Let me be a chamomile - Chap 3

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Chap 3 Let me be the chrysanthemum

I went out to the corridor to sit, there was a very loud scream in Tin's room. I stood up, looked through the glass window, saw it growling, moaning with each of his long, almost white eyes, frothy bubbles spilling out. I thought: The accident, not poison where it has signs like this. It struggled more and more strongly, from the end of the corridor, saw the figure of 2 nurses, 1 male and 1 female walking very fast to the room. Both of them looked through something, it seemed to be beyond their ability, about 10 minutes later a doctor came. Apparently the doctor decided to give a tranquilizer or anesthetic, the nurse took the medicine and got ready for it but it didn't work. Even though his leg was broken, he now looked like a wild animal in a state of agitation, a sight that everyone saw must be terrified. The adjacent beds had fled, the doctor told the nurse:

- Let me call Tuan and Hung to hold tight and give temporary shots, then take pictures and consult, but it is not okay for patients like this.

The doctor walked very quickly out of the room, seemingly looking for another nurse or male doctor to help him keep the injection. I saw it so scared and didn't understand it at all. For a moment, I thought about what happened around me and the story it told me yesterday. Suddenly startled thinking: "Or ...". Slightly shivering, I had goosebumps, thankfully there were quite a few people here, so I calmed down shortly after. About 1 minute of thinking, I suddenly felt that someone was following me very clearly, and that was exactly the same feeling as when I came home from your home. I went out of the hospital corridor, walked to a row of chairs waiting for the family members to be quite empty and sat down. The feeling of someone following me very well, and near, very near again. Thinking of my friend who was struggling and linking the chain of events, I said to myself:

- He is my friend, he just accidentally, not mean. If it is a good thing about me and "you", just ignore it.

Pausing for a moment, I continued:

- I do not understand anything, do not know what you are, but if you need anything I will help. But first, let everything be settled. I need anything to tell me.

The feeling of someone next to me gradually faded away and disappeared, in which Tin was normal again. He was awake and talked like nothing had happened. I went back to his room, went to the bed and said:

- It's painful, it's probably half a month.
- It hurts leaving my mother, did I have a problem just now? Why do they ask for sedatives?
- You looked like you were crazy. But what kind of a stand does you go, you fall like this.
- I did not know what the fall, everyone told me to fall, but I can clearly see the shadow on the road to brake.
- You must have mistakenly look, because the people who brought you here right behind you, said they were self.
- My mother saw very clearly you, but not very clear but certainly there are people.
- Never mind, take a quick rest and drink.

I gave him some copper and took the car back. This time is really tired, leaving only the other events it hovered around the head. The more I thought about it, the more I got goosebumps, I had to close most of the air-conditioning vents to keep from getting cold. Arriving at home around 11 am, basically, it was still daytime so it was "fine". Thinking about the scene being dark soon, what I guess is even more afraid. Suddenly I thought, but that's all conjecture, maybe that's what, coincidence, what is crazy. Drink a glass of water, turn on the computer and start with: Find my iPhone. So try to investigate to see where. Offline device, make sure to turn off the real device. The last position was still at the gate of the industrial park, so it seemed normal. Also quite stalemate, I decided to go to my uncle's house, who is a priest, he was the third disciple since my great-grandfather's life. I came home, my aunt came out to greet me warmly:

- Your uncle is in such a good mood, the young director is different.
- You keep talking too much, just a little more than you.
- Long time no grandchildren, come in and play outside, what are you doing, your brother is writing in the room, let me call.
- I came back a few days, just let me stand outside for a bit, the yard I really like. My father doesn't want to grow trees like this, which is cool and beautiful.

- Come in and drink Phong water. - The sound of my brother calling out, perhaps he went out to the room and mixed water. His house is a 3-tile-tile house with a room to "work" with full of charms, textures, books of all kinds. My uncle and I talked with each other, asking the relatives to visit, we would not be strange. Perhaps it was with the main purpose of the trip that I asked him:
- Recently, I have strange things, I want to ask you.
- What did you ask?
- Looks like I have a "ghost", but I don't know why I don't feel it as usual. Within my family, everyone felt it all, I felt normal that I felt extremely good but this time I did not see anything. I only saw it for 2 days, but it's still not clear enough.
- Ghosts, ghosts, just tell me what you said.

