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A password is something very important in modern life right?

A password is a personal password that you need to remember to log in to your accounts on the Internet, and a password to open your computer, phone, laptop, ... to protect your privacy when using the device. personal…

However, if there are too many passwords for your account, or you are the one who regularly changes your password to increase security, it will be difficult to remember, and if you accidentally miss, you will lose. time to regain, and even worse, when you register, you do not use the password recovery method when lost, it can lead to the loss of that account.

So, in this article I will share with you a method, which helps you to avoid having to remember your password, moreover, it also helps to protect the password better, more safely .. invite you to learn in the article write this!

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I. About Swifty: Keep passwords safe

Swifty is an application Password manager online Very modern, simple and completely free for all 3 popular operating system platforms today, such as Windows, macOs and Linux. The other two platforms, iOs and Android, are still in development.

Swifty allows you to store your login information, credit card information and secure notes with sensitive information encrypted in AES-256 bit encrypted format (a secure encryption standard). You can be completely assured to use.

And all this data will not be stored anywhere other than the hard drive on your computer, so when using udngj we will not worry about being collected personal information. Any data about the application located on a computer can be extracted and restored from any device through Google Drive.

swifty-hotel-swifty (1)

Swifty has a fairly simple and beautiful user interface, as you can see in the picture. To start using the Swifty application, download the software version suitable for your device.

II. Download the latest version of Swifty from the homepage

You access the link below to download the latest version 0.41 of the software. Please select the version appropriate for the operating system you are using offline.

Download Swifty here: Download !

Android and iOS are not available at the moment, but specific information is available when available.

*Note : On Windows operating systems, when you download the * .exe file, some antivirus software will notify you that this file has a virus. But this is only a misidentification of Windows Defender, please choose to keep the file, not delete it!

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III. Install Swifty software to manage passwords online

+ Step 1: Open the file *.exe up to start the installation process, in this article I only guide installation on Windows only, other operating system platforms you probably know how to install basic then.

When opening the application for the first time, you will have 2 options:

  • Setup Master Password: Set a master password to protect all other passwords, if it's a new user, click this item.
  • Restore from Backup: If you already have a Swifty account before, click this option to restore old data.

Here, because I installed the first time so I will click Setup Master Password dentist.

swifty-hotel-swifty (3)

+ Step 2: Next is to enter and confirm the master password (Master Password), you need to choose a password that is safe but easy to remember for you, because without this password, you will not be able to access other passwords.

swifty-hotel-swifty (4)

The main interface of Swifty appears including:

#first. Login: Login

This is the place to help you store your login information, password accounts on applications, websites, Facebook, Gmail, ...

To create a new archive, click the + icon in the left bar, or click Create First Entry in the middle of the interface is fine.

swifty-hotel-swifty (5)

The login information section will appear, enter the information that you feel is necessary as password, username, email.

And if you don't need it, you can leave it blank and then click Save to save. The list of saved items is displayed in the left sidebar.

swifty-hotel-swifty (6)

To view any saved information, just click on it and it will display all the information you have stored.

If there is an error, you can click on the pencil icon to correct it, click the trash can to delete it, and click the copy button to copy the information you want, such as a password and username. ...

swifty-hotel-swifty (7)

That's it, if you want to add other items, you just need to follow the same steps above.

#2. Secure Note: Note important information

Allows you to store important notes and the notes you write will be encrypted and displayed as asterisks (*).

Move on to the section Secure Notes In the left toolbar, then click the sign + to add a new note.

You enter the name of the note, the content of the note and the tag to make it easier to categorize. Note that the text you are typing will also be diacritics * okay, to return to the regular text, click the eye icon to the right of the editor, then press Save to save.

swifty-hotel-swifty (8)

To see, you also click on the name of the note has been set, the text will be viewed as bookmarks *, you can only view by clicking on the copy icon and paste to another place such as Notepad or Word for example.

You can also edit or delete using the corresponding buttons ………… ..

swifty-hotel-swifty (9)

# 3. Credits Card: Store bank card information

Help you store bank card information, click on the icon Credits Card on the left toolbar => then click the plus sign to enter the input interface. Enter the required information and then click Save to save.

swifty-hotel-swifty (10)

# 4. Password Audit: Assess the strength / weakness of a password

The tool is located on the left-hand toolbar of the application, which helps to assess the strength of the password.

Click on the word icon i To see information about the passwords you have saved above, from which there are measures to increase the security of your account.

swifty-hotel-swifty (11)

# 5. Backup: Backup the information you have saved on Swifty

All information that you have stored on Swifty can be extracted for backup and backup at a later installation. Click the gear icon in the toolbar and select the item Vault Settings. You have 2 options:

  • Synchronize: Extract and backup files to your Google Drive account, of course you have to log into your Google account already.
  • Save Vault File: Export the file as .SWFTX, and can only be opened using the Swifty application.

You can choose one of two ways or do both for safety.

swifty-hotel-swifty (12)

Basically so, but the other features of the software, you can learn more offline.

IV. Epilogue

Yes ! Above is his whole tutorial about How to use the Swifty software to store passwords, manage personal information, from bank cards, online accounts, to your important notes in a simple, safe and completely free way too.

You see how this software, do not forget to leave your review below the comment section of the article. Good luck !

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