Let me be the chrysanthemum - Chap 2

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Chap 2, long story let me be a chrysanthemum

This place is near the shore, where is deep, only about 80cm. Almost not listening to me, she kept moving away, faster and faster, even as fast as a walker on the road, not in the water. I started to panic, telling it like this, but it only lasted for a few seconds. I kept on following, until I felt that the deep water could no longer swim, I started to swim. But strangely, why is she still walking and not answering?
I frantically, almost out of control to panic. It was quite dark in the middle of the night lake, but the light from the street lampposts and the shops across from it was still enough to see the picture of my little girl walking away. I screamed roughly:

- Lien, stop !!

Perhaps the noise from the two of them jumping into the lake, my shouting in the middle of the night, the sound of the water when I was swimming caught everyone's attention. Tens of dozens of people from all sides began to shine down on the lights, the noise of boisterous cheering. Many took out their phones and filmed clips, and some began to call for help. A black shadow suddenly passed right by Lien very quickly, she poured down the middle of the lake and sank gradually. Perhaps I was about 4 meters away from her, less than a second, I saw her sinking gradually. I swam to the place, strangely, he didn't really sink but was still hovering, his face was still facing the sky and wasn't wet but still motionless, seemingly supported by someone. This place is more than 2 meters deep, I swim quite hard but quite hard to get her close to the shore, then gradually ashore. There were no steps up and down, there was only a very high fence and a lot of people were talking over and over:
- Suicide is a must / - Probably not a fall / - Get out to pull up / - Fainted ...

Miscellaneous things keep buzzing in my ears, but I feel I've never been so strong. I walked faster, coming close to the iron fence and said:
- The boys search for me to make a folding rope, I tie it up and pull her up.

Standing close to the shore, I held my little girl who was soaked wet, my face still pink, more like sleeping. Suddenly, I let her lie on her feet, put her hand on her nose, and startled to speak in the crowd:

- Erm, still breathing normally.

The breath is clear and not weak. Why is it so weird, but right now I'm in a nervous mood so I don't think much. Perhaps so many people are curious about you, I bend over and cover my face. Feelings of compassion and worry surged endlessly. About 6, 7 minutes, the person brought the rope, I threaded the wire through the iron fence into 2 lines and then through my hips and thighs, then tied her and began to follow the creeper up. This actually I learned from escape skills, up to near the iron fence, I cling to the fence, thanks to two middle-aged men there to help you down. I climbed up, untied and started to calm down to see how you were doing. There was a stir:

- Call for help
- Pretty, lovelorn?
- Er, is this Lien under A (My commune)?

I feel like I am sleeping a lot more, gently shake me: - Liên, Liên. I checked my breath, indeed, still breathing normally. I reassured the people around me:

- Still breathing normally, no need to worry. I will take her to the hospital.
- Let me see - A man spoke, he approached and put his hand on her nose and then said loudly: Yes, still breathing, so take to hospital.
- Well, I brought her to the hospital here, nothing is urgent so everyone need not worry.

I opened the car door, turned on the light, then went to the back to take a towel and spread it on the seat, then ran to pick her up to the car. Actually, the towel is available because the last time I went swimming, I still threw it, I was lazy so I didn't take it back but it was useful now. I closed the car door, pulled the curtains, pulled out the sun visor, and decided to undress her to get a towel for her, not to get so wet. It is true that in the situation of life and death, it is very embarrassing like this but when I took off my sister's shirt, I could not help but get emotional. Perhaps I should not describe this much, just know that I find perfection. I buckle up both seats, turn on the front seat, turn on the heating and start the engine in the discussion of many people. Even through the steering wheel, I saw many people standing far away and shooting the clip, thinking: Bach is already in trouble, tomorrow probably full of clips on FB, ah, maybe tonight. At that time, the technology of Live stream now, if not, I might have been broadcast live.
Deploying the accelerator very quickly to get rid of curious people, I decided to go to the hospital for people to monitor and handle for her. Suddenly I thought: Maybe just leave towels like this to bring into the hospital, where there is nothing dangerous. I parked in front of a clothing store, rushed in to buy clothes to change for her. I also don't know the size like, just roughly, this is not the time to look. Getting out of the car, I decided to drive a little farther away for comfort and then stop the car to change clothes for her. Turn on the light and open the towel to change clothes

I propped myself up against myself, then leaned back in the chair to remove the towel. I still have feelings rising, but I know what I need now is to work quickly to get you hospitalized. I just passed the robe over her neck (T-shirt) when she was so startled so hard that I was pushed back to the door. She woke up, immediately grabbed her shirt, covered her chest and said:

- What are you doing?