I briefly told him about special events such as going to the beach with him, motorbikes, people in front of cars, going to the lake, going to the lake and even his friend. My uncle thought deeply, drank 2 more cups of tea, and said:

- There are many things that say nothing will solve anything. But I think that the black man in the sea and in the lake is your uncle. I will always protect your family, or you may not be safe until now.
- Yes, it seems reasonable. What about you not feeling?
- There are many reasons: There is predestined relationship, or when it is not intended to harm you, or when you have feelings. Those things will make you not feel anymore, maybe when you feel their malice appears, that is, you intend to harm me. Especially when I show affection, it will make me no longer feel, my uncle cannot tell me, even going in and out of my house is not difficult.
- I still do not understand, my house has both amulet and the dog is so smart, will he know?
- When I have feelings, it comes to my house, my side and the way my friends go. Once you are friends with the owner, those things can't stop it from going in and out.
- You said it scared me, before I thought in my own house, if I put a charm on it, I could feel secure.
- Wait a minute, I wrote for a charm and put it in my wallet.
- Yes, please help me.

He took me a charm on red paper with many poor and doodles. I asked him:
- Why are you using red charms, is that normal?
- Then just use it, I know which one is right.
- Or can I cut off the connection, please, but I'm just scared to this line.
- If we get entangled, we have to solve it to the end.
- So maybe now I still have to go to see it, then what if it lured the river into the lake?
- It won't hurt you, your destiny is special. My number also did not see any accident to the river, do not worry. Just take your charm from your wallet and go to work as usual.
- Or a ceremony or to see Uncle?
- Unnecessary, it is the predestined relationship with you, you have to handle it yourself, I can not solve it. If there are offerings, just chase it away, but the "spirits" have been merged like this is often very strong, if trying to bind or confine it, it will not return with tremendous hatred, at That is a very serious consequence.
- So now I just go on, still talking through the speakers and then say goodbye, right?
- Just try it.
- So I came back, what did I call you?

I put the charm in my wallet, took the car back. I don't know if a spell will work, but it reassures me terribly, I'm almost out of fear. I drove home, feeling so much burdened, excitedly eating a bowl of pho and then going home. Lying on the bed, suddenly thinking of miscellaneous, all the feeling of fear is suddenly the feeling of remembering. Still around here were beautiful faces, sweet voices and stubborn children. After a few minutes, I was scared so I lost my memory very quickly. I read a book to help relieve boredom and forget about it.
6H pm, finally unable to escape. I have arrived, do not know if there is any event.
6H56, message to:
- I just came home from work, did you go out?

Thought: What, now? Incoming messages are still as usual, when I start kicking myself to imagine some devil stuff. Waiting for about 10 minutes, I asked again:

- Where to?
- Why are you so strange today, you don't want to go.
- Oh no, it's just that you have no idea where to go.
- That's it.
- Oh no, so come to church X to play, the space is very beautiful.
- Yes, it's up to you.
- Then let me come to pick you up

Perhaps texting, suddenly afraid of anger should decide a bit hasty. If I can refuse, then wait until I feel everything is okay then count. Not to mention wanting to cut off, not wanting to continue but going out again. So think of a way: Or leave the mother "it", let "it" waiting out there bored then bored and probably left more leisurely. Somewhere in procession, afraid to leave my mother. So turn on the gaming computer, let alone those promises. About 20 minutes there will be a message:

- Where have you been, so long today?

I always ignored it. Determined to end that, about 2 minutes later had a message:

- Are you on your way?

Still the same, I did not answer but stopped playing the game. The call came from you, I put the phone into the do not disturb mode, but the screen gradually saw the number of calls coming up to 19. I felt like a debt evader, seeing every incoming call or message as frightening. . Leave a message to:

- Are you okay? I'm too worried, if you read tn call me offline.

