Let me be the chrysanthemum - Chap 1

This is a true story, happened 5 years ago, now I have to take it out for free (Of course there are a few small details with vivid edits). It is a love story, the line between life and death and the indescribable emotions that I have experienced, if you have time, follow it.

Let me be a chrysanthemum




That day I graduated and went to work for 3 years, my job was also quite favorable and it was also a bit of luck when my field of business was still very primitive, so it was called a little extra. I decided to rebuild my house in the countryside for my parents. Perhaps for a unmarried man, that's probably the greatest joy. The design was also quite complicated, with a group of builders who were just rural workers, so I had to go back to my home town quite often. On the afternoon of Friday, when I finished my work, I drove back to my hometown, usually I still came back at this hour to rest the whole Saturday.

My house is about 120km from Hanoi so it takes about 2 hours. About 16 more trees (Km) arrived home, feeling that something was entangled in the tires that made a slight echo from the road up, feeling quite clear. Nail again! I got annoyed and pulled the car to the side of the road to look. 6H35, it was autumn so it was quite dark but still a bit vague. I turned on the phone flash to check the side tire, a screw of about 4mm, then let it go and go home and patch up. Preparing to get on the car, a girl walked up to:

- Have you returned to industrial zone X? (Please hide your address)
- I have, is there anything?
- Can you let me go back there?

I pondered for a few seconds, actually I'm really interested because this is a girl about 20, 21 years old, very pretty. However, I know that I need to be alert, and jealousy and setting can come whenever, carelessly writing hard notes is miserable. After more than a minute, I decided to let the girl into the car, because I did not dare to think long (afraid that). I opened the back door for her to sit, at least so it was safer to have a problem.
Through the rearview mirror, I started observing the girl and talking a few sentences:

- Do you work in IZ?
- Yes, I do sewing there.
- Where is your house, why are you waiting here?
- My house is near down there, I have a friend to bring here.

Talking a little, I began to have feelings for the girl. Actually, I love her the most because she's pretty (), find that speaking is okay and acting well, generally of the type of women I like. I started talking a little bit more boldly:

- I think you and I are predestined.
- Why do you say that?
- I've been driving for 2 years without a nail, but this time. I thought it was unlucky to meet such a beautiful woman, not so charming.
- I think so too.
- Why do you think so?
- (Laugh)…
- Good night, could you take me out, bloody?
- Oh, no, I have to go.
- That's a joke, so give some phones, I'll text you in the evening, I should know my husband and wife (laugh)
- I can give you the number, but I can't call or text in the daytime because I work at the company, I have to turn off the phone. Only from 6pm.
- Ok, read it and save it.
- 098x ...
- Oh, but please do not ask the number, backup name. What's your name?
- Ah my name is Liên
- When was you born?
- Ah I sn 9x (X can not say it but did not answer)
- Yes, I asked that for sure, the law of the leaves is now stressed, under 16, the warehouse is tired.
- I see you like this but under 16, but what is inventory?
- (Laughter), but I'm afraid to stop some industrial zones, coming soon.
- Let me near the gate, about 100m away.
- Ok, text the message remember to answer.

I opened the car door and let me down, I was about to hold the hand again. Get in the car, go home in an excited mood. Perhaps people are always excited and interested in things that they do not have. After dinner, chatting with parents about 15 minutes, then went out to sit on the porch, decided to let me.

- Have you eaten yet?
- I ate it, it's late now.
- Oh, but why can't I ask your name?
- Because I know your name.
- How do you know??????
- Then you see my name on the windshield, where I put that contact phone number.
- Ah, amazing, see the beautiful name?
- It's beautiful, but it's just my name: Phuong Lien is also good.
- Yes, but what are you doing normally?
- I talked to my friends a little bit and went to bed early, I went to work early so tired.
- What time do you work?
- From 7am to 6pm, I stay there for noon.
Trivia talk about 10am, Lien said he wanted to go to bed to work tomorrow, I nt greet and go to the yard to enjoy the wind. In fact, I am more and more impressed with this girl, the detail that she noticed my name when I got on the bus was very impressive, I like the kind of observant and meticulous person, that will definitely be the wife. , good mother. One day passed bland, going in and out watching people stop moving bricks to mix mortar and percussion, but maybe I was bored because it was still not dark to talk to her.
At 5 pm, I naturally came up with an interesting idea: It was more fun to text, it was more fun to pick her up. Therefore, the spirit of joy and happiness was quite cheerful, washed and washed the bowl of shrimp noodles and drove to the Industrial Park to wait.