Less than a second was slapped in my face. Another slap, she cried and looked down.

- I didn't expect you to be that kind of person. I trusted him so much.
- You don't remember anything?
- What else do you want to say?
- God, I fell into the lake to save you a little bit dead here, but still eat 2 slaps. I thought you would not wake up forever so I changed my clothes to take you to the hospital.
- Really?
- It's not true, how many people witnessed it, now on Facebook they will post a full clip.
- Geez, why don't you remember anything !!!
- If you remember, I was slapped.
- I'm sorry, so I'll go out and let you change.
- Naturally, I don't want to go out.
- Fuck, get out quickly.
- Wow, last night saw it all
- You bullshit, get out fast.
- A little teasing, rather quickly leach cold.

For more than a minute, I stood outside the car, looking far away and starting to think about what happened tonight. Probably out of worries now, I had time to think, I was most concerned about two issues: What happened and the crowd would soon find out my identity through the license plate. Naturally, getting involved in noisy cases like this is also tiring. I opened the door, stepped down and said:
- Done, you choose smart, right print. I moved through the car already, but I still need some cleaning tomorrow.
- Now what? I don't understand what happened either.
- Now I take you home and then change but go wet.
- I'm okay, it's almost dry. But he saw something was wrong, something weird. I feel worried for you too.
- Lo, I have to go back, but I'm probably afraid I will fall
- Slide your feet, the fence is a meter high. I want to be with you tonight, I feel uncomfortable.
- Nonsense, my parents killed me. Well, take me home, I'll call you.
- Ah, but my phone is all wet then it's broken, let me go buy another one, call whatever you have at night.
- I can fix it tomorrow
- I don't feel good, decide that.

We ran to the phone store, I bought you an iPhone and did not forget to install iCloud and find my iPhone on your phone.

- Then go home now, if there's anything wrong, call right away.
- Yes, there's nothing else to worry about now.
- I'll take you home
- No need for me, as if it was okay.
- But today, I just wanted to see you go home to feel secure.
- Well, I'm very afraid of people talking in or out.
- So you're not afraid of danger, I decided, this time I have to take you home.
- Then let's go home, not everyone sees it.
- Okie

We park, step down and walk. From the big road, go through a small alley with roadside houses, to a small bridge and walk along the field. This season, the rice was quite good, we walked on the road where one side is a rice field, the other is a small canal leading water. I took hold of her hand, the other hand took the phone and turned on the flash to illuminate the darkness. As usual, this would be a very poetic scene with fresh air, a beautiful girl on the small road, unfortunately only through the event tonight, it made me feel chills. I just love it so bright, so crowded and so fast coming to my house. The sound of frogs and cries sometimes cries out of the brain, far away from home, a dog will bark for a few hours and then stop. I started to imagine miscellaneous and then afraid, of course if not with my brother would have run away already. About 300 meters to a few small houses, the house is off, the light is dim. I said:

- There is my house, the second home. You go on, I can go on.
- Then you go home, I stand here watching you come home and then go home.
- Yes, you come back carefully.

I gave her a hug and waved, standing there watching her disappear into the row of luxuriant trees. Left only me, this side is the river, the other side is the field and the road to plant some rice. Actually, I was inherently scared from just now, now you are back and alone, the more you think miscellaneous. I took a quick step, looked at the light and tried not to think any more, but my mind kept imagining everything. The faster I walked, the moment I saw something hit my leg that startled me, it turned out that the ransom jumped from the field, I did not have time to think, go and run almost. Suddenly feeling that someone was following me, I unintentionally turned my head around, there was no one. I slowed down a bit, kept myself calm, and whispered to myself to relax. The feeling of having someone follow me more and more clearly, I stopped completely, looking at all 4 directions, it was still not strange. About a minute later, I continued to walk, no longer feeling that, coming out near the road where I felt I had just passed away. I took the car, went to the bathroom to clean and then gave it to her:
- It's okay, go to sleep tired.
- Yes, I'm normal.
- So, go to sleep, whatever you call, you still wake up at night.
- Ok, go to sleep.

