….

2. Wordfence Security Plugins

Wordfence Security - remove wordpress malicious code

Wordfence Security is the most prominent WordPress security plugin and has over 3 million installations. Wordfence provides malware scanners as well as firewalls to protect your WordPress blog. Plugin Wordfence will scan your WordPress theme, plugin and core file and also check for malicious URLs and malicious redirects. It will fix your WordPress files and you overwrite the original version.

Wordfence's paid plan is quite expensive but worth it. Its free plan includes almost everything you need to keep your blog safe from malware.

3. Anti-Malware Security and Brute Force Firewall

Anti-Malware Security

Plugin Anti-Malware Security is provided free of charge and is available in WordPress plugins repository. This is one of the best plugins to scan and remove malware or malware from your website easily. The feature is easy to use and is loved by many bloggers. These are very simple but powerful plugins that will scan WordPress core files and remove all malicious code with just one click.

4. Malcare Security Plugins

MalCare Security

Malcare Security is a plugin that aims to keep your blog safe from attacks. It easily cleans malicious code in one click. This plugin is developed by the Blogvault developers, one of the popular WordPress backup plugins.

The Malcare plugin scans your site from its own server and will not affect your site's performance. It claims that any malware will be cleaned and secured in a minute.

The Malcare insurance package starts at $ 99 per year and includes advanced security features such as malware scanning, attack protection and more. It is trusted by many large companies such as SAP, Adobe, Yoast, WPengine and Intel.

HOSTVN hopes this article will give you more options to remove malware for your WordPress site. Also you can see more Data backup guide for wordpress by HOSTVN.

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