How to start a website and how to choose a web host


How to start a website and how to choose a web host - Now that you have the domain name, you will need an appropriate hosting service. The assumption is not to choose a free hosting service like And if you want to be professional and have full control in all aspects, then you decide to use a paid hosting service.

The web host is available online and will be hard to choose. You need a web server: the web server has space to store the necessary software files. When you download WordPress, the files are needed to run on owned servers. Services like hosting your own files, like websites, posts and them for customers when they ask for them.

Why choose Bluehost as a Web Host for your site?


You should choose Bluehost for two main reasons that are affordable and reliable. Here are the benefits of using Bluehost to host websites.

This price is based on 36-month advanced payments. They turn to $ 4.95 / month and $ 7.95 / month for payment of 12 months ago. Choose your monthly payment by contacting Bluehost.

‘Parker Domains’ creates a new page or website with a domain under the same account.

‘Subdomains’ is the directory on the website that you use with different content. For example, is your other site, and is the same. You run 25 different aspects as separate pages. Free subdomains are created.

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Why is it Bluehost?


Bluehost is a hosting company. Many of these have limited storage space available on their hard disk, and many also run very slowly.

Here's what Bluehost has for beginners:

  • Actual installation with one click of the necessary content management systems: it is WordPress.

  • WordPress friendly. Bluehost is the service of choice for many WordPress users.

  • When dissatisfied with the performance, they will return the money without any questions or excuses.

  • Bluehost's customer service helps you contact them or chat on the web 24/7. This is an outstanding service for customers to ask questions or state complaints.

  • When choosing Bluehost, you will save money. Bluehost registers at $ 5.99 / month (higher than lower quality services but never has a chance with web hosting) and offers this for $ 3.49 / month for 36 months in advance.

  • Bluehost has a free domain name - though keep in mind the benefits of registering a domain name with an independent company. For many, this service is what they need to get started - then change into an independent registrar when necessary. However, do not choose a domain name and do you want to run a page with the name owned by another company ?.

Please choose Bluehost as a domain host for the reason explained earlier.

Point your domain name to the website


The domain name is part of the web address (for example, You must ‘point’ your domain name (green part) into the hosting service. These are to ensure that when someone searches for a domain name in the address bar of the browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. then they will find the website.

Note: Don't confuse a browser with a tool like Google or Bing. It is a tool that you use in your browser to search for information and keywords such as ‘great website.’ Use the website address directly in the address bar without using the search engine.

Bluehost makes linking domain names very easy. Once you've chosen your preferred price and storage level, you'll have the following domain options:

Enter your preferred domain name on the left if you accept Bluehost's free domain name offer. Choose to register your own domain name as shown in Step 1, when you will enter it in the box on the right. The domain name will then be attached to the hosting service and ready for you to create a website. Let's point the nameservers from the domain registration table.

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You will then be taken to a page where you have Bluehost with your name, address and contact information, payment details. Make a payment and you have the website to get started. You will then be asked to create a username and password to access the admin area of ​​the account - The control panel is called cPanel. You achieve this by going to the Bluehost home page and selecting the 'Login' link in the upper right. Enter the required details to access your Dashboard