Let me be a chamomile - Chap 4

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Part 4 let me be daisies

The bright moon dimmed through the gaps of the leaves, accompanied by all three silhouettes dressed in white so it was clearly visible in the middle of the night. I was scared and confused, I wanted to turn away, but my mind told me to follow the other 3 shadows (actually, it missed it and did not dare to turn away), especially when I entered, it was not can sleep.

All three of the white shadows were still sitting there, suddenly the younger one stood up (I couldn't see my face clearly, but the figure was easy to see that the other two were quite old), I was startled and startled. I just thought the scene if "it" looked up and looked straight at me would be horrible. I kept imagining everything in the horror movie still playing and hoping "it" didn't see me.
More clearly, it was a girl, the girl walked around the original label. Suddenly the pig's voice let out a loud and long "Éccccc", erasing the night and I was startled for the second time, reflexively I looked up, away from me a blue light flew from the field. the air then disappears. The quiet space returned and I looked back under the tree, everything was quiet again. Only stumpy trees with ancient bricks lie rolling. I went back to bed, took my phone and found some friends talking around on FB. At least that gives me the feeling that I'm not here alone, but the haunting events just kept making the story bland and nowhere. I have never seen such a long time, I find everything to kill time when the phone still low battery. It's a really annoying thing, I feel that the phone is my only body of defense right now, so even if there is a power outage or whatever, I still have a flashlight. Thinking that the scene suddenly turned off, the phone ran out of battery and there was no way I could look at it.

However, that long night also passed with a few hundred times to watch the time, about 4:30 am, the feeling of being close to the morning was psychologically comfortable. At 5 o'clock, it was time to get up and go back, I was sleepy in my eyes, probably because I was bracing myself all night. I take a nap to relax so I am less tired.

I woke up at 8 am because of the sound of her wake:

- Wake up, are you going to sleep until noon?
- Too much, what time is it? I said while opening my eyes and looking out into the sunny sky.
- 8:10 pm, my parents are already at work. I should have gone to work but my parents told me I had to come home from the hospital, anyway, so I'll take a day off. He got up and brushed his teeth to wash his face and ate something, my mother cooked it because he said he didn't eat it last night.
- Yes, I overslept
- Use her brush, hurry and come down to eat, I'm going downstairs.

I went downstairs and ate my mother's vermicelli noodles, which was necessary after a drunken meal and stopped eating dinner. Right now my mind is mixed between 2 things: I really want to tell you the story last night and another thing is only you and me alone in this house. It is an ideal condition for many interesting things, and unfortunately the second thing that overwhelms me more than tired. This is also hard to blame, because you are too really beautiful.

I hugged him tightly in the middle of his living room and kissed him on the lips for up to 5 minutes, then placed him on the living room wooden lounge chair. Perhaps because both my parents were away, I seemed much more comfortable than last night, when my mother was not asleep and everyone at home was at home. We wrapped tightly around each other, and I slowly undid the buttons of her nightgown. After 2 buttons, I said:

- Nonsense, how about someone come to my house.

I carried her up to the 2nd floor, entered the room last night, and put her on the bed. Perhaps she had no choice before my seduction, the button was finally unbuttoned. Maybe we should not describe this place much, we do things like loving couples do. We dissolve into each other until the body only remains on the last body. I pulled it down to my knees and she suddenly burst into tears, naturally making me feel guilty:

- What's wrong?
- I don't want it, I want it for the wedding night.

Her crying made me feel sorry and of course could not do anything to little girl. I dressed her up and said:

- The world must be a kind person like you.
- Don't you think you should do that?
- I don't know, I can feel anything. Because he married me anyway.
- I am too fast, just 2 months, everything is still new.
- Yes, that's fast enough. But he felt a long time ago.
- Me too, but really fast, bro.
- Yes, but you still recognize me well.
- Good for me, I'll be good to you, don't worry.
- Where to go, I'll take you home near noon.
- Ok, I'll go home around 10:00, because my mom will be back at noon.
- Yes, take 2 hours to bring it back to bed.

