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One of the forex platforms that has the perfect copy trading platform for forex investors is the exchange Hotforex. This is a great tool for new inexperienced traders or traders who don't have much trading time. After having certain forex knowledge, your job now is just to spend some time to learn about copy trading (copy trade), see instructions on how to copy orders at Hotforex and find suppliers. Good signal level to follow.

Note: Copy the command also known as copy trade, good Buy trading signals. Investors buy trading signals called Follower.

The advantages of copying orders (copy trade) at Hotforex

  • Hotforex allows Investors to control their accounts by accessing MT4 and closing orders at any time.
  • Choose the percentage of trading from a signal provider by selecting Volume Allocation.
  • Rescue Set feature allows you to control the maximum loss in the worst case scenario to ensure account security. So you do not have to invest all the capital in your account.
  • You can interrupt the signal and change the signal provider at any time.
  • Investors copy orders can withdraw profits or money whenever they want.

Detailed instructions on how to copy orders (copy trade) at Hotforex

To copy orders at Hotforex, you must first have an MT4 trading account at Hotforex. If you do not have, you can open Hotforex account directly by following the link:

Open Hotforex account

Refer: Instruction to open a Hotforex trading account

Once you have an MT4 account at Hotforex, start the following steps to copy the order:

Step 1: Log in to the management account and select the Copy command at Hotforex

After you have logged in, select manu HFCOPY, then select continue Open Follower Account (Open an account). Then press Open a new investor account (red button below).


Step 2: Fill in the test information who wants to copy trade

In order to be allowed to open an account to copy orders at Hotforex, you must fill in the inquiry information about knowledge, income ... (this is in accordance with international law). Recommendation: should choose Vietnamese language for easy understanding.

This section you do not need to fill out the exact status of your income and capital .... Refer to how to fill out below and should fill in as below for quick.


After completing, click Submit Answers (Submit answer) to start opening a copy trade account for followers (Follower).

Step 3: Open a copy trading account (copy trade)

If you pass the test in the previous step, the system will send the following message:


Please press the button Open HFcopy account to start opening a copy account.


This step you note:

  • You should choose a lever of 1: 400 to optimize when copying orders from the signal provider.
  • Enter the ID code in Vietnam that is 313486.
  • Check the small box below as shown in the picture to agree to the terms of Hotforex.

Then press Account is open (Open an account) - red button.

After you have opened the copy of the account for investors (Follower), the system will automatically give you the ID and Trader’s Password for you to login and MT4.

Note, the server of the copy account is: HFMarketsSV-Live Server 4. Remember this server to log in to the account.

Step 4: Find signal providers on the ranking list to copy orders

Search for

Or you can do the following:

From your manager account homepage, go to the section HFcopy then select the item Strategy List. It will display a list of signal providers that have been ranked for you to follow. To follow any provider, click the green button on that account: Invest by. Please consult carefully the parameters relating to the provider to decide which signal provider you think is the best and most suitable for you.


Step 5: Conduct a copy of the command (follow strategy) after selecting a supplier


Note the numerical items in the picture:

  1. Select the Follower account to follow the signal provider you have just selected. You can open up to 3 Follower accounts for 3 different signals.
  1. The capital to be used for signals: at least USD 100 or more.
  2. You can follow from 20 -> 100% capital follow. The copy rate will be calculated based on the Balance of the signaling account and the Balance of Follower. For example: You have a capital of $ 1,000 to follow the copy signal, bYou follow only 80% of the capital, ie $ 800 USD. Then the system will take $ 800 to scale the number of lots to copy. Take a look at the image below on how to allocate:
  1. Account rescue rate:

In the event that the highest risk of an account losing to 40% of the initial capital you invested in, the system automatically cancel the copy of orders at Hotforex and immediately transfer money to the Total Wallet. This level of rescue can be selected from 0-40%

After you have successfully followed a trading signal. The system will operate when the signal owner enters a new command after the Follow successful. You have the right to close an order on a copy or deposit / withdrawal account at any time.

Good luck!

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