Suddenly feeling guilty, nearly 45 minutes passed, another 22 calls. Feeling that this kind of escape was cowardly, I took the phone back:

- I have a problem.
- What's wrong? Accident ah, can you hear the phone? Please tell me.

Immediately after 3 seconds of an incoming call, the rush of events left me with no time to think. Puzzled, I clicked again and then again:

- I'm okay, there's something unexpected.
- I don't worry at all, can you send me your current picture? I want to see you are normal (There wasn't a FaceTime or Video Call yet).
- I'm okay, just urgent.
- Sending the photo takes a lot of effort?

Once again in a difficult position, now still taking photos at home, then know the reason why. Another new message from me:

- Fast

I'm confused, but maybe this person is not like a "ghost" at all. From emotions, worries to everything, if it's a "ghost", then you have to know what I'm doing, not bothered to ask questions like this. All of a sudden the pictures of you appear, that smile, that face. The feeling that if it was a real ordinary girl, then I was really an animal, to make people wait and worry like that because of unreasonable idiotic thoughts. I took the phone and texted her:

- Done, from the picture, he came to pick me. 12 minutes to the meeting, he continued there, now he should go now.
- Yes, bro.

How much fear disappeared, I took my bike, stepped on the gas and went to the IP. Because I went fast, I focused on driving so I didn't think much. Near the gate of the IP, the feeling of being afraid to come back, which has come here probably did not return, then the gate of the industrial park appeared. I looked sideways and did not see her, got off the car and looked at the alley It was quite dark (about 8am), looking not too far, I turned my head into the car to sit. About a minute she came, I glanced in the rearview mirror and went down to open the car door. Today I wore a white dress with some beautiful, blue and impressive flowers. Or partly because you are so beautiful, whatever you wear is beautiful. I got out of the car, her smile and cheerful expression faded, leaving that blank face seemingly lost in spirit, then turning to a blank face.

- What's wrong?
- What's wrong? Are you going to take a long time?
- Are you angry?
I shook my head, that was my reaction and my first answer since I arrived. I just asked:
- Why didn't you say anything?
- I ... don't ... know - I stuttered forever into a sentence.
- Are you tired? I said and touched her forehead, everything was fine. But when I touched, it was time he startled and fell back very quickly, I support her but was suddenly stumbling both feet down the road. Calling him still unconscious, I decided to carry him into the car and taken to the emergency hospital.

I drove her to BV, from here to BV about 9km. I walked and glanced at the rearview mirror continuously, turning on the lights in the car, partly because I was watching to see if I was awake, partly because I was watching out for strange events. I just hope that you will wake up and hope that you stay still until I go to the hospital, which is as natural as this, and crawled up when I fainted. I started playing music moderately to help alleviate the feeling of loneliness, and finally reached the BV gate without any special problems. I parked in the yard, not in the hall, opened the door and carried her to the emergency room. Just now, I didn't feel worried, but now I don't feel awake by myself. People received the patient and asked me to do a preliminary procedure: My name, age, address, medical history and the reason for the current situation, etc., I could only answer through the speaker. They let me go to the recovery room, and I was waiting by the corridor at the emergency room at night, because it was a district level so it was quite empty, only 3 people from 1 young man suffered from traffic accidents. I went online to look up the social phone number of the commune office, then requested to inform her, and then continued the wait. At this point, I started to get really worried, but the suite did not allow family members to come in, not to mention I had no information about the medical history to report. About 20 minutes later, a couple of about 50 - 55 years old, they came with haste and panic, I think maybe it was your parents. It doesn't look like much, I'm not in a hurry to start a conversation. When they started asking about it, I stood up:

- Are you both Lien's parents?
- That's right, it's in here, right?
- Yes, but they took me to the recovery room. You go to the nursing home, declare more information, let me take you out.