6H is less than 10, she is about to finish work.
6H 2 minutes, press the phone to call. Can't contact, it's black, shutdown ah?
6H 5 minutes, with the message:
- What are you calling me?
- Going out ?, to the beach.
- Go and go, you have to cook rice.
- Go for a while and then go back to eat, ask your mother to cook.
- I have to go home, my parents are very difficult. I'm new to acquaintance
- But I went to my place to work, waiting under this 100m gate, this Hai Tien beer shop.
- Ignore me, I'm coming.
- Oh, I go 16km to here and there, can not go out at any time?
- I told you where to go, who told me to go.
- So we met each other for 5 minutes, took a look and then went back, saving money for the petrol trip to 16km.
- No means no.
- Damn, what a rigid thing like that, don't come out to see you until 10 o'clock now.
- Ignore me, I can't be better than you, I'm going home.

Just funny about her stubbornness, just a bit disappointed sad sad. Last night also nc so happy, invited to meet what is also not given. Bored, re take the nt machine again:

- So I wait until 8am, I leave or not, I will wait
- I'm still ignoring you, I guarantee you still lose to me.

Starting to turn on the music, lie back in the chair, wait for the FB surfing and read the news. After a few frustrated minutes, I sat up and sat up, maybe she came. 30 minutes passed, again.

- Not really, I'm still waiting.

8, 8, a little frustrated, feeling "devalued". Re nt:

- Bored, but not for a few minutes.

Both messages have no replies.

8 o'clock, turn the car, it is true that it is very confused, it takes time nowhere. As soon as I was about to turn the car, glancing in the mirror, her younger sister was approaching, lowering her goggles:

- Bite, come back here.
- Well, I also showed you a "look" of what he said that, do not plan to go out.
- Oh well, it's gone anyway, let's go somewhere.
- No, it's not right now, but I promise you I'll go next time, considering paying for the last time. I can do it.
- Why not now?
- Now my family has siblings from far away to play, I have to go home.
- Ah ah, Ok, so later. That afternoon, CN went to HN again, how could I meet you again?
- During the daytime, I will accept it. I cannot go out to work.
- Then tomorrow night, go to the sea a little, wind up and go back.
- Ok, so tomorrow night.
- Now you go home, "look" and nothing, I also go home for a bit no people say.
- Okie, remember tomorrow night, 7H welcome.
- I said I did it.
- BB.

At night, this time, the rice was careful not shrimp noodles anymore, took the car to wait for the Industrial Park.

6H35, message to:

- Where have you been?
- I'm leaving, about 10 minutes to come, rest assured before the appointment.
- He walked carefully.

Arrive at 6:48 pm, look at the rearview mirror again, I still haven't seen it. 7 o'clock, you're late, annoyed. Call play, do not answer the phone. After 5 minutes see an incoming call:

- Where have you been?
- Today I probably can't go, my parents are at home talking, can't go out.
- So bored, yet yesterday promised to be like a nail,
- Because my parents are very difficult.
- Next time, hic.
- Looks like I owe you, but I'll definitely pay.

Back in boredom, feeling bitter about it. To 9am sad again with the nt phone:

- Sleep yet?
- Coming soon
- What a pity
- Well, when I'm about to go to sleep, I'm about to sleep.
- Hnay I'm annoyed you, promising real
- Well, I explained it with an apology.
- It's easy to apologize, is there anything?
- I'll buy you a gift.
- What gift?
- It's fun to know in advance.
- I'm so curious
- Ignore me, that's even more fun.

