Evaluate HostGator compared to Bluehost and Dreamhost


Evaluate HostGator compared to Bluehost and Dreamhost - In this article we will compare HostGator with Bluehost and Dreamhost as WordPress hosting service. Before running the website, you need a good hosting service. Server space is required for files and many other tools to administer the website.

It is important to choose a server that meets your needs in the first place or to pay for services you do not require. Common problems that make you serious. HostGator, Bluehost (both of Endurance International) and Dreamhost are the most popular, which is why we compared them.

We will focus on shared hosting. This is the least expensive service. There is also a virtual host (VPS) server where you have dedicated services and dedicated hosting. These options are for professionals with large websites.

HostGator with Bluehost and Dreamhost: Service overview

HostGator has three levels of shared hosting: Hatchling, Baby and Business. Dreamhost only has one shared hosting level. Here is an overview of the main services:

Web hosting price


The special offers or discounted purchase offers great deals, but these only run for one payment or limited time.

HostGator has monthly payment options, although the price for this will usually be higher than the cheapest advertising price, usually for prepayment. For example, HostGator advertises its Baby package starting at $ 6.96 / month. Only when you look closer, you see this is the payment before 36 months.

Bluehost and Dreamhost don't have a monthly plan, but when they hit them, they also have that plan for more than $ 11 per month. Bluehost's lowest advertising price is in 36 months, or 12-month payment is equivalent to $ 9.99 / month. Dreamhost costs $ 8.95 / month for the previous 24 months. However, Dreamhost also charges a $ 49.95 setup fee.

Disk space, bandwidth and uptime


It is important to have as much storage as possible. All three services assessed here have unlimited disk space and bandwidth, although the speed is still slow due to server usage.

Because the server is shared with other numbers almost unlimited, the service will be slow. The actual uptime for each service is guaranteed at least 99.9%, although usually much larger than that. Dreamhost is 100% guaranteed, though with a shared service. Guaranteed not to promise 100% uptime, but there's free storage for one day for every hour of downtime.

The only answer to get 100% uptime is to use VPS or dedicated hosting. With VPS, you have a private area of ​​a server that no one else can use. With hosting there is a server for itself. But the price is significantly higher than shared hosting.

Domain allowance


All three services are not limited to domain names, subdomains and additional domain names. So when unlimited pages vary from one hosting account. You run the preferences and create as many subdomains as you want to be attached to the main domain.

Subdomains appear as: subomainname.yoursite.com, so instead of the file structure mysite.com/support.html, use support.mysite.com more neatly. There are many other uses for subdomains. If you intend to operate multiple websites, then it is important to ensure you don't have to pay for another hosting account. Unlimited domain names guarantee this.

Free Domain Names: Unlike the two domains, HostGator does not have a free domain name, but charges $ 12.95 per year for a traditional TDL domain name like .com, .net, .org or .me. Choose a cheaper domain name elsewhere. Then, enter your name when requested on the HostGator online registration form.

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Support Services


Both HostGator and Bluehost have free live chat support 24/7/365. They have a ticket / email support service, where it's easier to keep track of issues. Dreamhost only has an email service, promising to try to contact you within 24 hours. If you want to get better, you pay an extra $ 9.95 / month for support. This comes in the form of live chat and 3 phone calls per month.



Bluehost and HostGator choose cPanel (control panel), which has all the features you want when managing websites. The control panel is the hub for domain and file management, email delivery systems, traffic analysis, security, data management and software installation. For example, you can install WordPress very easily with Fantastico de Luxe or QuickInstall in cPanel, create your own customer.

Dreamhost uses its own control panel, most of which is available from cPanel. It is said to be intuitive, that you will easily use it at no cost. However, it's not as simple as cPanel and takes a little getting used to - even for cPanel users. It installs one-click software for features like WordPress.

Money back guarantee

All three services offer a money-back guarantee.

HostGator: 45-day warranty


When canceling an order within 45 days, you will receive an unconditional refund. After 45 days, will be reviewed and will involve the refund of unused time. And after 6 months of 36-month payments, those 6 months will be charged at the standard monthly rate of $ 7.96, not $ 6.36. Refund domain names will be considered. Do not pay by Bank Transfer, Western Union, Check or money order - these will not be refunded.

Bluehost: 30-day guarantee


If you cancel within 30 days, you will be refunded the full payment minus the cost for premium services paid for dedicated SSL certificates. You will also have the cost for any free domain name deducted from the refund ($ 14.99), unless you cancel within 3 days. You then have the option of paying $ 14.99 to keep the domain name. Payment checks of $ 10 or less will not be refunded.

Dreamhost: 97-day warranty


If you cancel within 97 days, you will receive a refund for all services provided by Dreamhost - this does not include any payments for services provided by third parties.

Note: this refund only applies if you paid by credit card or Google Wallet. Domain registration and SSL certificates are non-refundable. If you cancel after 97 days, the account will be closed when the next payment is due without a refund for the prepaid period.

Each of these guarantees has its own benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you should buy the Dreamhost hosting service with a credit card or Google Wallet. HostGator appears to have the best guarantee. Dreamhost is best if you pay by credit card and within 97 days.

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Choosing Bluehost thinks it is the best shared hosting service. Many others feel the same about HostGator. The results of the various speed tests available show that HostGator is faster than Bluehost, while Dreamhost is consistent, with better consistency between different locations. Much depends on the server location relative to the user, so the speed test will be confusing and not definitive.

Reviewers tend to find the service they are most familiar with. This assessment was performed independently, selecting such criteria for each service. In general, cPanel provided by Bluehost and HostGator is easier to use than Dreamhost. The guarantee provided by Dreamhost is best, when using a credit card or Google Wallet to pay. If not, then HostGator is next in this regard.

Codes and coupons


Much depends on what you are looking for. If you are concerned about the budget, then HostGator is the cheapest with the standard price. However, you will find discounts and coupon codes, but only within the first payment term. You will then have to pay at least one year in advance. Then you are usually at the standard price, which is why we are using. That is the price you will pay for the years of web hosting.

Server and CDN


In terms of speed, HostGator will respond well, but one of the other two will be better depending on the location. Activate CloudFlare (free on cPanel) to speed up website performance. This is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that will have files stored from the server closer to your location. It reduces load time by 30% and reduces bandwidth usage by 60%. It does not work for everyone.

We tend to put HostGator in position 1, mainly based on its price and faster download speed, Bluehost at number 2 and Dreamhost at number 3.