Let me be a chamomile - Chap 5

***** Confusion *****

Let me be the chrysanthemum part 5

I sat up completely, drank the water, and walked to the door, sitting blankly, thinking about nothing. Starting with the words my uncle said, it sounds reasonable but I totally do not believe.

My thoughts are still clear, proactive, and my emotions or actions I still see clearly that I control, not anyone. I want to express and explain clearly to you and everyone understand, I am completely normal. But on the contrary, my uncle said words with certainty, and my uncle's reputation was even more controversial. But honestly in my heart, I didn't believe I was possessed, even by 1%.

Perhaps the first time I got into this situation, the feeling that I said no one believed, who was always trusted by everyone now could not be explained, everyone rushed to convince and annoyed. I spent the night wandering back into the garden, sitting under the trees to make me feel relaxed, the frustrations disappear. But I believe that, in everyone's mind, I was completely ignored and wandered to the garden out of control. I even saw people often peeking at me pretending to accidentally pass through the alley but probably to monitor me for any strange actions.

More comfortable, I went inside to wash my face and peeled apples and went back to the door to eat by myself, I wasn't in the mood to talk to people around me. And so in their eyes maybe I became autistic sometimes.

I turned on the computer, tried to concentrate on working for about 2 hours, and then got bored and tired. Everyone was gone, my parents were working around, maybe everyone was feeling better about me.

Suddenly miss you

A day full of whirling things, when I relax I miss you so much. Then thinking about the bracelet I gave naturally cried, and somehow I was so weak.

My mother came home and cooked, I talked a bit and of course wanted my mother to know that I was completely normal.

- Dinner, mom?
- Mom stocked some meat with some spring rolls
- Yes, mom cooked it a little bit early. I'm so hungry. I've been waiting for so long
- It's already hungry, you just ate cold rice 30 minutes ago
- Huh, where did you eat?
- You didn't just sit there eating most of the rice
- You're mistaken. When I wake up, I only eat each apple.
- Mistake something wrong, I'm not too old.

I ran into the room, turned on myself to open the camera monitoring software, and rewound. Perhaps that was when I was most shocked, obviously me, went to the kitchen to pick up the rice cooker and sit down to eat delicious, everything in great detail. Extremely bewildered, I acted unconscious and out of control actions? I didn't remember / know anything about it, even without the camera, I was sure I didn't eat.

So how many things have I done without remembering anything? I've been like that ever since, when in my mind, I'm still a lucid person, still able to handle my complicated work. My uncle's words came about:

- "I have been possessed by a ghost"

I ran out of the room, turned on the electricity in the house, called my mother:

- Mom, I'll give you a ride.
- What's up?
- Did you say anything more about the other day?
- Well, I told your mother it was already dead, but your soul is strong so it has not been completely controlled. But you have to make a ceremony to chase him away, not too much trouble, he controls you when driving or going to the rivers and lakes the night you are dead.
- How do you know I'm possessed?
- So that's the teacher, you are very energetic when everyone comes to visit, I see the beauty of the leaves with the leaves you know about,
- What should I do, mom?
- Why didn't you tell me yesterday, now you ask. And my mom doesn't know who to listen to, and you're normal but your uncle says I believe it.

My mother prepared the food, I ate and drink in a depressed mood, but still tried to talk a few sentences with both my father and mother. My bewildered mood gradually increased, and I began to feel dizzy and drowsy, disturbed by stress.

It was the first night when my nostalgia was only fleeting and then lost by the headache. I went to bed five to go to bed at 9pm, I really needed to calm down. Up to 1 hour, 2 hours I still could not sleep, still feeling a headache, hard to understand and even terrified.

Daydreaming, I saw many calling my name: a girl with a familiar voice but I did not know who, my father's voice called, my mother mixed calls. I felt like I was getting lost somewhere very strange, half-awake, half-asleep, very annoyed, when I heard a loud shout:

- Feng, go somewhere, go home now.