We walked together on a small road to the outside gate of the industrial park. She changed into a light blue dress, light makeup made her look more beautiful. We do not hold hands but walk in tandem and talk around, a great feeling with the fresh air and lovely girl. I drove to the church (I didn't follow the religion but preferred to go to the church, because of its space), we sat on the benches in the yard and talked. The church is big, beautiful and ancient. I decided to ask her about last night:

- Have you ever seen anything special at night?
- Why are you asking that strange?
- Last night I saw in your yard you have 3 silhouettes right under the longan, near the pond. When I went back to sleep, I could not sleep and saw noises when I looked down.
- Can you tell us clearly?
- It is just seeing the shadow of 3 people, wearing a white shirt, seems to be a couple with a girl.
- Damn, you're telling that fear, soooooo?
- Not really, what about this fear now
- Hic, then what?
- Done naturally, the pig's bird was very loud, startled and looked up, but when he looked down he could not see.
- Just tell me one circuit, listen to it.
- Well, nothing is done, I wake up in the morning but I still find nothing strange. But have you ever seen it?
- I have never seen, I hear many neighbors say, but I think they gossip. Because I asked my father, my mother said nothing, but I have not seen it with my own eyes. But if I say that I see, it must be true, I'm scared.
- No need to be afraid, because if anything, it will be a long time ago. It should be fine, but I'll handle it for you.
- How to solve it?
- But you need more information, must clear the branch before you can solve it. I believe that I feel predestined already, but if I have predestined relationships, I can't escape. It won't make it today, but a few more days I'll come over to look at your whole house to find out if there's anything else. If it's not okay, I'll miss the guys I work for.
- What does your uncle do?
- As a teacher, 4 generations already. Are you scared?
- I have not been afraid of hearing you speak. I don't even dare to go home
- Oh, come back with me
- I'm telling the truth, I'm joking.
- Or you told my uncle to make me a talisman like me?
- What is your charm?
- I don't know either, but I feel relieved and lucky to wear it. Let me tell you to make one tomorrow. But from fear, no one dared to bully his "wife". (I do that, I'm scared.)
- Yes, I also think I do nothing "they" then "they" do not do anything.
- Relax, laugh, let's see, all are pretty. A promised he would solve it, sure
- Yes, laugh

I took her home and talked to her so that she could forget about these bad things. In the middle of the day, when I looked from the outside to my house, it was still murky, especially after last night's story, every detail of the house in my eyes was full of "sound". I went home, and drove straight to my uncle's house, a famous priest in the area and could be considered to be of the whole province.

I went to my uncle's house, the door was locked, he was not at home. Probably going to worship somewhere, planning to call you, but then I decided to go straight home. Lying on the hammock, I began to think and rearrange the events that took place and try to logically log them into the most logical way. But then I do not understand, there are very real things, obviously you are real and there are no ghosts here, but with it comes many mysteries around. If I think about it for a long time, I'm scared, but I know that I have to go to the bottom of this nonetheless.

Suddenly I miss you, just came from my house. I began to think seriously about the future of the two of them, about the necessary plans. I want to marry you, and of course I do not want her to continue being a sewing worker. But I still find myself not really understanding her, especially the things around her, but more than ever in me at this time feeling like to protect, protect her and resolve all the other confusing things.

I took the phone to call you:

- Did you cook?
- No, it's still early, bro, I cook simple but not picky at all.
- Afternoon go out?
- Going out any more, meeting both days is not boring.
- Not bored, just missing.
- Saying so like that my parents are not happy.
- Contact this, naturally I want to share a little about my future
- Please say it
- You quit your job, do you want to go back to school?

There was silence between the two of us, both of them silent and not saying anything after I made that suggestion. Perhaps going to school reminds me of regret or sadness or something. I reopen:

- I finished studying and got a good job, I can do it completely, but I am going to stick with my life as a sewing worker
- I need to think about this
- If you think about it, just go to school and go back to Hanoi, we can still meet normally.
- There are many difficult things to say
- Difficult to say it to see how, he but who that shy that
- When I meet you, I need to think now. Besides speaking by phone like this is not convenient.
- Speaking of which, I just want to see you to resolve it right away, I won't let you work as an worker for 1 hour and 1 minute. If you don't like going to school, I'll find another job to do.
- I really need to think, I have to cook rice already.