As time went on, about 2 weeks we got to know each other quite well. But basically we still can not arrange the trip after a few times missed, because I am still busy work on HN has not been back. The weekend came again, I decided to go home and check the steel structure and meet her (this is more important now).
Re nt:

- Come back tomorrow, let's go out.
- Ok, I won't miss it this time.
- Well, tomorrow night, if you go there, I'll pick you up, I'm tired of waiting.
- It's okay, but it's only about an hour away.
- Ok, what is there tomorrow I'll call.

Do not want to be late, about 3 pm I began to drive home with an excited mood. Arriving at the industrial zone about 5h25, the workers began to work far away. Why does it have to stay late, at 6. Nearly 6 am, the industrial zone is empty, from the gate of the industrial park, sometimes a few trucks come in and out, the motorbike is scattered, different from 5am. Apparently she said company A (unnamed) was only off at 6 am, why did 5 and a half of the workers in that company uniform come out? It was a bit dark, I stared at the entrance of the IZ. Suddenly startled, her sister appeared from behind and knocked on the door. I opened the door and asked:

- Ok, let's go
- Yes, bro.

Actually she is a beautiful girl, very pretty too. We went together to the sea, lowering our glass so that the sea breeze swept in as we walked along the coast. The smell of the sea breeze, the smell of your hair, the smell of love makes me ecstatic. I parked, we walked under the stretch of beach. Quiet night sea only 2 people and a few red lights flashing, at night the wind grew up very loud waves, roaring each storm, not romantic whispering waves. We walked and told each other many things, I deliberately held her hand, not seeing her reaction. There is a feeling of victory and success within me. It was great, I made a little joke:

- My hands are cold.
- Ah my hands used to be very warm before, but later I was cold.
- My hand is also kind of cold compared to many people, but still warmer than yours, the wind of the night will be a bit like that, huh.
- Normally, I don't feel cold, maybe I am used to it.
- Why is it familiar, the night wind is cool but I don't want to accept it.
- Really, do you want to go to the beach?
- What are you doing, the ocean waves drowned but still drowned. Whoever waves higher than 1m ntn still bathes, it's dark too.
- Are you scared?
- Not afraid, how about going out to see the ocean but crazy for bathing now.
- (Laugh) Can you swim?
- Know, swimming is quite different.
- But I'm still scared, I can't swim but I'm not afraid. There are other fears that are far worse.
- What is so mysterious, tell me?
- It's very long, when I tell you.
- I don't know how to swim, but I want to touch the sea, let me out, no waves will take me now.
- But waves like this are dangerous, and it's easy to get wet all over, and I don't know why you're scared.
- Wow, tall to swim but coward.
- For daytime, swim anywhere in the afternoon.
- But I like it now.
- Yes, but 1 minute.
- Then go ahead.

We went to the sea, stomping into the water, and so on.

- Don't go any further, the wave it hits is wet.

Holding my hand as if she didn't listen to me, keep going. Over there the wave rushed in very quickly, I pulled his hand back hard, he still faced forward and then suddenly turned to look directly into my eyes, the white eyes glinting in the night, I was startled. After 5 seconds of composure, I said:

- Get in quickly without getting wet now, then just drag me up for 1 circuit. She followed me up, then silent did not say anything. About 1 minute, I asked:

- What's wrong? Still like playing ah, he did not pull up to catch up but not all wet.
- Yes.
- What's wrong with you, I feel strange
- It's okay, I still want to play with the water.
- Next time, let me take many more beautiful beaches.
- Well, I'm already wet, play a bit and come back to let me change this clothes without getting sick.
- Yes, 5 to 10 minutes.

The two of them sat on the sand, and I told her that she was the first person I was impressed with and could say love. Perhaps our things progressed faster than we thought, she leaned on me but said nothing, just smiled slightly. We got up and got in the car, which was strange: It was impossible to press the engine, press the key and still see the indicator light. It's a bit awkward (ride with a broken girl) and also a little tangled, obviously everything was still very normal just now. I tried it for 2 or 3 minutes, I started to worry.

- What's wrong, it's still normal just now?
- Or run out of gas, bro
- It's okay, petrol. It's always on the screen.

3 and 5 minutes passed, the car remained silent without moving. In the car started to feel awkward, I told her to go outside for a bit. How boring was it, I went out and took my phone to search for the nearest rescue service.