I took them to the nursing home to declare more information, did not like to wait and did not know how to tell them so I went back to the corridor for family members. About 10 minutes later, when they came back, I took the initiative to start a conversation:

- I brought Lien to the hospital, so far the doctors have not reached any new conclusions. I also don't understand why, when I first met her, she was still very normal, smiling.
- Do you know Lien? - Stunned facial expressions on both of them
- Yes, I've only known nearly 1 month.

There was a clear concern on her parents' faces, I was also quite nervous when they continued:

- Why is he hospitalized?
- When I met, Lien passed out, I immediately brought it to this hospital and asked the commune police to notify the family members.

Again the silence, I did not know what to say. The 3 headed towards the other room in the wait. About 3 minutes, I said:

- I heard you talk about Lien, but since I have been in contact with you until now, it is not like my friend told me. I see that Lien is still as agile and active as a normal person, so I would like to ask you guys about it by the way.
- He used to be a very energetic person, did well in school, and liked everything. But since the accident when it went to the beach, it is unknown what effect it became. For several months now, it seems to have progressed so we have just been allowed to work in a garment factory in the industrial park, who knows where to go to work and meet people to make it better.
- Yes, so did you two have her go to a doctor at many places?
- I went to all the big hospitals, people said normal. In some places, it was concluded that there was a neurological disorder, and then it did not help to give the medicine. I also searched many places for worship, and to no avail. - My mother said.
- Yes, but as you can see, this Contact is probably progressing a lot, even like normal people.
- I hope so, my dear girl. - Her mother said and turned away to hide her emotion.

Perhaps the fact that Tin told me was true, his parents confirmed that he could not run anywhere. We continued to wait, for about 2 minutes when the doctor issued a report:

- The patient is awake and completely stable, the family proceeds to carry out the procedure for the patient to return to his room.

I told her parents to go into her room to see how she was going to go first, because I was the one who sent her to the hospital and of course understood her parents' moods. I finished the paperwork, booked the VIP room and went back to the Emergency Department. I didn't go inside and stood outside and look and wait, maybe she'll go back to her room right now. Called VIP room, but actually it's just a room of about 10m2 with a single bed, a mini fridge, a 24-inch TV and a private bathroom. I check in and open the door waiting. I don't worry about your health right now, mostly I think about your reaction when you see me. I recall your reaction tonight so I'm afraid it will happen again. I went to my room, walked normally next to my parents, and didn't need to guide me, even though my mother seemed to want to support me. Seeing me, she smiled slightly but did not say anything. Right now all 4 of us were together, in the small room of BV.

- What did the doctor say?
- The doctor said he did not detect anything strange, was running the monitor and breathing oxygen when he awoke.

I turned to ask her:
- Are you okay?
I laughed slightly, shook my head.
- Can't you speak?

My father interrupted:

- It's usually the same, very quiet. But today he saw it laughed.
- Where, I saw a lot of laughs in the past, talked throughout the session.
- Really?
- Yes, that's right.

I want to talk to you a little, but your parents don't seem to want to leave the room so I don't know how. I was silent, not showing my emotions, but still looking at me from time to time. The doctor came to examine again and inform the family about the condition, nothing unusual. Feeling abundant, I just saluted to:

- Well, everything is okay then, 2 doctors stay to care for Lien. Please excuse me. The doctor said I will be discharged tomorrow and I will come tomorrow.
- I'll call you to take me home tomorrow, I don't need to. Whenever you have free time, come and play.
- Well, I'm free, anyway, so I'll bring Lien home tomorrow, so I'll be able to visit you too.
- Then go home to rest, I'll be bothered tomorrow.
- Yes, hello 2. I'll go home

I waved to her, she smiled softly, until I got out the door to raise her hand. It feels like a computer that handles low speed, stuttering lag.
I went home, ate my parents' rice to share and went to a hammock to lie idle. I thought of all kinds of things and of course tried to explain everything, the very loud dog barking startled me. Getting up, turning on the phone to see who came, a girl about 25-26 years old, short hair and also quite pretty, I said:

- Are you looking for your father or mother? (Usually I still confess that way to girls I first met)
- Mr. Phong ...
- How do you know your name?
- I once met you, why not know.
- Meet? When is it? I really don't remember anything.
- I first met you when my car stopped near X Industrial Park, when I said I was in love.