She hung up the phone in a hurry, I was down and didn't know what to do. I just want to quickly solve everything and bring you the best.

In the afternoon, I decided to learn more about her story in the most objective way. At the gate of the industrial park, I parked my car and ordered a glass of iced tea.

- My hometown now has a sewing factory, this is so convenient, I can handle work for many people, and I can stay close to home.
- Yes, I went to work as a salary of VND 7 7 million, but it is quite stable in the countryside
- Yes, how long have you been selling water?
- It's been a few years, but in the countryside people don't drink as much as on the street, sometimes only guests.

I was about to ask if the water seller knew about you or those evil rumors, but didn't know what to say. There was something unnatural, I kept thinking miscellaneous and then stood up to leave.

Without any information, the feeling of boredom in the middle of the golden afternoon was gradually turning out of sunlight, I dialed the number to call her:

- Are you free?
- Free, but about to cook dinner already
- Going out?
- Asked that, I said I just met.
- Well, I have a job to go to the city, just came over to my house so I remember, I want to meet, sitting outside the gate of this industrial park.
- Well, I'm not coming out, see you tomorrow.
- Come on out, take your work
- A bit for me, but for my parents.
- Híc, that's all.
- Are you sad?
- Just a little, sorry not to see you. But never mind, let my parents say it tomorrow.
- Tomorrow, I'll give you one thing tomorrow.
- Ok, okay, here I go.

I came back in a good mood as soon as she promised to give presents tomorrow. However, my concerns have not ended, the mysteries around her have happened, what the people around say and what I see. It is inconsistent and there is no logic to explain. Today the heavy burdens seem to disappear in me in a strange way, though I have not been able to resolve any of my plans.

Oddly, the peaceful and relaxing day of yesterday, I searched through my mind: The facts, the questions are still clear around here, just yesterday, why suddenly I feel calm and not think again? Today you go to work, I go online to watch a movie and then go play games, maybe a long time ago to really relax. At the beginning of the afternoon, sad and sad thinking that I would go out with you, I decided to buy you a gift too. Driving a store in the city, I chose for her a light brown lipstick, nor knowledge about lipstick, clothes even more difficult, so I chose haphazardly after going online to read advice. Now filled with excitement and also trying to imagine when I painted this lipstick, I did not go home but wandered to a church and sat on the campus thinking, the middle letter waited for her to finish. From relaxation began to turn impatient and impatient, waiting until less than 6 pm. At 5:35 am, I drove to the gate and waited in the car. Less than 5 minutes, I suddenly appeared and knocked on the car door, I opened the door lock:

- Did you come home early today?
- Yes, we were off at 4:40 today, but I went back to cook rice, changed my clothes, and came out.
- Why didn't you give me a call first, how about if you were late to kidnap me
- Aw, do it like a child
- Not kids, but because you're so pretty
- Again loose edges
- Where's your present?
- Little more stop and give, give here and what are you afraid of.
- Where do you like to go?
- Do not know, he took it to where he went.
- Then go to the night market, see if there is anything good or play around.
- So I give this gift too, but what to give to the market. Open always or go home open?
- What is it, open that house
- Well, the bracelet, that has my name on you. I did it myself, threaded with colored threads, this game on level 2 we all do.
- Ouch, blue vs purple can this wear on you anymore, beautiful but afraid to not match.
- If you don't wear it, I'll bring it back.
- Oh, please put it on

The bracelet is probably a bit youthful compared to my lifestyle, I just wear a watch, rarely wear miscellaneous rings, but I still wear it quite excited. It is true that everyone likes to give gifts, the small bracelet makes me very excited. I opened the drawer in the car to get lipstick for you:

- I bought a gift for you too, try it too
- You know how to choose lipstick, horrible! He chose that dark color
- Just try it, I think beautiful
- And you don't abstain from looking in the mirror with makeup on the car?
- No, it's nothing
- Never mind, I'll try it tomorrow.
- Will you try to look pretty?
- Isn't it pretty now?
- Pretty, but let's try to get prettier
- Go ahead, have good diet.