- H what, bro?
- Wait, I called the rescue service, so bad. H has to wait a long time, this place is not available. I'm okay, I'm afraid of you coming home late, 9:25 already.
- Yes, I'll call.

Search bored processing 2 numbers, 30km away, some don't pick up the phone, some don't accept it. For the first time in such an awkward situation, outside the waves kept roaring in waves, the night was dark and still only occasionally sparkling red light to keep the sea immense. I went into the car to start the engine, still silent as helpless. Time went by, nearly 10 pm, the atmosphere was more still, only the sound of the waves was clear and every time a loud, closer with the wind. Suddenly feeling scared, should I have to wait here for the night? What about you, my mind is like a mess. I tell you:

- I'm sorry, I don't understand why that is.
- It's okay, try again.
- I tried 5 6 times, I didn't understand anything, I couldn't find it online. The outside wind was so cold, I got in the car to sit away from fatigue and cold, a little bit of the door I took a break until I could handle it.

I opened the door for her to get in the car, closed the door and opened the driver's side door, then continued to grope with Google Search. Try to press the button again, and remain silent. 11h ..., 11h 35, 12h poor 5. I changed from worry to a little scared, she is still sitting there watching me expectantly.

- Perhaps I gave up, h front seat can not explode nor lower the chair, you go to the back seat to rest temporarily. Tomorrow morning, I'm sorry ...
- I can't sleep, you can sit here with me.
- I'm not eating meat, I'm afraid
- What are you afraid of? I just want to wake up with you.
- Do something to tired, sleep.

I got out of the car, opened the back door, and opened the door for her: - Go to the back seat and lie down.
She went to the back seat with a little forced, which I ignored. I went to the back seat, but just sitting, not lying, was probably shy. My daughter, at 12:00, I said:

- Don't try again, it must be broken, come down and sit with me.
Actually, I tried to be bored, but there was still water but I still don't know why. But listening to me, I opened the back door, sat next to it and said: Go to sleep, watch for me.

She leaned on me and closed her eyes, I was interested, I wonder if I should thank the broken car, but this situation is a bit bad. About 1 hour later, maybe she was asleep, I gently leaned her head down on my feet and took out my phone to read the newspaper. I dared not use it all the time because I was afraid that you would be dazzled, so I was bored. Reading a few lines, I was bored, turned to look at you. A beautiful girl, very pretty and gentle too. I even wanted to marry you immediately, that was more than enough for me. Every gentle breath, white skin and even a white T-shirt, is really simple and attractive. My male instinct arose, I bent down and kissed her on the cheek, but only dared to do so quickly, then sat up and started beating my heart to the sea. My fear didn't last long, less than 5 minutes, I wanted to do more things. Want to hug, kiss and own you. I bent down to kiss him a second time, kissing soft lips, such as lipstick, soft, still slightly open when sleeping. Perhaps the instinct in me is now controlling me, I'm not as shy as when I first touched my cheek, I kept my lips on hers, stroking that perfect face. I just wanted to devour more, but I was afraid that she would wake up, and I would sit up and check myself. I may actually be a bad person, but at least I feel overwhelmed with happiness right now. I kept sitting still, until about 10 minutes she turned, seemingly a little awake:

- Sleep, I'm not tired, lie down even with you. Just hug, don't be miscellaneous.

As if opening a flag in my stomach, I lay down, putting my head on my arms and hugging me. I felt my heart pounding, seemed to be out of control, but she was only breathing lightly with nothing special and carefree sleeping. I moved forward, wanting to kiss softly on the lips from the opposite position, she turned her back slightly away, unknowingly or unintentionally. I overslept when I did not know, the sound of the wind pounding on the door (open slightly to avoid suffocation) stopped me awake, I still slept. Me with the phone, 4:25 am, quietly put him to sleep, I went to try to handle the car. Get in the front seat, close the door, and start the engine, as if nothing happened, the car starts up during the night. Perhaps the engine start and vibration of the car startled me, woke up and asked:

- Is the car okay?
- Yes, delicious. Maybe sometimes.
- Yes, come back, I will work tomorrow, my company is very harsh.
The headlights of the car shone in the middle of the night, in the distance there was a shadow of the man who had just left right in front of the car. Strange, why are people going here in the night:

- Can you see the other person?
- Nobody, go back.
- You see the person clearly, that, is going away. Let me drive to see why.
- Maybe someone near home, it's almost morning, go home, it's late for me.
- Yeah, so to turn the r back always.




