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Minecraft is a creative land. There players can freely explore and explore new things in the game.

So far, Minecraft has not regulated or restricted players anything, so players can do everything they like in the game. This is really a strong point of this game that many players like.

Through years of development, the game has received a lot of positive feedback from the players. As you all know, the things in the game are infinite and so do they, it depends on the creativity of the player.

Each item has its uses, more or less. But I know that there are many tools with more useful uses that many players have not discovered them all.

And today, I will introduce you to 5 great uses Ender dragon head in Minecraft game.

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I. What is the dragon head Ender in Minecraft?

First, to get the head of the dragon Ender, you must destroy the dragon Ender first.

ender-in-minecraft-game-in-minecraft (6)

Dragon Ender is considered a measure of strength and talent of the player when playing in survival mode. Killing it also means that you have won the survival mode.

Dragon Ender lives under The End, to defeat it, you must have a certain amount of items and strong enough to have the opportunity to defeat them.

When you defeat it, immediately there will be items that drop out as experience, Ender dragon eggs, Ender dragon heads.

The head of Ender dragon is black, purple eyes (similar to the eyes of Ender Men). The most common use of Ender dragon heads is to decorate, hang indoors to prove your strength, it is a proud achievement.

#first. Wearing a dragon head on his head like a hat (Hat)

You can use the head of the dragon Ender to replace the hard armor.

ender-in-minecraft-game-in-minecraft (1)

When wearing this Ender dragon hat, you will become extremely prominent. In addition, it can be used to scare friends during masquerade days like Halloween very cool and scary.

#2. The dragon head Ender could move

Certainly up to 99% of you don't know about this unique thing, the Ender dragon head can move when activated by the lever or the red stone block.

ender-in-minecraft-game-in-minecraft (2)

The way the head is moved is also quite simple: First, you must prepare yourself an Ender dragon head, 1 lever / red stone block, any 1 block. There will be two ways to make the head move.

  • Method 1: You place a block any, then put Ender dragon head on that block => and then use the lever to place on the block and activate. Once activated, the mouth of the dragon's head will constantly move the scorpion like a duck. Very interesting, isn't it 😀
  • Method 2: Use 1 block of red stone to place it out, then use the dragon's head to place on it => then the mouth of the dragon's head will act similarly to using a lever.

# 3. Use Ender's dragon head to hide his chest

How to disguise the chest with Ender dragon head is quite simple.

First of all, you have to prepare yourself a treasure chest, 8 Ender dragon heads, 8 black carpets. Then, dig yourself a 3 × 3 square 1 block deep 1.

After that hole has been dug, continue digging a block in the middle, down another block => Digging finished, put the chest in the middle => use the dragon head Ender to place in the remaining blocks under the that hole => finally using the carpets to cover is completed.

When you are done, you will have a pit containing both the Ender dragon head and the chest. If you look from above, you only see the purple eyes of the dragon Ender's head but you can't see the chest below.

ender-in-minecraft-game-in-minecraft (3)

# 4. Ender dragon head when combined will create a funny smile or sad face

To make a smiley face from the Ender dragon head, you must prepare 3 dragon heads, 1 high light-colored half block block.

After preparing, you should put out the light-colored sheet, and put 3 dragon heads so that it is reasonable. Details of how to do as shown.

ender-in-minecraft-game-in-minecraft (4)

# 4. Ender dragon's head was wearing a helmet

What do you think of an Ender dragon head with a helmet on its doorstep? It must be cool, isn't it 😀

How to make Ender dragon head wearing a helmet is also quite easy. If you want to create it, prepare a dragon head, a shulker and a push table.

After preparing everything, follow these steps to make a dragon armor:

Perform: First, you put an Ender dragon head, next create a Shulker right behind the head => finally use a push table to push the shulker into the dragon's head and we have a dragon head wearing a helmet.

If you use it to put in front of the house, it would be very cool. Not only for decoration, it could also be attacked by bullets from the Shulker. If combined with the first use, it can increase the coolness to even more levels.

Ender-in-minecraft-game-in-minecraft (5)

II. Finish

Above are some of the great uses of the dragon Ender in Minecraft game that you should know. Wish you can successfully implement the above uses and find out many other uses of this dragon head again.

Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. I wish you happy gaming ha ha

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