How to choose the best Hosting for your Wordpress


How to choose the best Hosting - You want to run the website for fun or to make money. You have a domain name and now you need the foundation for your WordPress website. Here's how to choose the best WordPress web hosting to meet your specific needs.

WordPress is an easy content management system (CMS) to host and most common web hosting services come with the necessary database (MySQL V 5.0 and above) and includes the WordPress installer . All you have to do to install it is click on the installer and follow some simple instructions on how to create a username and password.

Your choice of WordPress web hosting service will depend on your needs. You can choose a free hosting service if all you want is a basic website, but large websites with lots of files and lots of traffic will require a more professional hosting service. We will skip the free hosting here as it is usually not the best for any purpose. It usually involves having ads or banners on your website, while uptime and support are not always certain.

Types of Paid Web Hosting

You can choose from five basic types of paid hosting:

Shared hosting


You share the server with many other users. This is the most popular type of web hosting with regular websites. It's relatively inexpensive around $ 3 to about $ 10 / month and you have a good selection of reliable web hosts like HostGator and Bluehost. However, huge volumes of traffic can lead to problems, although shared hosting is the most common web hosting used for WordPress websites.

Virtual private hosting


Known as VPS, you have a server part, just for you. This is useful if you have too much traffic for shared hosting, but the cost is higher - from around $ 20 - $ 100 / month.

Dedicated server


You get the whole server for your website or even more than 1 server if you have a large number of files and traffic to handle. This is useful because it allows you to select the hardware and operating system. This is suitable for experienced websiter with large traffic and those who need to customize their server configuration.

Hosting Management

Your website is managed, using additional versions and the most up-to-date software available. The security is maximized, as well as the speed and handling of your website traffic.

Hosting management, such as WPEngine, is the best WordPress hosting form for many people, although beginners should probably start with shared hosting to get started. VPS and dedicated hosting will be unnecessary expenses and you will easily switch if your website traffic increases.

When comparing hosting packages, you should keep an eye on each service they offer. We think you are looking for shared WordPress web hosting service, so in this article we will talk about this.

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Shared WordPress hosting


Although most shared hosting services look the same, you'll see the difference when you carefully check what they offer for what price. Each hosting service will probably offer several packages at different prices and while the cheapest price may not meet your needs, the more expensive options may offer too much.

You do not need to pay too much for features you will not use. As stated before, you can move on to the next plan when you need it. In the meantime, don't pay more than you have to. Here is what you should look for:

Disk space and bandwidth


Disk space controls the amount of file storage you have and bandwidth refers to the amount of content you can download. Although you won't need more than 5 GB each to get started, it won't take long to get there. Therefore, it is best to start with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Most popular web hosting services include that.

Domain allowance

The domain name is basically a website. Each domain has its own name and website can be enough for most people to get started. However, most servers offer more than 1 form of domain name as an ‘add-on’. For example, the Babygator Baby package offers unlimited domains for less than $ 7.96 / month monthly payment. It is better to accomplish this than the Hatchling domain plan with $ 7.16 / month monthly payment. Prices usually fall if you pay months or years in advance.

Unlimited domain options allow you to run as many websites from your website as you want. You may not need this right away, but that's a good choice. You can always switch up from domain options if you pay monthly, but not if you're paying in advance. The Hatchling package is only $ 3.96 / month if you pay 3 years in advance, but then you get stuck with just the domain name.

MySQL database


Note that each installation of WordPress will require its own database, so check if your package offers multiple MySQL databases as domain names - preferably unlimited.


Make sure you can also host subdomains on your main domain. Basically, this is the directory of the domain name, for example: ‘’ - it is often used for forums, sub-sites or even test websites for WordPress plugins.

Email allowance

Good WordPress web hosting service will provide unlimited email addresses. This allows you to create separate email addresses to support, place orders, admins, information and even addresses for each person in your organization. The only email address, or worse yet, nothing, will be banned or you will have to use the free or paid service.

It looks much more professional if your email address is attached to your domain name, such as ‘[email protected]‘. Each of your domains will have the same unlimited email address. There is a problem with some of these email services: you don't get support, and spam filtering may be poor. However, many web hosts offer Spam Assassin and forward emails to other addresses.

External email service


You can use the paid email hosting service, although there are still some good free email hosting services available online. Services like MS Outlook, Afrihost, ZOHO and iCloud mail are good alternatives. You might consider starting with the free email service provided by your WordPress web hosting service, then switch if you have a problem.

Quality and willingness to support

Support is very important and you should check the type of support provided by each of your hosting options. Is phone support provided or just email or tickets? With email or tickets you have to wait for help, but with phone support you will get it right away. Is there a free phone number? Even better is Live Chat.

Sometimes you find support provided by a third party, which is paid for part of your hosting costs. Whatever it is, check availability - is it available 24/7 or limited to daytime hours? Taking HostGator again, all packages offer 24/7 phone and chat support, plus email and ticket support. Bluehost also provides free 24/7 phone support and Live Chat.

File backup


Frequency of backups is another aspect of web hosting you should consider. The server is down and your WordPress web hosting service will back up your files from one server to another regularly. Compare web servers about their backup frequency - the more often, the more secure your data.

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Most shared hosting services use cPanel, the easiest-to-use control panel on the planet. It is good for beginners and seasoned professionals.

However, it is not so important for WordPress hosting, because WordPress has its own dashboard. However, cPanel allows you to install WP with just a click and to create settings for each of your hosted domains. It is not a certain negative if your hosting service choice does not provide cPanel, but it is very useful for beginners to write websites, especially if you want to run regular websites to back up the website. mine.


There are large numbers of potential web hosts available and it is not always easy to choose the best web host for you. However, which web server is more popular tends to work better. If the web server has been operating for two years or more, it is OK to use OK. However, to find the best one for your specific needs, you should consider all of the above.