I got in reverse, turned the car and started to. It was mid-autumn, so it was still quite dark outside. Seeing it is not so good, then turning to ask me:

- What kind of house will you come in this time? Are you afraid your parents will scold you, I'm sorry it's just too much today. Or do I go around somewhere, wait for breakfast to take you to eat and then go to work?
- Well, honey, I went to shower after work tomorrow.
- But what do you tell your parents about in the middle of the night?
- Well, I know for myself. You just take me to the gate of the industrial park, I walked in, just a short one.
- About how many meters from the gate of the industrial park to your house?
- Also near me, I walk a little.
- How close is it? It's still very dark now, let me take you to the gate.
- Do not you, in the middle of the night like this everyone saw my voice
- I don't feel so good, I have to take you home.
- I can say it is okay, you are like a child. Okay?

For the first time since we knew each other, we were afraid, something serious, cold and decisive. I found it hard to understand, thinking, then I continued to say:

- Oh I'm sorry, just that I see nothing big, can you let me go home? There are many troublesome things, later I free you tell me.
- Yeah, irritability makes people startle.
- Whoever told me to insist.

The gate of the industrial zone gradually appeared, I parked the car and opened it for her.

- Dark, wait outside I wait for you to go home.
- No, I'll take the car and go home
- Why is that?
- I want that, okay? This is my neighborhood, I belong to each brick.
- I don't feel secure at all.
- You can't let me go, go back. I'm serious
- Well, let's go home, let's rest a little tomorrow.

I took one hand and then let go, turned the car and went straight home. When I got home, tired of sleeping, I fell asleep for a long time until noon. When I woke up nearly 10 o'clock in the afternoon, it was only one night that I spent so many events, it felt like a long time, but only one night and how much. Wash your face and nose, have breakfast, the mood is interesting and fun. I went to see the house under construction, it was a bit interesting to see it gradually shape up. But indeed the house now is not of great interest to me. In the countryside, time has to go 5 times slower than HN takes: Wake up from 5 -6 am, also has nothing to make a day like a lot longer. My best friends Quang Ninh, 2 children in SG, 1 child in Hanoi. Really bored, most of the time I go back to my hometown to talk with my parents, in 1-2 months I go to my aunts and uncles' homes at home: Surf the web and read books and work. Sometimes when I get bored, I take the car and go around for a few times, then I come back, I have few other hobbies, so when I met you, there was something fresh, happy and always interesting around me.
But what bothers me is that your company works early in the morning until late in the evening, and even in the middle of the day, I can't reach you. The wait is too long, I can only talk a little in the evening and then I have to go to bed early, maybe it is still not enough for me. There is a bit of pride in my personality, what kind of thing I want to be, so almost every day I feel uncomfortable because of you going to work all day. Not to mention that I am free, so all of you hope to go back to hang out or talk, but only you can do rice, laundry for 8 hours, then I will probably wither. That night, it was as usual 8 o'clock for the porch to sit for me:

- Hey
- What's up?
- I'll give it to you from now on, I'll always be free, but I still have to watch if you're free, so from now on, let me know or call.
- Yes, but I mostly just free at this time.
- Which has 16km also message vs rolls news, wait exactly 15 minutes, a present and then two children go to the lake to play offline.
- Oh, go out again.
- Yes, okay?
- Yes, but only 1 hour please.
- Okie, come on, wait.

Get the car, go with excited mood. Probably the one who asked the most questions was my parents, who normally would go out at night if not drinking beer with their best friends, now went all the time. My parents did not ask, maybe my maturity at work made them always believe. When I arrived, I was waiting this time, not like the previous times.

- Have you waited a long time?
- Well, it's about 3 minutes, after finished vs I'll finish it, I'm ready.