I was startled, running back like an unconscious reflex. The girl cried and turned away, following the man's instincts and stuttering:

- Oh, sorry, are you?

The crying sounded clearer, the girl looked up at me:

- Is Mr. Phong afraid?

"Phong", this word affects my emotions terribly. It felt like something close and difficult to describe, not to mention calling directly to my name made me feel pressured and guilty somehow.

- No, but ...

- I'm coming back, thank you.

- Oh ..

I was still confused as to what to do when the girl walked very quickly, and I kept standing there watching. Suddenly the dog barked loudly again, cutting off my thoughts, and at the same time I found myself still in the hammock, sweating profusely. It turned out to be a dream, and the dog was still barking outside, the electric yard was still on. I was a little scared, turned on all the lights in the house, drank a glass of water and peered out. Nothing special, but the dog kept snarling and then barked once in an hour. It is a cross-breed dog, barking very nails and echoes, almost drowned out all in the quiet night.

I looked at the clock, at 2am, so I thought I was too tired to sleep and forget about this. Thinking back to my dream, I was extremely scared, I was about to wake my mother up to be scared, but I didn't know what to do. Suddenly confused, but started to comfort myself with things: My house has very sacred tools to help here who can enter, then my uncle, then the dog and the new talisman please. All of these things didn't make me feel much less scared, so I decided to turn on my computer to kill time.

Just turning away: "tink" one, I was startled. Just the sound of a phone message, I don't know who is sending the message right now. I turned on my phone, it was just a notification that it was running out of 3G, and it was both mad and mad, and I called my cousin to my phone near my house. He was sleeping and drowsy, and I didn't know what to say for inviting him to play in the middle of the night. But I heard too much, also promised to write off 1 million debt and led to play the game should see it grope. The sound of his motorbike coming, I turned on a game program by asking him to track the score to sleep and explain I had a bla blo bet so I need to follow up and call.

In fact, I needed the watchman to sleep, I scheduled him to sleep around 4am, at that time I would have slept well and nearly morning so I was not afraid. He cheerfully turned on the phone, chatted with his friends and did a noble duty for his beloved brother. Having a younger brother, I was completely assured and lay in the corner of my bed, not forgetting to tell him not to turn off the electricity. I woke up at 5:30 am, maybe because I was too stressed and stressed so I couldn't sleep deeply. At this time, my mother got up to cook, my younger brother went to sleep, it was nearly morning, so I was completely comfortable. Every time I thought about it, it was a clear dream last night and having to go to the hospital to pick me up today. Yesterday was so enthusiastic, but now I'm a little discouraged, actually the recent events have robbed me of my emotions, replaced by fear. There are things I have to do, lie a little more then get up and prepare for the journey to pick you up.

I started thinking about yesterday's dream, about the girl who just arrived and the recent events and then stringing them up. At this point in my mind I started to form two streams of thought: I was obsessed with that, then imagined things like that so it was very normal to dream like that. The second situation I think of is not strange, that is, I am in debt with a "spirit". I tried to force my thoughts on situation 1, at least it was happier and softer.

7:30, I decided to go to BV. In fact, I don't know when it is time to leave the hospital, maybe not so soon, but I want to be considerate, and sitting at home forever will be boring. I went to the flower shop, chose a pretty bouquet, this one I imitated in the movie, but actually I was afraid to bring flowers of all kinds among the crowd. More than 300K, in the countryside that is also a bouquet of monumental and sophisticated, pay to find yourself forgot your wallet. I opened the locker for my car and paid for it and was really bothered about forgetting my wallet (I usually put around 5 to 10 million here for quick handling in the event of a collision). I almost forgot very much about my wallet or phone, and the things I didn't know about today were quite uncomfortable. It gave me the feeling of lack of initiative somehow, of course there was money in the car but the lack of papers and purses still made the sense of passive increase significantly. I went to the hospital, parked my car and got ready for my mission. Although the atmosphere at the hospital was just past 8am, it was crowded, people went to the doctor, people went to buy food for family members, etc. I don't even know if I should bring flowers, I'm afraid of these things. When I bought the flowers, I imagined a grand vision: Bringing beautiful bouquets, picking up a really beautiful girl in the middle of the crowd. How is it now a burden, to on this is also bad to bring in, then afraid. In the end, I bravely took the bouquet, but it was awkward and went to her room. When I arrived, only my mother and she were there, and my father went out to the hospital gate for breakfast. Chào hỏi qua loa, tôi đặt bó hoa lên bàn rồi bảo:

