How to create an award-winning website in 5 easy steps


How to create an award-winning website in 5 easy steps - Every business in this era, needs its own website. It is not difficult to gain and creating a website is a relatively easy skill to learn even if you do not have a lot of technology knowledge or experience.

There are platforms that allow you to create a website with drag and drop tools, others require some basic coding knowledge, everything is easy, if you know how to use a computer and do it. Following the instructions, you create your own site. When you want your website to stand out from others and help you overcome your competition, then you have to invest more time and effort. Creating an award-winning website is not easy to do, but everyone can do it, at least with the right guidance.

We will give you 5 easy steps you need to follow if you want to create an award winning page. But before we get there, we'll look at some reasons to have an award-winning website, from a business standpoint.

Why do you need an award-winning website?

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As we said, we are living in an era of technological revolution. Everything is now done online and even has a great website as well for businesses. Having an award-winning website, will completely change the business better:

  • The form and function of the website determines the impression you leave to customers. It reflects you as a business owner. So if the website looks professional, you will look professional. Customers will find it safe and trustworthy, because you create a successful winning site and happy customers.

  • An award-winning website has more attention. For example, you will add media attention and that means more coverage and a great opportunity to spread the business and increase sales. Media pages, in turn, will increase the attention you receive from customers as well as globally.

  • Everyone is online, more than a third of the world's population now has Internet access and online shopping is getting bigger every year. That means you must be present on the Internet. And having an award-winning website makes that presence bigger and stronger.

  • You improve results with an award-winning website. To win an award for your site, it must be an effective Internet marketing tool capable of increasing the access you receive. You must also have a responsive, user-optimized website if you want to enter the contest to get the best results.

How to create an award-winning website?

You know the benefits of having a great website, especially from a business standpoint, now talking about what you can do to improve it and make it stand out. To do this, you need to follow these 5 simple steps.

  1. Structure and navigation


Have a good structure and solid navigation to help you create a consistent, transparent and friendly page. If you make it too complicated to navigate, customers will leave the page. Then you need to make your navigation as easy as possible, so that visitors get to where they want quickly and without any problems.

Simplicity will be rewarded with its simple design and layout and easy-to-use navigation. You must ensure that the area of ​​the product or service is clearly displayed on the homepage, and accessible. Navigation bar must be simple. It also needs to be responsive, whether you enter it from your phone or desktop.

The best way to check the site's usefulness and simplicity is to test the website using the 3-second rule. This rule was developed in the 1990s by web designers and is currently used throughout this community. This rule says the site must get attention for no more than three seconds. If you need more time than this to attract potential customers. You will not lose all, but will be the majority of customers.

If you want to make sure the website is good enough to pass this test, the content needs to be clear and easy to understand. Do not use too many quality graphics on each page; Only a few will do the trick. In addition, you should devise a strategy that takes visitors' attention to the most common information. Your friend or family member in an experiment to see how long it takes them to navigate through it. That will give you essential information about your site's usability.

  1. Visual experience


Another important aspect that greatly affects your page performance is the visual experience. Image experience is more than just having a beautiful homepage. It must be of top quality, relevant to the customer and the message it needs to convey.

Having a visual experience will increase the number of customers, the website must be smooth, easy to use and sophisticated navigation. It's not about creating an end-to-end visual experience when designing your website, but it also requires proper whitespace.

The spaces and elements on your page are called spaces. When you use white space the way you should, you will create an elegant atmosphere and increase your brand positioning. In addition, whitespace can enhance content understanding for your visitors and audience.

This approach is minimal, sleek, and if used properly, it will also be extremely beautiful. A home page is overcrowded with content, even if the content is intuitive in nature, leaving visitors confused and confused. That's why websites win awards, use simplicity and make good use of white space.

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  1. content


To make the page more audience, you have to create relevant and high quality content. The content must be relevant to the customer, but it must also be brief and easy to understand. The content you create on the page says a lot about your company, your views and your business motto. It should be useful and engaging information. You will also make it funny, leaving your visitors in a good mood.

Another thing you need to consider when you consider your content is the SEO rules. If you want your website to work well, you need to be familiar with SEO and what you do to improve your content in accordance with SEO to rank on Google and other tools. This will not help you win an award, but it will help you increase sales and grow your business.

When you think about your content and how it affects the overall popularity and performance of the page, you need to take a closer look so you can improve these. Adding customer reviews, as well as exclusive deals, makes the audience more engaged with the business.

This is especially true when a website runs on an e-commerce platform. Positive customer reviews and some exclusive offers, or coupon codes or other types of promotions that lead customers to take the desired action - buy the product. Conversion rates will increase, but remember the 3-second rule. All this needs to be displayed in an organized and engaging way.

  1. Speed ​​and simplicity


Now let's talk about that again about increasing conversion rates. To increase conversion rates, you need a simple and short checkout process. Making your payment process easy and simple will provide the motivation needed for many visitors to buy the product. A good example of this is Amazon because they offer one-click purchasing beyond their simplified checkout process.

You cannot have an award-winning page simply because of its appearance or design. Features are also important, and speed is the key thing you need to worry about.

Again, this is especially true of electronic websites. Slow loading of the page, as well as problems with mobile websites and devices, will negatively impact conversion rates and impact overall revenue. Various statistics show that nearly half of online customers will not wait more than three seconds to load a page and speed plays an important role in their loyalty to the page in question.

The easiest way to speed up is to get engineers to deal with it. You take advantage of your browser cache, make your landing pages redirect caches, CDNs, reduce redirects, reduce your code, avoid bad requests, etc.

  1. Use responsive design


Having a responsive website is a necessary condition of this. Responsive design helps you display content and layout on any device, like computers, mobile devices, electronic readers, laptops, etc.

Creating a website with responsive design is an investment that will pay off in many ways. First, it will optimize the way people interact with the website on multiple devices. Second, it will increase search channel traffic, so it also has a positive SEO effect. But the biggest benefit that comes with responsive design lies in simple numbers. The more devices you have, the more visitors you'll have and that's great for the business.

The cost effectiveness of a responsive website is also outstanding. Instead of having to create two separate pages for the same audience, you do it for the price of a website. In addition, maintenance costs are very low and it's another way that responsive design will pay off in the long run.

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Just remember, having an award-winning website has lots of benefits and helps businesses grow to be more successful than you ever imagined. From the technological advances we live in, having a great website is probably more important than having a great product. We hope our tips and tricks will be helpful once you start creating your website and it will soon win prizes.