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I always recommend that you do not save your important online accounts with the features available on web browsers. Instead, you should use professional password management software such as Lastpass, Sticky Password or Swifty to ensure the safety of your online accounts.

But if you say that you do not have an account that is too important, and you are familiar with using the password storage feature on your web browser, this is a useful article for you. .

Yes, in a previous tutorial, also taught you how to create and backup Bookmarks on your web browser, to support the synchronization of personal information and data on multiple devices. yours. However, creating Bookmarks only solves "the tip of the iceberg", but cannot completely solve this problem.

So in this article I will continue to share with you one more little trick, which helps you back up all account information that has been saved on your web browser. And you can synchronize your login information anytime you want.

#first. How to export saved passwords on Google Chrome browser

+ Step 1: Click on the sign 3 dấu chấm and choose Cài đặt same picture.

google chrome-google-chrome (1)

Then click open section Mật khẩu.

google chrome-google-chrome (7)

Or You can quickly access the PASSWORD MANAGER section by copying the link below into the paste into your browser => and clicking Enter.

chrome: // settings / passwords

+ Step 2: Then, you click on the icon 3 dots google chrome-google-chrome (2)

in the section Password saved => and select Xuất mật khẩu....

Alternatively, you can click on the eye icon to see your account passwords.

google chrome-google-chrome (3)

+ Step 3: Dialog box Xuất mật khẩu show up, here you click Xuất mật khẩu...

google chrome-google-chrome (4)

+ Step 3: At this time, for security, Google Chrome requires you to enter the password of the computer to confirm. You can click here More choices to choose another form of confirmation.

google chrome-google-chrome (5)

+ Step 4: After you have confirmed, the file will now be exported. You choose the location to save the Backup file => finally click Save to complete the browser password backup process.

We have a file that stores all account information (ID and password) with the format CSV. This format, you can open with Notepad ++ to view the content easily.

And now, your task is to save the file CSV file This is going into a very confidential place, if exposed, it's like "Please, sir. ”. That's it!

google chrome-google-chrome (6)

Note: Alternatively, you can go to the online account management page that has been saved on the web browser through this link !

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Okay, so I have just detailed instructions for you How to export saved passwords on Google Chrome Alright then. With this method, you can easily manage saved accounts in web browser mine.

Similarly with Google Chrome you can also apply the same to Backup, backup account information on Coc Coc browser, Microsoft Edge browser ..

At this point, my tutorial would like to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.

Good luck !

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