Open the door for me to get in the car, I'm a normal girl. Not fancy with high heels, very simple with white sneakers, jeans and a white T-shirt, but I'm really pretty and cute. Maybe I have a special impression on women in white, whether it's a white shirt, a white T-shirt, a nurse wears a white blouse or whatever. It has something hard to describe, but often causes me many initial emotions.

- Let's have a drink at the lake shore, it's crowded now.
- I don't like very crowded places.
- It's okay, the lake is wide, full of seats and private space.
- That's up to you.

We chatted about roads, trees and gossip about roadside builders, a few minutes before the lake appeared. I drove around the lake, full of couples here. Some people sit on chairs, others build motorcycles by the lake and sit next to each other. In the central section, people have many tables and chairs and sell water, ice cream, tea, snails of all kinds.

- Want to eat, drink water or just find a place to sit?
- Go sit somewhere, I'm afraid of something.
- Okie, let me buy a mango with two of you.
- Buy it, I like to eat.

I parked the car, bought a pack of spicy mango and then drove to a corner of the lake, where it was quite empty and seemed quieter and more private. We stood by the lake, eating and chatting, like the Korean movies you guys still watch, but not only ate and laughed but ate, talked slowly and I watched you as the main. I put on his shoulder, to pull him closer to me. A faint scent of incense flew past me, I thought, startled, "Why is there a person burning incense near here?" Leaving my hand on her shoulder, I looked around a bit, then there was a small temple nearby, someone had just burned incense, the image of the red electric blur dimmed. I felt unnatural, a little bit scared, the night standing near the temple was not happy.

- It smells good, I love this smell.
- God, why do you like the scent (incense), a science newspaper people say the more fragrant the more toxic, can cause that cancer. Let's go to another place, near the temple, you see something, fear.
– Anh sợ ma à?
– Sợ chứ, sao không.

Một nét buồn rất rõ trên khuôn mặt em, tôi cũng chả hiểu vì sao. Có khi nào em buồn vì tôi là người nhát gan không nhỉ, tôi phân bua:

– Cũng không hẳn là sợ, ý anh là có thờ có thiêng, có kiêng có lành. Chứ mình có làm gì ma hay ai đâu mà sợ người ta hại mình. Thôi đi ra chỗ khác ngồi em nhé.

Tôi dắt tay em, mở cửa xe và tiến đến đoạn sáng hơn, cũng khá xa cái miếu. Em có vẻ thoải mái trở lại, lại cười rất xinh.

– Khiếp, em ăn cay tốt thật, mà sao da vẫn đẹp thế?
– Em cũng chả biết, chắc do gen gì đó.
– À, anh có chuyện này quan trọng muốn nói, anh muốn em cân nhắc.
– Nghe nghiêm trọng thế anh?
– Hay em nghỉ làm ở đó đi, a mở cho 1 cửa hàng mà bán. Vừa chủ động thời gian, vừa đỡ vất vả. Chứ đi làm ntn gần như chẳng có thời gian cho bản thân, gia đình, mà quan trọng nhất là cho anh này.
– Em chưa biết em có làm được không, em quen công việc này rồi.
– Anh sẽ setup mọi thứ, về cơ bản e sẽ làm được, không khó đâu.
– Nhưng em nghĩ lúc này chưa phù hợp, mình mới chỉ quen nhau, chưa hiểu nhiều về nhau, và chúng ta thực sự vẫn còn quá mới anh à, cũng chưa là gì của nhau cả.
– Không mới nữa, chưa là gì thì bây giờ là gì, là người yêu của anh, rồi cuối năm làm vợ anh nhé.

Không cho em thời gian suy nghĩ, tôi kéo em lại, ôm em vào lòng và hôn lên môi em nụ hôn đầu tiên (chính thức, không kể lần trộm trước). Em có phần hơi rụt rè, nhưng em cũng không phản kháng rõ rệt, hoặc là do tôi đã siết quá chặt em trong lòng mình. Tôi cảm nhận đc bờ môi của em, và cà cơ thể ấm nóng của em, sự mềm mại của da thịt người con gái ở tuổi thanh xuân. Vài phút sau thì em lấy tay đẩy tôi ra, nhưng vẫn đứng sát trước mặt tôi.