I went to bed, actually today I was a bit tired. Partly because of the strange things that bothered me, I fell asleep not knowing instead of sitting awake for her. At around 2 am, the dog barked loudly, it kept barking loudly and then growling again. It was my grandmother's dog, not my parents, the one-colored black dog, very good and wise. I woke up, opened the door to look outside, turned on the power to look. But also strange, my mother sleeps normally awake, she was a bit awake dog watching, why today it barked loud, so long this alone has me up. Of course, I didn't wake her up, but if she got up, I would be less scared. I went to the yard, outside the wind shook a few banana ships, the dog was silent and stopped barking, but still growling, his eyes glinting with ferocity. I'm sure not a thief, this dog is not famous, and for 9 years now my house has not been robbed by him. Thinking that it might bark at a mouse or something, I turned off the light and went inside and went to bed. Less than 5 minutes, the dog barked loudly, this time it ran to the gate and barked, barking incessantly. When my mother woke up, she called out to the dog and slept, calmly as if nothing happened, I asked:
- Or a thief, mom?
- Steal what, it steals another type. It must have chased that "shadow".
- What is it, Mom
- If there's any devil, he will chase it, he's a very smart dog.
- Mother said it was horrible
- But also, why does it bark naturally. Or your uncle to play?
- It's not my mom, I haven't bitten him several times.
- So who is it?
- Well, I thought it might bite the mice.
- Stop sleeping
- Yes, go to sleep.

The story is about my uncle, my father's younger brother, who died shortly after birth. My grandmother buried at the edge of the road, it was a difficult time. When I was stable, I couldn't find it anymore, when my grandmother went to see fortunetelling and called for my soul, he told me to let my second brother worship me. He was very sacred, whenever the family had any problem or difficulty, they would pray for it, and almost always. When my brother was 6 years old, suddenly his arms and legs were cramped, he was all pale, and was taken to the hospital for injection. My father and mother took turns to come to the hospital to take care of him, the doctor predicted that he would not survive. My father was in great pain. Before going back to the hospital, he burned 3 incense sticks and asked his uncle to help him through the accident and then pedaled to the hospital. Once there, the doctor came out to talk and talk about a bad situation. My father ignored the ear, went into the room to see my brother, he clearly saw that he was pink and progressed differently, he went outside to call the doctor to see. He gave one, he did not understand what was going on, and he said:

- Perhaps the progress is going well, if I make sure you will support me in a few days.
Three days later, my brother was completely gone and went home. There are many other things, so since then my family always felt protected and helped by him, it was many times. Once in his death anniversary, there was a very big black butterfly, about the size of two hands that kept flying around the house. My grandmother sat on the porch, seeing a strange hand, saying,
- If you go back to Mom, if it's me, then I will pass it to you.
The butterfly came flying, landed on my grandmother's hand for about a minute, then flew away, not around there anymore. I naturally thought I should not tell the story today to my mother, maybe she thought of something, considered it a little, then decided not to speak. In my mind I started thinking about what happened today, and then the story of dogs biting and fantasizing. Naturally, the more frightened I was, the harder I tried to sleep. I took out my phone to read the newspaper, and decided to turn on the light. I went to Facebook and saw a dozen different messages, I didn't understand what was going on. No matter where I came from, all my friends knew and asked me about today, basically most people just waited for something when they heard about me swimming out of the lake to rescue a girl and taking him to the hospital. The only message from Tin was my attention, he attended high school with me but did not study at university but stayed at home to be a worker:

- Hey Phong, now you saved one on the lake? I look familiar, you should see this picture

Attached are 2 photos of me. I was startled and surprised, it was still online (this guy is playing the game at night), I answered:

- That's right, how did you know that?
No reply, still seeing it onl I call impatiently:

- Haven't slept right, go to my facebook to work.
Less than 1 minute, it fb online then answer:

- You have not known HN for several years, but I was at home strange to what this girl. Many people know it.
- What's hot to tell
- Well, it's a long time for me to tell.

