Free WordPress themes or paid WordPress themes


Free WordPress themes or paid WordPress themes - Is a free WordPress theme worth using versus paying? This is not an easy question to answer, and largely depends on using WordPress.

WordPress is - a system (CMS), although it is currently used as a regular page with scrolling content. Content that is constantly changing by RSS will now be integrated into a site using WordPress as a CMS rather than a regular site. That is one reason that RSS lost its momentum early.

WordPress theme is free versus premium


The question is: if a free WordPress theme is available, why pay for a theme? In fact, using the standard free themes provided by WordPress, like Twenty Ten or Twenty Tw 12 - and this is the first problem!

It is not possible to switch from one topic to another without the appearance of the page and if WP stops supporting the old Twenty Ten, you will have to redesign the website - at least the title graphics, because the different bridge.

Free WordPress themes don't necessarily have to be supported in the same way as Premium or paid themes. Consider the time you want the website to exist. The reason businesses use a different CMS for WordPress is because they don't depend on them for the life of their website.

First consider the free WordPress themes and compare with the paid versions.

Free WordPress theme


We are discussing topics rather than topic frameworks for developers to create WP themes. A free theme will come with a standard title graphic to replace with a similar sized graphic. It also comes with an ability to customize the website.

Unless you master CSS, HTML, and sometimes PHP, you will find it difficult to change the color, appearance of the website and many people also limit the number of columns available. While the two columns seem good to start with, when you start selecting the right column for posts, you will eventually require regular navigation on the left.

You can't do that without changing the subject, which makes the whole website look different and confuse the customer. They like continuity - both with the appearance of different pages and in relation to each time they visit the site!

You will also find problems with updates when you use a free WordPress theme. Those who design them with the best intent will be led in different directions over time and forget about free topics. Finally, you will find that the topic is not resolved by new IE or Firefox versions and new WordPress updates.

Then you will have to change the subject, this is usually starting over from the beginning. It has a negative impact on website rankings. It will distract customers who will not like the "new interface" that has been forced on you and them.

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Premium WordPress theme


Paid or paid WordPress themes are available online. This is most popular with people looking for something more unique and a greater degree of customization within the website. If there is little technical knowledge, then paid topics are easier to use than free topics.

The optional interface is usually very easy to use if you want to change aspects such as fonts and colors. You have little need to use a plugin to customize your website and to make changes by clicking the button. Therefore, you are less likely to find other online sites that look like yours.

SEO is made better with better paid SEO topics. For free themes, you rely on plugins and many paid themes need changing SEO coding elements. However, with premium WordPress themes, it's easy to place title tags. The topic of Chris Pearson's thesis is a perfect example of this. You will easily edit and optimize the SEO elements on the page.

The paid themes have been updated to agree with the latest version of WP CMS and to accommodate any browsing changes. Although sometimes you will find old websites no longer resolving or loading, a paid WordPress theme is created by the creator to make sure that it loads with browsers and WP versions.

Support with free themes is unavailable and with WordPress themes you rely on forums. The forum will not always reply to you. Better paid topics have email support when there's a problem that can't be solved on its own.

The free themes that come with WordPress have been designed and coded to follow the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Many free and paid topics do not comply with these standards. When using a theme, make sure it complies with W3C standards and other topics like current versions of XHTML and CSS. The plugin will reduce compliance with this standard.

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There is a difference between a free WordPress theme and a paid WordPress theme, although the above topics are the main ones. However, are they worth the price you pay them? If you simply run your personal website, then no! However, if you are running a commercial website, regular support and updates need to be paid.