– Mừng em ra viện.
– Anh học cái này trên phim à?
– Không, anh vẫn thế mà.

Lần đầu tiên kể từ tối hôm qua thấy em trò chuyện bình thường. Nhưng điều đáng nói là đây là lần đầu tiên tôi được thấy em vào ban ngày. Quen nhau hơn 1 tháng, trò chuyện cũng nhiều, đi chơi rồi, thậm chí quần áo cũng cởi rồi mà mới thấy em giữa ban ngày lần đầu. Em thực sự đẹp, quá đẹp, một vẻ đẹp hoàn hảo ít nhất đối với tôi. Bao nhiêu sợ hãi như biến tan hết, cảm xúc tràn ngập trong tôi. Tự nhiên chỉ muốn được ôm ấp, trò chuyện và cả đưa em đi chơi nữa, muốn ngay lập tức. Nhưng mẹ em ở đó khiến tất cả những suy nghĩ của tôi chỉ là ý tưởng, nhưng cái chính là nhìn em tôi chả có hứng gì trò chuyện hay hỏi han mẹ em về những việc như hôm qua ngủ thế nào hay có việc gì mới không. Nhưng cuối cùng, tôi vẫn phải nói chuyện về chủ đề chính:

– Bác sĩ/y tá có dặn uống thuốc gì sáng nay không bác?
– Không phải uống thuốc gì, chờ bác sĩ đến khám lại và cho về thôi.
– Vâng, vậy chắc phải gần 10 giờ. Họ sẽ khám hết mấy phòng nặng trước.
– Bác cũng không biết nữa.

Tôi lấy quả cam mà bố mẹ em mang tới bóc ra, mời mẹ em ăn và đưa cho em. Tôi ra bộ quan tâm tí cho đỡ trống trải trong lúc không biết làm gì thôi. Ngồi chừng 15 phút thì thấy cũng chán, phần khác thì bị vẻ đẹp của em nó hút mất cả hồn, nên tôi mạnh dạn:

– Còn chán mới khám, 2 đứa ra ngoài cho thoáng không?
– Vâng anh – Con ra ngoài tí mẹ nhé.
– Bọn cháu ra ngoài tí cho thoáng nhé bác.

Chúng tôi đứng dậy và đi ra ngoài, đi khỏi dãy hành lang và ra khỏi hẳn bên ngoài BV. Không khí buổi sáng rất thoải mái, nhưng cái chính là đang đi cạnh một cô gái đẹp mới thoải mái hơn nhiều. Tôi không cầm tay em, phần vì chỗ này cũng đông, phần vì ngại bố mẹ em thấy.

– Hôm qua em ngủ được không?
– Em ngủ được, mà cũng chập chờn.
– Thấy mệt hay gì không?
– Không anh, em bình thường luôn rồi. Đến bác sĩ còn chẳng biết tại sao nữa là em.
– Mà ăn sáng rồi chứ?
– À, mẹ em dậy mua đồ 2 mẹ con ăn ngay lúc 6 giờ rồi.

Chúng tôi đi dọc dãy hàng quán gần BV, tới hiệu sách thì ghé vào:

– Kiếm gì đọc cho đỡ chán nhé.
– Em chẳng biết, anh xem có gì hay thì mua.