- Speak quickly, look forward to it.
- Well, I don't really know much.
- Mom, you made me wait for a long time to finish saying that.
- Disgusting friends half a month rolls in contact, now so zealous. But how did you get used to it?
- Well, she hitchhiked my car, she felt pretty so I just got used to it. Tell me, Dad.
- Well, I'm a leather shoes worker, right next to where he works, so I can wait a bit.
- Tell me the main content.
- You should take it easy, basically like this: Because this girl is very pretty, not only me but many guys noticed. Since then, I also have to look around, only to know that it seems to be autistic or nervous, so no one is going anywhere. I heard people say, he used to study very well, he was in the second year of college in Hanoi, went to the beach when he was swept away by the waves. Fortunately how to pick it up, then picked it up then fainted, a few days to wake up as it is now.
- Continue
- In fact, those are not scary, it is beautiful, then autism is full of guys. Rumors said it was haunted so no one dared to be nearby. I don't know how, but I heard someone say that he caught him in the middle of the night going to the river alone, and then someone told him to take him to the river and drown, not yet tested but I kept avoiding it.
- That's disgusting, is there anything else?
- That's all, but it was more than a year ago, now it seems to be better, so her family let her sew. Seeing that there is a deputy director of the factory likes it very much, flirting but it just silent. Until one day the whole workshop saw that the other man hanged himself in the factory, now no one dared to look at this girl. But you know it for a long time, see?
- A few meals, and I feel like a person. And agile, lovely too.
- I think you should stay away from him, look at those guys.
- Let me see how
- Watch with the review, run for good eyebrow.
- Are you telling the truth?
- I'm free to deceive you, tomorrow you go to a restaurant near the Industrial Park to ask, everyone knows.
- Yes
- Well, but if it's haunted, why don't you know, you said you felt good in high school days.
- I'm also watching ntn, you said yes but I still do not understand why if it is haunted, follow me and I do not know anything. Bt just need a somewhat prosperous sound zone I can feel it, let alone the story goes.
- Ask your family members, he is the teacher.
- To be free, I need to check some information, but like you said it really.
- Yes, but why not, did he ask you to go to a river or a lake?

I involuntarily recall last night at the lake and at sea, shuddering slightly in the middle of the night. But that's not true, if it's a certain ghost I have to know, my feelings were never wrong. I answered my friend:
- All I asked to go, but it's gentle and lovely.
- Come on, go away for good. As for you, nowhere else can you find a decent one.
- Ok thank you.
- Ok, this is my game.
- Ok, just daddy.

Hello, my friend is also afraid of trembling. I'd rather not finish talking to him, after talking, I'm afraid I won't sleep. The more I thought, the more it felt like it told me, the tremendous fear. Suddenly thinking of the scene when the ocean or the lake was submerged, there was no way to get up. The more I thought about it, the more I was scared, then my hands and feet were cold, and then I came home in the middle of the night without letting myself go home, and then I liked the deep scent, the more I thought about it. Even to the point, I'm afraid it might be haunted, I feel a chill. I just want to call Mom to sleep with me, look at my watch, I will only go another 16 minutes, until morning.

I pretended to be scared, not sure when to fall asleep. The next morning, I got up at 9 am, opened the fb to read when friends were commenting on Tin's motorbike accident. Road no one, it fell off the car itself, both legs broken, 18 stitches stitched face. He was lying in the hospital, still waking up in a dream, all his nonsense: Sorry, I'm sorry.

I took my car to visit the hospital and walked in without realizing it. The motorbike accident in the middle of the road was so pathetic, seeing me it was frightened and cramped, trying to brace my whole cast. He looked so frightened that the whole hospital turned to look at me, as if he had beat him up like this. It fainted so fainted, the doctor asked me to leave the room, I went out into the corridor to wait and think again.

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