Instruction for opening forex trading account at Hotforex -

With today's forex technology, you don't need to have capital to make money. As long as you have good forex trading skills, proven investment results, customers will connect and trust their accounts for you through automated forex trading platform. Hotforex is one of the famous forex trading platform broker.

Below are detailed instructions for you to become a strategic provider (selling forex signals) at Hotforex.

Step 1: Register to open a trading account at Hotforex

To sell signals at Hotforex, you must first have an MT4 trading account at Hotforex. If you do not have, you can open Hotforex account directly by following the link:

Open Hotforex account

Refer: Instruction to open a Hotforex trading account

Once you have an MT4 account at Hotforex, start the following steps:

Step 2: Open a signaling account (strategy)

Step 2.1: Login and register an account

Log into your Hotforex management account. To choose HFCOPY -> select Open Strategy Account.


The system will display the registration page to create a strategic supply account.

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  1. Strategy name: Give your Forex trading account a name.
  2. Avatar: Upload an avatar for your account.
  3. The trading history of the signal selling account must be at least 1 month. You can use an MT4 account at HotForex or from a reputable forex broker. If you use an MT4 account at Hotforex, select Use the performance of Hotforex account as in the picture.
  4. Select the account you want to get history or upload transaction history file.
  5. Account: You can choose to mode public (everyone can see and copy at will). Or private (The system will provide 1 more private password for you, investors who want to invest according to it must have your permission).
  6. Performance fee: The fee that the investor must pay you when the account generates profit (maximum 50%).
  7. Leverage: up to 1: 400.
  8. Currency of USD.
  9. Describe your trading strategy. For example, do you use a robot? Which indicators to use? Type Scalping or Day trading or Position trading or Swing trading….

Note: Signaling account information cannot be changed once the account has been approved.

  • Section Introducing Broker ID, you enter the code 313486 as in the picture. This is the ID code for the trader in Vietnam.
  1. You must check the small box: Agree Terms - Conditions. Then press the button Send registration profile.

Step 2.2: Complete the conformity test

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After finishing the test, press Submit answer and wait for approval. After being approved, the floor will send signals provider account information via email.

Step 3: Add money to your account


You press the button More funds as shown in the picture above to fund your forex trading account. After trading at least 10 orders, your signal will appear on the chart for investors to copy.

Step 4: Demonstrate competence by good trading results

Your trading results will be displayed on the performance sheet. Based on the trading results and statistical criteria of the signals provider, investors will compare and select the account that provides the signals that they think are the best and most suitable for them.

Step 5: Get the fee.

Up to 50% performance fee is paid twice a month. Each trader can open 3 accounts providing different signals, each account can apply its own settings. The system automatically calculates the volume distribution and rescue level.

Signal providers are entitled to a% of profit share only when the calculation period is profitable.

Good luck!