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Submit the URL going to Google will help us send requests to Google Search Engine to make indexing of a Web site faster.

This method is not new, but surprisingly it is still effective in 2019, although Google says it does not prioritize, but in fact when sending a request to Submit URL an content, the index time is greatly shortened compared to Let Bot automatically detect and index!

However, instead of into Submit URL page To do this, we do it via the Fetch as Google feature in the old Google Search Console, and through the URL Inspection feature in the New Google Search Console (version 2019).

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What is Submit URL?

Submit the URL as we send a link of the site to Search Engine - as a request for its bot to crawl the content of that website.

In the previous Google Search Console, the url submission had a separate page to do, since mid-2018, when Google announced the removal of the URL submit Tool, they turned this feature into Fetch as Google.

In Bing with the Bing Webmaster Tool admin, it is called Fetch as Bingbot.

From 2019, the new interface of Google Search Console is no longer Fetch as Google, instead it is URL Inspection with 2 main features:

  1. Test URL drive: check if a page has Google Index and check its mobile-friendliness.
  2. Request Indexing: Require index page if it is not yet indexed or you want it to index again after changing the content of the page.

Why must submit the URL to Google?

Usually, when your website is on the air - it is crawled by the Search Engine Bot and indexed (index).

Search Engine bots will need to fumble around every nook and cranny of the Website (the parts you allow it to track). So when you create a new page, or change the content of the old page ... the Bot will automatically detect and update it, send the latest data to Search Engine.

If everything goes as above, then Submit URL is a redundant job, because Bot has automatically done everything already.

But, in fact, the Search Engine Bot doesn't usually update as soon as you write a new post or change content, quickly it may take a few hours but slowly it can take a week, sometimes it fails so it doesn't bother indexing new posts. or an update of the old post.

How quickly or slowly the Bot updates depends on whether you optimize SEO On-Page, such as creating an exact sitemap and submitting it to Google Search Console, or organizing SEO standard content, SEO standard links, internal link building. good (Internal links) ....

So, even if it is automatic, the Bot still has many problems that make it unable to index fast!

Submit the URL allows us to 'send a request' to the Bot that it needs to Crawl and Index immediately on a Page without waiting for it to automatically grop for updates.

2019 - Submit URL to Google is still effective

If you search for information about Submit URL to Google, you will see posts that say this is no longer supported by Google:

Submit URL 2019 is still effective

In fact, Google does not allow us to send the URL to the Bot to manually ask it to index, but Google translates it into a feature part of the Google Search Console.

When you perform Fetch as Google (currently Request Indexing), Google notices that ‘This only sends your request to the bot index waiting list'But it doesn't affect the early indexing or the Bot prefers indexing before other links.

But, in fact, in the experience of most users, sending the Submit URL request will help Bot index a page faster, or when the page content changes, submitting the URL for Request Indexing will also help the latest content. update on Google faster.

While Google doesn't recognize that Request Indexing will help with quick indexing, you'll find most of the latest SEO guidelines - reputable, recommend us to do this after writing or editing the content of the old post.

Simple - Because it works, we do, who cares what Google says!

How to Submit URL to Google 2019

If you are still using the old version of Google Search Console, the Fetch as Google feature will no longer be available.

So you need to switch to New Search Console interface, use the URL Inspection feature to submit the URL to Google Bot.

Use the New Search Console

In the new interface, the Inspect Any URL box is always displayed at the top, you can also click URL Inspection to open:

New Search Console interface

URL Inspection has the following features:

  1. Check the Index status of a Page
  2. Request a Page Index if it is not yet Indexed
  3. Requesting the Index to an indexed Page after it has changed
  4. Test URL Drive - to see Index status and compatibility with mobile devices

Check the Index status of any Page

If you need to see if any Page has Google Index and how the Index status, just enter the Page link in the Search box at the top of the GSC, or click on the men URL Inspection and enter the link:

Check the status of a Page Index in Google Search Console

If everything is ok then as shown below, you can ask Index again when the article has changed a lot of content and you want it to update quickly instead of waiting for the bot to automatically detect and update:

Ask Google Index to re-write the article

Ask for a quick Google Page Index

If it's a non-indexed Page, you can ask Google immediately instead of waiting for the bot to automatically index:

Request a quick Google Index article

Usually it will force you to enter Captcha.

About Captcha Google, it is common to choose the front of the store - Store Front, or Bus, or Road crossing, traffic temples, bridges, mountains ...

Verify Captcha Google

Then a page notice has been 'queued' waiting to be crawled (Index). And also note that repeatedly asking Index does not help improve rankings or priorities.

Of course, as mentioned, this only helps Google Index faster than waiting for the bot to automatically do it.

Click Got it to finish it!

Complete the article Index validation


This is a feature that allows us to test the status of a Page to see if it has any Enhancement errors (compatible with mobile devices):

Test the Google Search Console Drive URL

If so, it will display specific information about the error so we can fix it.

But also note, sometimes this error due to poor connection with hosting should not allow GSC to download files to optimize the interface on Mobile. So you should not obsess too much about this:

Check if Page is Mobile friendly in GSC


Submitting URLs to Index quickly posts is still useful in 2019, so do this right after posting a new post or updating the content.

From now on, if you need to Submit URL / Fetch as Google, you should note that you must use the New Search Console to use the alternative feature is URL Inspection!