The truth behind 'Unlimited' web hosting services

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The truth behind web hosting services 'Unlimited' - Unlimited web hosting? You read about it on every web hosting site: ‘unlimited storage’, ‘unlimited bandwidth’, ‘unlimited domains’, etc. Are these really unlimited, and it depends on the hosting service you choose? Do they become 'unlimited' when you pay more?

We will compare what is actually available by web hosting companies on the website and what the word 'unlimited' means. Asking 100 people means unlimited bandwidth and you'll be lucky if 5 people tell you. What is the bandwidth to get started!

What is bandwidth?


“What is bandwidth?” It was unbelievable (or perhaps not) that question was asked, and it was not surprising because it was used indiscriminately. In short, the meaning of bandwidth depends on what you are referring to. When you have ‘unlimited’ bandwidth, it is a completely different thing than the bandwidth of the internet connection.

Internet bandwidth is related to data transfer speed. You link it to a pipe: the larger the width of the pipe, the more it moves in a time. The larger the bandwidth, the more data is transmitted over the same time period (although the cables need not be larger). Fiber optic cable is faster than standard phone DSL (or ADSL), so it gets larger bandwidth allocation - transmits signal packets faster.

It is to refer to the term ‘bandwidth’. However, why is it so complicated? Why not refer to ‘internet speed’ or connection speed? Why is the bandwidth? We know about ‘broadband’, so what's the alternative? ‘Narrow bandwidth’?

Come to the topic of web hosting and you find a different definition. They use the incorrect terminology of the amount of data transferred over a set period of time. Nothing to do with speed! That time is a month, for example. You have high bandwidth (upload many files) with very slow speed. Therefore, the two uses of this word are not relevant. You use up the monthly bandwidth allocation.

Unlimited Web Hosting


Unlimited bandwidth: Unlimited web hosting with 'unlimited bandwidth', unlimited data transfer speeds (which would be ridiculous because it's limited to light speeds) but there's no monthly limit on the amount of data whether to upload or download and from hosting accounts.

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Unlimited storage: Web hosting with unlimited hard disk storage. You will read that there is no limit to the storage space you are allowed to. You store a lot of data and many applications on the allocated (unlimited) hard disk space. Think about that for a moment.

Unlimited database: It has an unlimited SQL database, so there is no limit to the number of databases you store on your account regardless of their size. If you know the database then you will know a lot more, with gigabytes of data and millions of individual entries.

Unlimited domain name / domain: They refer to subdomains on the website, essentially small pages stored in a separate directory on the domain or new domain - operate different websites with separate domain names from the account. If so, you will not be able to create so many sites that you will break every rule.

The myth behind Web Hosting ‘Unlimited’


The end result is that it must have unlimited server space! It must be very big for customers to store as many databases, content files and images as they want and be able to transmit so that customers transfer as much data between server and computer as they want, regardless Needs to be put on that server by others!

That would be a great service! It does not lie, because it is technically correct. The term ‘unlimited’ has two basic meanings:

Unlimited = No limits, or no limitations. In other words, without restrictions, that's the way most people would interpret this word. This, like we described above, requires a staggeringly large and infinite server system, with unlimited file storage space or data transfer volumes.

Unlimited = Without a certain limit, you should know when you have broken the rule! So strictly, there is no limit to the bandwidth or storage space, so it is semantically ‘unlimited’. That was a policeman! However, it is a word form used by web hosting services. That is why this is a warning for readers who are looking for a new web hosting service.

Whether this is the first web host or not currently in violation of the current server's Acceptable Terms of Service, keep this in mind: there is no such thing as 'unlimited' in web hosting!

Eligibility Statement Determine Unlimited Hosting


Obviously, no web server has an unlimited data storage or transfer speed. Even unlimited data transmission time cannot be guaranteed. For that reason, you will have an eligibility statement on the web host. It is ‘small print’, but it will be there.

This comes from HostGator's 'Acceptable Policy' for hosting services:

Unless they refuse to believe in unlimited statements because they are likely to be believed, most people will not hunt for these explanations. However, people are becoming wiser about how manufacturers market products.

VPS or dedicated web hosting then is the better option. When traffic, domain size and / or file download and upload levels reach critical levels, you'll receive a statement from web hosting service that indicates this.

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There is no "unlimited" web hosting. There is web hosting where no limits are set for monthly data transfer volumes or on server disk space for file storage. However, when the use of such resources exceeds what the web server considers reasonable to the hosting service level, it will either notify or cancel the account.

Make sure you stay in touch with the web server if you believe you violate the Acceptable User Policy. If the site relates heavily to movies, music, and other media file storage, this applies to you. Keeping in touch with them - it is better to be safe and to enhance the so-called unlimited web hosting service rather than cancel it without warning!