We walked slowly to the night market, quite crowded and mostly young people or couples in love.

- The other guy goes the old wave but he has a beautiful lover, his legs are so white. - I pointed to a couple right in front of my car.
- I can drive while watching the girls. I know he knows how to wear a bra.
- It hit my eyes that, due to a road accident accidentally saw but where the mind watching girls.
- Disgusting, look carefully and said not to look, and compliment the white leg
- Not really, but recognize that guy is too leafy
- So I lost to that guy
- I can't help it, because my lover is prettier.
- But you keep saying that, people love each other normally but how can you say that and that wave can't have a beautiful lover?
- Oh, I don't blame you, what did you say? But he walked all the time, observing 10 couples, if the handsome girl is ugly, the handsome guys always love the child who looks extremely bored. I have rarely seen any beautiful couples.
- You look at the bullshit, right?
- Then look at the road, then notice it and see that.
- Do you have a motorbike? From tomorrow I can go by motorbike, go miscellaneous or into my house is more convenient, I don't have to walk long.
- Yes, my father's car is old. Tomorrow Dream "war" go, not sure to lose the wave guy.
- Yes, I also prefer to ride a motorbike so that it is less troublesome, people also do not notice it.
- OK always, come home tomorrow morning I always dreamed like "village youth"

We went to the market, called the market, but we walked and looked at the shop mainly. There is also no need to buy anything, order 1 bag of sweet and sour mango mango and just walk while snacking and chatting. Remembering my intentions yesterday, I said:

- Have you thought about going back to school?
- Yes,

Again the silence between the two of me, I don't know what you have that hard to say, but feel uncomfortable to ask

- Just think carefully, how good you are. And I see you doing sewing like that so hard.
- Yes, I need more time.

I took her back in the midst of the ambiguities of both of them, only one problem but felt that we were far away from each other. Of course we still try to talk normally, but both of us have a hard time. On the way to my house, I parked my car and took her home. I find something strange, your way home should be a torment for me, a small, deserted road in the middle of the field late, but I feel familiar, close even without fear. scared as always.

When we brought her to the gate, we parted, I turned back, walked slowly along the path, even though I did not walk fast, my mind was empty and fearless, not happy or excited, 1 feeling almost without thinking, walking in the unconscious.

I go home, take a shower and go to bed early, I rarely sleep now but today the feeling of tiredness takes over my whole body. Waking up in the middle of the night, I looked at my watch: 3 in the morning. I just had a rather strange dream:

Dreaming that I was a kid, only 6 or 7 years old, I kept running around, I kept going even though it was dark and I knew it. Arriving at a very large garden, I stopped, it was dark, and I began to panic. There was a very large, light yellow snake about 2 meters long crawling very slowly towards me. I was scared to run away and the snake turned its head. That was when I woke up.

The dream was still quite clear, the feeling and scenery of the garden was still very real, but it was a rather obscure dream. Just over 10 minutes later, the feeling of fatigue invaded and I fell asleep again.

I woke up nearly 11 o'clock in the afternoon and slept for more than 12 hours in a row. The feeling was drowsy, empty and a slight headache. My mother came in from the yard when she saw me waking up:

- What a terrible sleep, my mother called me several times without waking up to breakfast. Now, let's prepare for lunch, not for breakfast.
- Yes, I don't know why I slept soundly yesterday.
- Where did you go yesterday, bringing the leaves to bed?
- What leaves?
- Well, the leaves where my pillows are lying, bringing a pile up to do.

I was startled to look back. It is true that there were about 10 leaves of dried grass twisted around and rolled beside the pillow, looking at my hands, there was no bracelet at all, I was horrified:

- What is this?
- Or where did he cling to yesterday?
- Hold on to how can you mother, heaps of leaves so long there is not a small leaf.
- Or what did you plan to get back yesterday? These days, I see you often dazed somehow.
- Probably because I was tired, these leaves I took back yesterday when I came to Hanoi to bring them to my friend, but returned to sleep so I forgot.
- What did he get the leaf for?
- I do not know, it will do it thanks.

