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After Vultr launched $ 100 Credits free, VPS Linode responded with the same program, offering new customers $ 100 Credits, valid until April 2019.

The program only lasts 24 hours, if you have not been a VPS Linode service, take advantage of this extremely rare gift.

  • Please enter coupon CYBER1009019 right under Promo code during registration okay:

Get $ 100 Credits VPS Linode

Note you must use a Debit / Credit card (Viettel Pay Mastercard also) when registering and authenticating connection, you can later choose Paypal as a payment method.

The expiry date of this $ 100 credits is until April 2020, after which if the $ 100 balance is left over, it will automatically be lost, but the amount of credits you have paid by yourself will be available at any time.

  • In order for the account to be easily accepted and active, you should enter the full address (street name, district, city ..) and phone number. Especially the registered name should be the same as the name on the card.
  • Unlike normal km program, in this registration, you do not need to pay $ 5 to Linode, when connecting the card, they will charge nearly $ 2 to verify payment, this amount will then be refunded to the card for friend.

To quickly activate your account, after registering and receiving a pending notification, create a ticket with the following content:

"I'm a new customer of Linode, please activate my account"

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If the program expires, you can apply for $ 20 credits - use for 4 months as instructed below:


In this article, we will register a new account at Linode and use the coupon to claim it $ 20 Credits, With 4 months free VPS pack 1 GB RAM

Guide to receive 4 months free Linode Premium VPS 1GB RAM

To receive this free $ 20 Credits, you must sign up for a completely new account, and use a Debit Card (Visa Debit / MasterCard Debit) never used to pay at Linode.

If you already have an account at Linode before proceeding, be prepared:

  • An unused email address for registering Linode
  • A Visa Debit / MasterCard Debit card never used for payment at Linode
  • Clear browser cache and use another Internet / Wifi network to avoid detecting old IPs

We will then do the following sequence of steps:

Step 1 - Sign up for a new account at

Go to Linode homepage, enter information in the registration form right on the homepage and create a new account. Note that the password must be in both uppercase and lowercase letters (ex: Vuihoc123)

Registering a new Linode account

Step 2 - Confirm your account via email

You will receive the following message, please check the email sent by Linode, click on the link to Confirm your account.


After clicking the confirm link in the Email, you will be redirected to the Linode account management page, select the button Ok, Let’s Complete My SignUp to move on to enter information


Step 3 - Enter the Debit Card - Coupon information to receive $ 20 Credits

In page Complete SignUp, we will enter contact information - Debit card information as instructed below:


Postal code you can see here to fill it out correctly. You should pay attention to the numbered information:

  1. First Name, Last Name: to be body Quickly, you should enter the first and last name as the name printed on the Debit card.
  2. Coupon code: you enter the coupon code material2019 or backtowork2018, PodcastInIt2018 or developertea2018 (These coupons are still applicable in 2019)
  3. Name on Card: Enter the name on the Debit card
  4. Preload Amount: to activate the account, you must pay, we will choose the lowest level in Linode is $ 5, this money will be used to run VPS after you have used up $ 20 of Linode donated, meaning you will have a total of $ 25 in the account.

After completing the instructions, remember to tick the box I agree to The Term of Service then press the button Add Credit to complete.

The website will go to the Linode Manager administration page. Go to Account, check the information Account Balance This time it will be $ 25

After having Credits in your account, we will go through part 2:

Part 2 - Guide to create VPS Linode in 5 minutes