– Làm người yêu anh nhé, anh chẳng biết nói văn hoa, cũng chẳng có quà cáp gì, nhưng a thấy anh yêu em, muốn đc ôm em, lấy em, thậm chí là ngay lúc này.
– Nhưng anh yêu em vì điều gì?
– Anh cũng không biết, có lẽ vì em xinh này, em đáng yêu này, em có tất cả những thứ mà a cần ở 1 người vợ.
– Nhưng rồi anh có bỏ em không?
– Trời, sao hỏi vớ vẩn vậy. Tính anh rất nghiêm túc, không có mấy vụ lăng nhăng đâu, nếu anh thích gái gú hay linh tinh thì đâu có thiếu hả em.
– Vậy đừng rời xa em nhé.

Lời yêu đầu đời buông ra, thậm chí còn chưa tìm hiểu rõ về địa chỉ nhà cô gái, mới chỉ nghe kể về nhà có 2 anh em, bố mẹ cũng bình dân như người thường. Thường thì đó không phải là phong cách của tôi, phong cách kiểm soát mọi thứ trong tầm tay mình, phải thật rõ ràng, không được phép rủi ro. Nhưng tình yêu này là thứ duy nhất tôi đưa ra quyết định một cách mạnh mẽ, nhanh chóng dù biết rằng đó chính là lựa chọn cho cả cuộc đời khi mọi thứ vẫn rất mơ hồ.

– Chính em cũng không hiểu chuyện gì nữa, sao lại nhanh thế hả anh?
– Anh cũng thấy nhanh, rất nhanh. Nhưng anh nghĩ chúng mình không sai lầm đâu.

Em im lặng, tiến sát ra hàng rào sắt sát bờ hồ. Tôi cũng chậm rãi bước theo sau, không ôm mà cũng vịn tay vào hàng rào và nhìn về mặt hồ. Tôi xóa tan sự suy tư của 2 đứa:

– Thế là có người yêu rồi đấy, vui nhỉ, bé tới giờ mới biết người yêu là gì.
– Mà chiều em mệt lắm đấy, anh làm được không?
– À, nhận lời làm người yêu rồi thì giờ anh cho em biết 1 sự thật về anh luôn, muốn nghe không?
– Khỏi chèo kéo, nói luôn xem nào
– Anh là người toàn nhược điểm, gần như không có ưu điểm gì, ngoài 1 ưu điểm mà hôm nay nhất định anh nói với em.
– Gì ghê gớm thế?
– Tuy toàn nhược điểm, nhưng ưu điểm của anh là có thể chiều em vô hạn đó.
– Thôi đừng lẻo mép.

10h12, thôi chết, tính chơi 1 tiếng lại loanh quanh gần 2 tiếng rồi. Tôi ngó nghiêng tìm thùng rác để vứt cái túi nilon, chợt 1 tiếng ào vang lên, nước bắn tung tóe. Tôi quay người lại đã thấy em ở dưới hồ, đang vùng vẫy.

– Trời, sao ngã xuống thế, nước có sâu không?

Không có câu trả lời, Tôi rối loạn cả đầu óc, khoảng 1 – 2 giây thì quyết định nhảy xuống. Từ độ cao nhảy xuống, nước bắn mờ hết cả mắt mũi, tôi gọi ngay tức khắc:

– Liên ơi, quay lại đây này, hoặc đứng yên đó a ra đưa vào.

This place is near the shore, where is deep, only about 80cm. Almost not listening to me, she kept moving away, faster and faster, even as fast as a walker on the road, not in the water. I started to panic, telling it like this, but it only lasted for a few seconds. I kept on following, until I felt that the deep water could no longer swim, I started to swim. But strangely, why is she still walking and not answering?


Link: phần 2 hãy để em là hoa cúc

P/S: “Anh sợ ma chứ, sợ lắm, nhưng ma đâu có đáng sợ bằng phải xa em. Nếu giờ phải chia ly, thì hãy về bên anh trong những giấc mơ em nhé, để trong giấc mơ đó, mình vẫn cùng bên nhau như lời hứa ngày xưa”