My mother went out leaving me and the weird leaves. I wonder where it came from, and the bracelet I gave it to me. But inside me the feeling of fear wasn't great right now, even though I didn't seem to care about that incident, only sleep was always waiting to come.

I took a nap, even though I had slept for more than a dozen hours in a row, sleep came very quickly, accompanied by a feeling of fatigue. I just had the feeling that someone kept calling my name, calling out a lot but not seeing clearly who it was, or not even sure if it was a boy or a girl.

I woke up, feeling awake again, I pulled the pillow to fold, then the bracelet she gave me under the pillow exposed, perhaps I have removed it but forgot. I put it on, and went to buy a motorbike. I decided to buy an old Dream, partly because it is a bit cheaper because it is less, partly because it does not take time to register.

- I have a dream, so I can ride a motorbike now.
- Yes
- Why is it so boring, is there something wrong?
- I don't know what to say, but in general I prefer to ride a motorbike
- Then come and pick me up, go "wash" the car
- Yes, my parents were away today, I went home early to look after the house.
- Where are your parents going?
- Going to the wedding
- Then I'll pick you up at 6 o'clock, remember to try the new lipstick.
- Yes

Coming to pick me up, the motorbike is really convenient to go straight to my house without walking. At 6pm, the house was closed and there was only dim electricity from the 2nd floor window. In the yard, the big trees were still covered, bringing an atmosphere full of darkness and ghost. I call you:

- I'm out of this gate
- Yes, I'm coming out

She wore a white dress hugging close to her, her skin was white, her hair was loose with a light brown lipstick. Really very beautiful, at least in me it is perfection. I could not control my feelings but hugged and kissed him passionately, she pushed me away and said:

- Go away, no one can see now
- If there's anyone to look at, I'm just worried
- Full of people, if people see me dead.
- Ok, come on, nice car?
- Nice, like a normal car, nothing
- Yes, why do you like motorcycles?
- It is more convenient to ride a motorbike.

I quickly felt the advantages of the motorbike, the back child hugged me tightly, leaning my head against me, a feeling of overwhelming happiness. I have to buy motorbikes for a long time. With no destination, we wander the streets, mainly to enjoy the feeling of being together, and talking nonsense.

It was naturally cold windy, the autumn wind was accompanied by this moisture signaling the rain was very close.

- Is it raining?
- I feel the same way, as if raindrops have fallen on me
- Never mind, just go, because today "wash the car" so it rained.

After walking for about 2 minutes, the rain came, at first we ignored it, just let the rain flow and felt interesting because we were showered. But soon, that feeling disappeared instead of the discomfort of the cold when soaked in rainwater and wind blowing, to find a place to take shelter.

The road is quite empty, there is no house so there is no place to stop, the rain is heavier each time, about 1km more, there is a small shack along the road, abandoned.

We threw in there, both of them were wet like mice.

- The motorbike show was broken, the rain was so heavy
- Yes, the sky is so beautiful.
- I'm all wet, I'm sorry, I didn't buy a raincoat at the new car, but my car is always available.

It was still dark and the rain was heavy, observing that this seemed to be a popular rice shop or a temporary noodle shop or something that had been opened before. There were still few makeshift wooden planks, we sat on them. I looked at her, the white dress was all wet, sticking to the beautiful body even more exalted that perfect appearance. Especially now there are only 2 of us here, a strong desire arises in me. We hugged each other and greedily, amidst the rain the feeling of insecurity occasionally passed by but it did not prevent the intense physical feelings from the two of us. I stroked my hand all over her body, we swept up together with wondrous levels. A small thunder came from far away, a faint flash of lightning flashed, causing us to let go of each other, and our emotions would drop down very quickly. Perhaps this space is really not completely comfortable.