The calls faded and I seemed to fall asleep. I was woken up by my parents' calls, and I was a bit surprised to ask:

- Why are you standing here?
- You don't know anything, do you?
- I just woke up knowing nothing.
- You've just wandered out to the end of the road, my mother saw the door open to your room and you can't see. Your father just brought you back.
- Huh?

I cried out in horror, my mother burst into tears. My father remained silent and told me:

- Don't you remember anything?
- Yes, I thought I just woke up
- So now I go to bed from fatigue, tomorrow I'll call you to see. Today my parents are watching me to see how I am.
- Well, just go to sleep, close the door to sleep.
- Dad sleeps with you today, giving you peace of mind.

My mood was still bewildered, but suddenly something was relieved. A feeling of peace, and also happiness is strange, maybe it's been a long time since my father and I didn't sleep together. So many memories of my childhood, I shed tears, but controlled it very quickly and decided to go to sleep.

I got up at 5:30 am, my father also woke up. Both father and son brush their teeth and talk, as they have done before. The morning light began to fill, the air was fresh and pleasant, I was still here that I was completely normal. What happened?

- I will come this morning to see how it is resolved
- Yes

I did not know what else to say, went to eat and wait. Today both my mom and dad will be off work to wait for you to come, agree on a solution to these problems.

- I don't think things will turn out like this, all we can do is chase him away from him
- Who is "it"?
- 1 girl, predestined to you. But it's better to know everything. No one can solve this better than you yourself. The ceremony to banish is just poor.
- Yes, so what should I do?
- That alone I know, based on what happened or I did.
- Yes, so let me see why, anyway more smoothly.
- Let me give you away too, you don't have to worry about me like this - My mother spoke up
- I don't know what to do anymore ...
- Listen to me, who knows where the night was like yesterday. - My mother said and finished with a worried voice.
- Are they finished?
- Usually, the worship is normal, one more charm is available.
- Is there a danger?
- It's okay, I'll find a way to lock it up

Feeling uneasy, I wanted to find out who the other girl was, what her predestined relationship with her and was listening to the injustice of a person I was both anxious and scared. I decided to boldly:

- Let me see for myself. To the next 3 weeks is not good, thanks to him handled so.

Everything was back to normal, my uncle came back, my parents came back and I sat in the room and studied my symptoms. It seemed my parents were also quite reassured when I was normal, talked fluently and did not seem to be at a loss. Quite a number of websites describe similar phenomena to me, most of them talking about psychological problems, stress or neurological problems. I am as happy as catching gold, why am I not having some health or nervous problem but some superstitious things, I went to Hanoi to have a health examination.

I took a taxi to Bach Mai hospital with my mother to go to the hospital, my mother did not feel secure when I went alone and did not agree to let me drive myself. After more than an hour of waiting, it was my turn to take the tests:

Appearance and behavior: Normal
Mood: Fear and anxiety
Basic thinking, action: Good
Communicate, memorize, process information: Good
Eating, heart rate, physical condition: Good
Unusual belief: No.

- If according to the test results as well as observing the reality, your grandchildren only have psychological problems or shock or something. But what he said might be somnambulism or forgetfulness. But now he's completely normal, I'll prescribe medicine to relax, focus on resting. Family members should monitor closely, re-examination as soon as abnormal symptoms or after 1 month.

I and my mother left the hospital, I did not know whether to be happy or sad when I knew my nerves were normal, not "mental". But normal nerves, maybe I was "ghost" into real?

I came back home, a little tired from sitting all day so I ate it and then slept.

In the afternoon, my father was the one who had to take me home when I wandered along the riverside road to do grass-leaf farming. People found me wandering to phone my father. I came home with a tired face:

- Give me back my ring, why hide me?
- What round?
- I gave it to you, when I sleep on the bed

Both my father and mother were quiet, as if they could see the abnormality in me through each sentence.