Tôi nắm tay em đi giữa những chồng sách bày cao xếp thành từng dãy lớn. Gần sáng, cửa hàng mới mở cửa và cũng có lẽ có ít khách vào đầu giờ sáng này. Tôi kéo em qua dãy sách giải trí ở gần cuối nhà sách, nhà sách khá rộng và đẹp. Tới lúc này thì cảm xúc của tôi không kìm nén được nữa, tôi kéo em về phía trước và đặt lên môi em nụ hôn. Em có vẻ không thoải mái, có lẽ vì sợ người ta thấy, nhưng tôi vẫn kệ. Hơn 1 phút, em đẩy tôi ra và chúng tôi lựa đại vài ba cuốn truyện cười dạng tranh vẽ và đi về. Giờ này tôi chỉ thích ôm ấp cô gái đáng yêu của tôi chứ sách vở gì nữa. Chúng tôi nắm tay nhau, rất vui vẻ và thanh toán tiền, trò truyện loanh quanh về sách nọ truyện kia rồi trở lại BV.
Chúng tôi trở lại BV, tôi cảm thấy có biểu cảm rất lạ trên mặt bố mẹ em. Họ trò chuyện to nhỏ gì đó trước khi chúng tôi về, tôi cảm nhận được sự thân thiện thấy rõ từ bố em:

– Cháu nhiệt tình với Liên quá, trưa nay phải ở nhà bác ăn cơm nhé.
– Dạ không có gì thưa bác, cháu về quê thì rảnh suốt nên tiện thể thôi ạ.
– Cháu làm ở đâu?
– Dạ cháu làm ở HN ạ
– Cháu làm nghề gì thế?
– Dạ, cháu làm X (Thông tin cá nhân, không tiện nêu)
– À ra thế, cháu có hay về quê không?
– Dạ cháu về cũng thường xuyên, do thời gian cũng nhiều.

Tôi và bố em trò chuyện qua loại khá lâu cho tới khi bác sĩ tới. Tôi nắm được bố em là thầy giáo trường cấp 3, nhà có 2 anh em. Bố mẹ em cũng nói với tôi rằng kể từ sự cố ngoài biển, họ chưa từng thấy em trò chuyện hay cười cùng ai như khi gặp tôi. Có lẽ điều đó khiến họ vui nhất, có ai mà không vui khi đứa con gái của mình với bao công sức chạy chữa, lễ bái khắp nơi giờ bỗng nhiên bình thường khi gặp 1 người. Bác sĩ tới và nói rằng có thể ra viện ngay, tôi nói với bố mẹ em cứ về trước, tôi sẽ đưa em về và đi cùng nhau. Tuy vậy cuối cùng thì mẹ em và em lại lên xe của tôi kèm theo vài đồ đạc mà họ mang tới tối hôm trước. Tôi cũng khá phiền, tại lúc này tôi chỉ muốn riêng tư 2 đứa, nhưng thôi đành chịu chứ sao. Tới cổng khu CN, tôi đậu xe, xách đồ đạc còn em và mẹ đi phía trước dẫn đường. Đang tính đi cùng em nắm tay nắm chân, h lại thành osin xách đồ, cũng không lấy gì làm vui vẻ, nhưng dù sao thì cũng đến nhà em cho biết. Nhà em cũng khá so với mức ở nông thôn, hoặc là khá hơn suy nghĩ của tôi. Chả hiểu sao tôi lại hình dung ra nhà em không khá lắm trước đó, dù thấy chân tay cũng trắng trẻo chắc ít phải lao động.
Ngoài mấy cảm nhận ban đầu về nhà em, điều tôi thấy bất ổn là nhà em có điều gì đó rất lạ, có thể nói là bất ổn. Rất khó miêu tả, nhưng nó là cảm giác có gì đó không ổn ở căn nhà này, chính xác là: “Âm khí quá vượng”, thứ mà tôi có cảm nhận như bản năng. Điều này khiến tâm trạng tôi trùng xuống rất nhiều, trong lúc bố mẹ nàng làm cơm, tôi bắt đầu ra sân và xem xét cảnh quan của ngôi nhà.

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