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True to the law that Valve has long asserted: "If you want to play our game (VALVE), please install Steam first".

Steam - namely the Steam Client, is an indispensable software on your computer when you play any game purchased on Steam, it is a tool to help you buy games, download games, manage games in a simple way, Efficient and fast.

If you have bought games on Steam, I think this will be a good article for you, because in this article I will show you how to Change the new interface for Steam Client to your liking!

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#first. Introducing the Steam Customizer

The interface is something very important is not it, so that at the time of launch, because Steam has a pretty banana + interface, a number of users have rejected Steam, despite a lot of Their favorite games are only available on Steam.

After more than 15 years of development and update, in 2019 this Steam has put on a completely new interface, more beautiful, more modern. But because it retains the traditional black tone, it still looks quite boring.

To create Steam, as well as using a separate interface for the Steam Client, we need tools Steam Customizer. For those who don't know, Steam Customizer is a program that allows users to edit their Steam interface into new, more beautiful, unique skins.

The Steam Customizer has an online Steam skin editor, which makes customizing the Steam interface a lot easier.

It also works as a Steam skin manager, with a free skin repository created and uploaded by users.

The developers of the Steam Customizer have created STSKIN, a special format that makes it easy for users to apply the interface to Steam by double clicking on it.

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#2. How to change the Steam Client interface with Steam Customizer

+ Step 1: First, visit the homepage of the Steam Customizer at:, we have 2 options:

  • CREATE: Embark on creating interfaces, customize each component of the interface to your liking.
  • EXPLORE: Access and explore the interface repositories that have been created and uploaded by other users, and they are completely free for you to use.

=> Click the button TẠO for us, we will implement creating our own interface. If you are lazy to create, you can click EXPLORE then find the interface you like.

Note: Before creating, you should log into your account on Steam to be able to save the themes you have created.

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+ Step 2: At the interface TẠO hey, I will guide you through each item, first Client - ie the main interface of the Steam Client, I have also shown in detail in the image:

Main UI Styles:

  • Font Face: The main font of the interface.
  • Primary Color: Background color on the outside, in my picture choose white.

Clients Styles:

  • Inbox color: The color of the mailbox icon.
  • Navigation Glow: The effect shows where you are on the navigation bar.
  • Right Logo: It is the logo (of Forza Horizon 4 game) that I put in the right corner of the interface, to change it you click on the corresponding image on the interface to upload or select existing pictures.

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+ Step 3: Next move on Dialog, this is the interface of the windows that appear when you log out, download the error game…. :

Main UI Styles

  • Font Face: This section only applies to the main interface so there is no need to switch.
  • Primary Color: The main color of the window
  • Secondary Color: I don't know what this color is, so leave it as default 😀


  • Buttons Color: Real button color.
  • Buttons Hover Color: Color when you drag and click on that button.

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+ Step 4: Creating a theme is as simple as that, if you already feel like it then just click the button Tải skin green above the navigation bar to download.

Your interface will be saved and downloaded in format .STSKIN.

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+ Step 5: To use as well as install the interfaces .stskin This => please visit the download page of Steamcustomizer here => then click the button DOWNLOAD The blue color in the middle of you will be file setup_beta.exe.

=> Run the file *.exe up and install, install, you just need Next it's done continuously so I don't guide you anymore!

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+ Step 6: After installation, look for the interface file .STSKIN downloaded earlier => then double click it to install.

That interface will immediately be installed, the Steam Client will automatically open, after you log in, you will see the interface that you created earlier.

I made a mistake Primary Color black, so the interface is black now! 😀

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As for the software Steam Customizer, it will help you manage, install, change and delete the installed interface.

To return to the default interface, you open the software, click on the right list => and click the button Apply is done either Delete to delete. Of course, only the installed skin can be removed, and the default is not.

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Tips: If the interface you created is not satisfactory, you can enter this link to view and download skins created by other users.

All are free so you can click to view and download if you like. How to install, select and delete as well as above.

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# 3. Epilogue

Yes, work Create a new interface for Steam Client, as well as work Change Steam Client interface is also very simple, isn't it 😀

Hopefully through this article, you will have moments of fun while playing games and using the Steam Client.

Don't forget that Winter Sale - one of the biggest sales of Steam of the year - taking place, hundreds of HOT titles have been sold on the floor, quickly buying yourself their favorite games.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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