Through the blurry flash, I involuntarily looked inside the shack, a small bowl of incense filled with incense placed in the corner of the house, accompanied by a few packages of faded candy underneath, probably a long time ago. The feeling of fear quickly overwhelms everything:

- Come back, this place is not very convenient. A just found a bowl of incense in the corner, horrible.
- I saw the moment you entered, you looked at the light on the phone
- Are you not afraid? Why don't you tell me?
- Nothing to be afraid of, like my house. I mean, my family also has incense.
- I'm so scared, stop going home for sure, I'm still bored to stop raining.
- Maybe it's going to stop, but now I'm afraid of a cold.
- A cold is better than here, horrible

I turned to look at her, she was looking out the road towards the rain, calmly. Nhìn em tự nhiên tôi ớn lạnh, một cô gái váy trắng, xõa tóc, da mặt trắng giữa đêm khuya đang nhìn ra xa, ở một không gian vắng vẻ, lạnh lẽo. Tự nhiên tưởng tượng tới cảnh em quay mặt lại như trên các phim ảnh, tôi rùng mình.

– Về đi em ơi, chỗ này không ổn đâu, thật đấy
– Vâng, anh quay xe đi rồi đi

Con dream mới mua mãi không nổ được máy, sự hoảng sợ xuất hiện rất nhanh. Nó còn đáng sợ hơn nhiều so với lần ở bờ biển. Tôi ngồi trên xe, cố gắng đạp để nổ máy, em đứng sau mà tự nhiên tôi thấy bất an.

Gần 10 phút loay hoay, chiếc xe nổ máy trong sự vỡ òa hạnh phúc, chúng tôi cùng nhau đi giữa màn đêm và cơn mưa cũng bắt đầu ngớt.

Tôi tỉnh dậy thấy người ê ẩm, thấy nhiều người tới nhà tôi. Chưa kịp định hình chuyện gì thì có tiếng gọi:

– Phong nó tỉnh rồi

Ngay sau đó mọi người từ ngoài đi vào. Tôi ngồi dậy, xung quanh tôi là bố mẹ, các bác và cả 1 đống thuốc.

– Cháu bị làm sao thế?
– Mày sốt cao hơn 40 độ, li bì hơn 2 ngày rồi, bây giờ mới tỉnh đấy. Chắc ngấm mưa vào rồi cảm.
– Khiếp, có đi tí mưa sao cảm ghê thế được ạ.

Bác tôi nói với mọi người điều gì đó, mọi người ra ngoài hết chỉ còn tôi và bác. Bác chậm rãi:

– Có việc này phải nói với cháu, bác cũng nói với mẹ cháu rồi
– Việc gì thế ạ?
– Mày bị vong nhập rồi, bây giờ nó đang ở chung với cháu. Tinh thần của cháu khỏe mạnh nhưng lại bi lụy tình cảm quá, nên nó mới xâm nhập được.
– Bác cứ đùa cháu, bản thân cháu như nào cháu phải biết chứ. Cháu vẫn làm việc vẫn hoạt động bình thường, cháu chả thấy gì khác thường
– Ma nhập vào trong người cũng như kẻ trộm vào nhà. Nó chỉ vào được khi nhà có sơ hở, hoặc chính chủ nhà không biết mà mở cửa cho nó vào. Nếu kẻ trộm vào nhà rồi, nó sẽ luôn làm mọi thứ để gia chủ tin rằng không có trộm, ma cũng vậy thôi, nó đã nhập vào rồi thì sẽ luôn làm người bị nhập thấy không có ma, không thấy gì bất thường. Chỉ như vậy nó mới trú ngụ ngầm trong thân xác người khác được. Kể cả bác đang nói với cháu như này, nó cũng nghe được hết. Nhưng nó là vong lành, nên cũng chưa đáng lo.
– Cháu không tin, bản thân cháu hiểu rõ mình hơn ai hết.
– Chả có ai bị ma nhập mà biết mình bị nhập cháu ạ, bác gặp hàng nghìn trường hợp rồi. Bác đã “hóa” mấy lá cỏ khô mày mang về, ma theo đó mà vào đó. Bác cũng bàn với mẹ mày về việc sẽ trục xuất nó ra khỏi người mày, việc này không khó.

Tôi ngồi bật dậy lục tìm quanh giường, chiếc vòng em tặng tôi không còn nữa. Tôi biết, bác đã “hóa” nó đi. Tự nhiên trào nước mắt, tức giận và đau đớn ./.

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