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Did you upload a zipped file using cPanel? Do you need to extract the backup file? Are you trying to install theme plugins for WordPress by uploading a ZIP file and need to extract it?

Not everyone knows how to do this. In this tutorial, we will guide you to extract the backup file on your hosting cPanel

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Log in to your cPanel account and open submit File Manager. After logging in you can easily find the icon File Manager.

File Manager

Step 2: Go to the folder containing the compressed file

Access the folder containing your compressed file, usually inside the folder public_html


Step 3: Extract the backup file

Right-click on the archive and select Extract And follow the instructions


  • CPanel's File Manager supports the following compression formats: zip, bz, tar, gz
  • cPanel in particular and Linux hosting in general do not support compressed file format rar

extract - extract the backup file

Extract file - extract the backup file

close extract - extract the backup file


Through this article we have shown you how to extract backup files on hosting using cPanel, hope that will be helpful for you. You can see more of our posts here. If you have any contributions you can leave a comment below.

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