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In case you only want to register for free VPS without VISA Debit / MasterCard, just use your email address, please refer to the following 2 programs:

Aruba Cloud offers 3 free VPS months to new customers

VPS Free 2017 - Aruba Cloud offers 2 months free VPSAruba Cloud is a famous Cloud Server provider in Europe, VPS prices here are very cheap, only from 2.7 euros / month.

They have a $ 10 month VPS free program for new customers.

Especially, Aruba Cloud's Cloud VPS allows you to register for VPS Free without VISA or other cards, as long as you register with your email address and phone number.

The coupon code will send to your registered phone number, so please note that you need to provide the correct phone number. Vinaphone number should be used because international messages sent are often faster than Viettel or Mobifone (Mobifone is usually the slowest).

After receiving the coupon code, enter it in the field USE YOUR VOUCHER to receive $ 10 Free Credits, use up to 3 consecutive months VPS VPS 1GB package.

Sign up for 3 months free VPS from Aruba Cloud

Try VPS Cloud Cloud for free without a VISA card

Cloudways hostingIf you do not have a VISA card to use the $ 15 Credits Cloudways gift for readers of the VHW blog, you can sign up for trial of Managed VPS Hosting of Cloudways by email only.

Cloudways' Freetrial program does not need a VISA card, you can experience 3 consecutive days, then add a VISA / MasterCard card to receive $ 15 in further Credits if desired.

Sign up Cloudways without VISA


Above are some of the best VPS Free programs today, if you want to run large websites, prioritize signing up for Free Credits from Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean because here, you can create VPS by here. then delete to save Credits, moreover you can create multiple VPS and choose any large and small VPS packages as you like.

If you want to use high-end VPS as easy as using Hosting, everything is built-in and does not need to touch the code, Cloudways is the No. 1 service today, good cost and quality + acceleration technologies - security high class.

Cloudways' $ 15 Credits exclusive program to VHW only takes a short time, so you should take advantage of this great service experience.

Particularly for the Free Tier programs of MS Azure, Amazon - AWS or Google Cloud Platform, sign up to receive many other valuable free services, as well as learn how to use VPS and run small websites.

And if you like the VPS experience without a VISA Debit / MasterCard, then choose 2 free VPS services without Aruba Cloud and Cloudways VISA!

Anyway, you should make a VISA Debit / MasterCard right away to facilitate international payments, as well as register for quality free VPS programs. Making a VISA card is now very convenient and fast, you can register as a card online, see details:

What is VISA Debit? Instructions for making VISA Debit cards in 1 hour

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