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You are pouring tens, hundreds of millions into Google ads, Facebook, ...? Money lost, risks from advertising can at any time threaten your revenue but have nothing to support. What you need is a "home" - a sustainable headquarters for online business.

What risks will you face?

If existing sales channels such as Facebook, Google, Zalo, ... no longer exist or have new advertising channels to the throne, where will your "online brand" move? We can not put the entire Facebook Fanpage with hundreds of thousands of likes moved away. You spend hundreds of millions to get the best audience and optimize the CPC down to a few thousand, and it cannot be put through other advertising systems. So where is the accumulation of what you are doing while the systems are not yours, unable to control when it leaves?

You pour money into advertising, hundreds of competitors in the same industry are also pouring money for ads, adding more for each day, every month, every year. Not to mention the participation of new brands in the online advertising market. When looking ahead, your bid will have to increase to keep up with the competition. So, what are the core factors to limit the risk of sharp increase in bids?

If you have ever run or managed to monitor ad optimization on large systems like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, we will have to "swim" in the big data of these systems to find an episode. best audience or ad context. The way to do it is to test, test, continuously test. Of course, during the test period you have to "pay expensive fees to get experience" to correct errors. You will also see irony when clicking a lot but not bring real revenue. You spend a lot of money on advertising but the conversion of purchases does not depend on the ads, but also on the basic strategy of the product, price, shipping and payment, etc. with the object clicked or not. All of them are transmitted on the online environment through a series of content on the pages that the ads lead to. So, what is the "original value" to invest in online?

Where is the real "home"?

You can advertise every street but you have to have a "home" to bring customers in. "Houses" must be owned and controlled by you. "Home" is your own website!

No matter where you advertise, your website is definitely the preferred place to lead customers. Thus, most of the accumulation will be accumulated to the website. No matter which sales channel is bringing in a lot of revenue for you to suddenly stop working, you can rest assured that you always have a website that is the hub for sales. You will always own a loyal customer base returning to the website by directly accessing by domain name without having to through any sub-channel.

You will always own a loyal customer base back to the website. (Image source: provided by GOBRANDING)

Minimize risks by taking good care of your "home"!

80% of the human body is water. Similarly, content is the most important component of the website. Therefore, the main activity that needs to be considered is Content Marketing. Customers who visit your website don't just read a sales page. Therefore, Content Marketing's mission is to develop useful, in-depth information content, turn the website into an expert in your industry, help customers fill information needs and make them say: "The content of this website is really valuable to me, I love this brand, I believe in what the brand is saying, I will choose to buy here!".

Quality content is a "root of value" that maintains and develops online business sustainably. Through the update of old content, an article can be used to promote value throughout the life of the website.

In parallel with Content Marketing, SEO is indispensable! In essence, you do SEO for websites is in collaboration with search engines to provide the best content experience for the information needs of users (including your customers). Search engines are not only Google, though any search engine in the future will take the throne, the basic values ​​of safe SEO such as increasing page load speed, putting keywords into the post with moderate density yea, optimizing site maps, going for quality backlinks, ... will all be accumulated and continuously promote the SEO value for the website.

SEO & Content Marketing helps accumulate and grow website value continuously over time. (Image source: provided by GOBRANDING)

At the same time, when using the advertising system to lead customers to the website, SEO and Content Marketing will help optimize the cost of these advertising channels. Because advertising systems are largely based on user response to content and landing page experience to determine a bid. SEO and Content Marketing also play an important role in increasing the content experience and persuading customers to contact your company to buy products / services or receive advice.

When doing online marketing in the 4.0 era today, we no longer separate each channel but pay more attention to multi-channel marketing. In particular, Website - SEO - Content Marketing needs to play a fundamental role to create a sustainable development for online business activities and together with other marketing methods (despite fluctuations and new forms of substitution. ) can all make a strong impact on customers.

Understand the concerns of Vietnamese businesses when pouring money into online advertising with many risks in the present and long-term strategy. GOBRANDING is invested from Japan and has been helping over 2000 businesses to build and develop a strong "website headquarters" through SEO & Content Marketing solutions. Details of the solution you can see at:

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