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If you need a WordPress brand to help build a blog making money online - the fastest affiliate marketing then Mythemeshop is the number 1 choice!

Themes and Plugins of Mythemeshop have built-in features to build Make money online projects, especially for Monetizing Affiliate Marketing.

MyThemeShop - Perfect WordPress ecosystem

Get a full set of MyThemeShop Update LifetimeMyThemeShop is a rare WordPress Themes provider with a perfect combination of Themes and Plugins in the same ecosystem.

The Themes of MyThemeShop are built specifically for each type of Websites so the code is very light compared to Themes Multipurpose with countless Demos on ThemeForest.

The best thing about MyThemeShop is that they have Plugins system integrated into Themes both Free and Premium, this combination allows you to easily get a professional website with full of powerful features without having to search. , install the heavy external Plugins!

In Top WordPress Themes fast loading - SEO standards - recommended for Personal Blogs, Authority - Niche Sites, Make Money Online, Adsense or Viral Content Blog .... there is always the appearance of MyThemeShop.

In terms of SEO optimization, MyThemeShop is similar to StudioPress with the popular Genesis Framework, but MyThemeShop is much easier to install and use, the design is more diverse, especially the MyThemeShop Plugins system helps users save a lot of time. Installation time for additional trendy features for Websites!

Top Best MyThemeShop Themes

Every month, MyThemeShop releases a new Theme focusing on a certain type of Website, and also Update adds new features to all the remaining themes. To say more and more, the new Themes of MyThemeShop are HOT thanks to meeting specific requirements of customers.

However, there are also Themes that have been released for a few years, but they are still popular and always in TOP Bestselling such as Schema, SteadyIncome, PointPro ..

Writer is the latest theme of MTS, is highly appreciated and VHW has received dozens of requests for this theme even when it is Intro Version!

As the name implies, it's built for the author's website, but you can use it to make a service page - Agency or Marketing, Blog and sales shop .... There are 3 very nice demos:

SocialNow is the most sought after theme for the Social Viral Blog!

For MMO people, the story of Scott De Long's success with the hundreds of millions of dollars ViralNova blog is too famous, and it is associated with the MyThemeShop and Socially Viral Theme brands. As the best-selling theme of MyThemeShop, Socially Viral is still very HOT and has been used for several years. However, since March 2017, MyThemeShop has had a significant upgrade with a completely new Theme, with a modern interface, a lot more powerful features are SocialNow.

SocialNow is a beautiful theme for Magazine, News or Blog to share HOT content from social networks.

Coupon sites are thriving. MTS Coupon will help you have a strong Blog Coupon!

Themes for Coupon Sites are in great demand, but the number of fully functional themes, PostType coupon integration, filters ... is not much. To meet this demand, in early 2017 MTS launched the Coupon Theme, strong support for coupon sites & coupon blogs.

Ad-sense is the hottest theme today to make money from advertising!

As the name suggests, Ad-sense Theme developed for the followers of Make Money from Google Ad-sense and similar advertising services! Demand for the Ad-sense theme is so great that in just a few months, MyThemeShop had to release 11 demos at the request of the user!


SteadyIncome is chosen by many entrepreneurs and experts!

This is a theme chosen by many famous experts, with a modern design, beautiful homepage and many functions to attract readers. In particular, this is a theme that reaches 100 pingdom points, showing that the code is very well optimized. You can choose SteadyIncome as a service page or personal blog, a shop selling goods, the installation is very quick and easy.


Ao Dai Hanh beautiful shop ( is built from MTS eCommerce Theme!

Different from popular WooCommerce Themes on ThemeForest such as Flatsome, Electro, Shopkeeper, ... MTS's eCommerce is very light and easy to install. You do not need to struggle with custom things like most of the other heavy WooCommerce Themes, just Click Import demo to have a standard SEO sales shop and load quickly.

7MTS Schema

MTS Schema is the fastest theme in the world today - Marshal Vin Diesel must also use Schema for his blog (hihi)!

As the name Schema, this is a Theme built on absolute SEO criteria. Schema's loading speed is more than that of the legendary Genesis Framework. Currently this theme is still the hottest name when choosing fast and standard SEO themes.

Just 30 minutes to install, customize - you have immediately 1 Business - Agency Modern Website - fast loading - SEO standards!

When looking for themes for service pages, the company probably thinks of Avada, The7 or X Theme ... these are the best-selling Themes in the world today, with loads of features, demos, and integrated all kinds of cult Plugins. . You can create a multitude of themes from the above themes, but in return, you have to trade in the ‘SEO optimization’ criteria such as light code - standard Schema - which loads quickly and is easy to install.

MTS Business, developed for business Websites & services. Incredibly light, just a single demo fully featured with Home Slider, Team - Testimonial Sections, Portoflio..the same beautiful Blog and Shop Shop. Just 30 minutes of setting up, you have a website right away, instead of spending all day groping and scratching to find the right interface when using Avada, The7, X ..

Top Best MyThemeShop Plugins 2017

The strongest point of MTS compared to other Themes brands such as StudioPess, EleganThemes, Theme-Junkies, TeslaThemes…. Plugins is a very powerful and diverse system that supports many common features of WP sites. Both the Free and Premium versions of these Plugins are highly appreciated for their lightweight code, which works smoothly not only for Themes from MyThemeShop but also Themes from other vendors!

When choosing Plugins for Optin Form, the most famous is Elegant Bloom's Elegant Opt-in, ThriveLeads ThriveLeads, and popular Plugins on CodeCanyon such as ConvertPlugins, Layer Popup, Ninja Popup, etc.

However, WP Subscribe Pro MTS has a certain place, first its free version works extremely well. Second, the Premium WP Subscribe Pro version has many professional features, but it is very light, the number of requests made from WP Subscribe Pro is very small compared to Bloom Opt-news or other famous Opt-in Forms, which significantly reduces page load time.

All Themes from MTS come with WP Subscribe Free, and it would be great if you replaced the Free version with WP Subscribe Pro!

Perhaps this is the best Plugins of MyThemeShop. It is very nice design, supports many types of Tabs with high customization. The most special is the smooth Ajax Load support. There are nearly 100,000 sites currently using the Free and Premium versions of WP Tab Widget!

Throughout last March, VHW received countless requests for Content Locker Pro, enough to see the HOT level of this newly launched Plugins.

Talking about Content Plugins - Social Locker, not to mention OnePress Social Locker - the most popular name today. However, OnePress's Social Locker free version is extremely annoying because of insertion of ads and small reminders constantly in DashBoard causing heavy Websites, its Pro version works quite heavily!

Content Locker MyThemeShop is launched with many features: Social Locker and Sign-In Locker, support Share - Tweet - Like - Follow to Unlock ... with dozens of beautiful and modern designs. Most importantly, this Plugin works very gently compared to OnePress Social Locker!

Do you see the fixed top notification bar of VHW? That is WP Notification Bar by MTS. The Premium version of this plugin allows customizing all kinds of colors, effects and display options. And the Free version is even more popular because it's incredibly light and silky!

is the most popular MTS plugin. Lets you add reviews - Reviews to your posts very easily compared to other Plugins with the same feature. Both the Free and Premium versions are widely used and rated up to 5 stars!

In addition to the prominent names mentioned. MyThemeShop has a lot of other popular Themes and Plugins to meet the needs of building all types of Websites with professional and powerful features!

Pass Top MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins best VHW hopes you can choose the names that suit your needs.