Evaluate and analyze about affiliate websites online


Evaluate and analyze about affiliate websites online - Before reviewing online affiliate websites, first briefly discuss affiliate marketing and why it is so popular. It is also time-consuming and the same as when you want to be paid for their time, even if you only have to pay for expenses like web hosting, specialized software, etc.

Many others run the site as a business, and they never rely solely on one source of income. Successful online entrepreneurs have different sources of income. Affiliate marketing is passive income.

The more common ways to make money from a website are:

  • Sell ​​your own product or service

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Sell ​​advertising space

  • PPC advertising programs like Google AdSense

  • CPA marketing programs, such as OfferVault, MaxBounty, Neverblue offer

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Marketing links to the sale of products. Basically, you act as an online employee and get paid a commission for selling the product. Commissions range from about 5% for physical goods to over 70% for electronic delivery goods such as ebooks and software.

People set up stores to market physical goods, others run ads on e-books and software. So after placing an ad on the website.

  • Prospects click on ads

  • They are taken to the previous sales page elsewhere on the website, where you emphasize the benefits of the product

  • If they click the link, they will be taken from there to the seller's sales page

  • They buy goods

  • They receive delivery plus a receipt

  • You receive a commission paid for affiliate accounts

Payment for eBooks and software is 50%, so if you sell the $ 49 eBook from the website, you will earn $ 24.50. You have nothing to do once the ad is placed on the site.

The process for physical goods is exactly the same, only potential customers are directed directly from the store to the company you are advertising. The most popular electronics stores are Amazon and eBay.

Many people use Bans (Build a Niche Store) of Amazon or their own eBay, but this is not recommended. Google no longer tends to rank in such stores, causing them to lead customers directly to Amazon or eBay and Google does not consider this to be of value added to users.

It is better to promote individual products directly from the website to get descriptions of individual products and as links from these products. However, this is not about how you make money as an affiliate, but rather a brief introduction to affiliate marketing before having the site have the right products. Affiliate marketing involves downloadable products such as eBooks, software.

Sell ​​affiliate products


Affiliate marketing is the most popular and profitable way to make money online. If you can't make 100% of your own products, earn 50% by skipping creating and selling.

You do this in four basic ways:

  • Join a JV partnership (joint venture) with a famous internet marketer and sell their products. This will be difficult, since there is not a joint venture deal unless you market the internet yourself and have a reasonably sized contact list for sale.

  • Set up an online affiliate store, using Bans software or other means. It is becoming unpopular with Google for personal reasons.

  • Sell ​​personalized affiliate products that have been provided to you online. You bought one, and the seller has a link to sell it himself.

  • Join the affiliate website and apply to sell products on the website. This is a technique to focus on.

You advertise these products on the website or add them to your email list if you are creating a product. You do both and keep a valuable list of new products that are specific to their area of ​​interest.

However, before selling products, you must find them. We will examine several online affiliate websites where you find products to sell. If the website serves a specific segment, such as health, fishing, comforters, skydiving, then you have to pay to focus your product on that segment.

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Find products to sell: Affiliate marketing websites online

Affiliate sites work in much the same way. You must register, then they will display the product along with the commission offered. You choose what you want to sell, and you will have the right to sell these things or will be rejected.

Rejection is usually done because the website is considered inappropriate. It is not related to the product, or denied for other reasons. You avoid this when checking the prescribed conditions.

After being accepted, you will usually have promotional materials such as graphics or suggested sales pages with affiliate links. The link identifies you as a seller and the commission will be paid directly or monthly according to the terms and conditions of the program. Here is a representative option.



Clickbank is the largest affiliate website that only markets electronic goods. It's easy to join as an affiliate and once approved, you'll search for products, like:

You are looking for a general segment, like the category above or the products you want to have. You also sort the search by factors such as popularity, earning potential, recharge amount (recurring billing product), and Gravity (a measure of performance - its sales level).

As you can see, affiliates make an average of $ 81.41 per sale and you are paid 65% of the sale price, 66% for any recurring purchases.

Once you have been accepted by Clickbank, you will choose a nickname for yourself. If you want to sell this, select ‘Ad’ and there is a box filled with nicknames with spaces to enter which tracking codes you want to use. Choose different tracking codes for each location in the website where you sell this product.

Click 'create' and you will have a link for this product. When customers click on it, they will be taken to the product's sales page. If they buy, your link will identify you as an affiliate and the account will be credited to the payment for the product. You will see 2D barcode images for mobile customers entering products through offline campaigns.

Commission Junction


Commssion Junction, called CJ, works in a different way than Clickbank. It is not paid at a good price, because the sale price of replacement cost must be deducted before the profits are shared. This cost is not related to products emailed or downloaded to be sold in unlimited quantities without sacrificing replacement costs.

You need a website, email address, and will be sent a password when accepted. Commission Junction lets you search for advertisers and categories, as shown below:

Select the category Electronic products and get something like this:

Click on ‘Links’ to make affiliate links for products. You check to see the Product. For example:

If you like this payment, please get the link to publish on the website.

The minimum payment with Commission Junction is $ 50 and select check or be paid when depositing directly in the bank, like Clickbank. CJ will manage affiliate campaigns to do so on its own.



Known as Rologneen Linkshare, this is a large archive of companies .. Linkshare will also manage the campaigns if you want.

Advertisers are easy to find, so it is better to do a search for the type of product you are looking for. Here's what to get with just a general search for affiliate programs:

Choose which program to find payments and link details. We will not discuss this issue anymore because the general principles are very similar between them. Clickbank and CJ are typical. Linkshare pays by check or direct deposit.

Bluesnap - Plimus


Many people have become familiar with Plimus. This affiliate specifically markets internet related tools and services, as shown in the Control Panel interface below:

and by the following product samples:

This is an ideal choice when running websites related to modern technology. Just take the link to send customers to the provider page and they will do the rest.

You are paid in any of five different ways:

  • Check

  • PayPal

  • Direct bank deposit (U.S. only)

  • Transfer

  • Directly to your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

You choose the balance on which the payment is made, minimum of $ 35 or more.



TradeDoubler is a Swedish company and operates like any other company.

When you sign up, you have details such as the address of the site to which you intend to publish the link. Each category must also be categorized by the available categories. You can select links when using the search form.

You will find a supplier, or perform a general category search as below.

The tariff structure refers to programs that pay you per sale, per action (like completing an online form) or customers (email addresses). You sort the results as shown. EPC = earnings per click, UV = Unique visitors.

TradeDoubler has a large number of vendors such as household names. Payments are made directly to your bank account or when needed by international check.

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Affiliate marketing in general

Each of the above programs has complete sales statistics and reports on sales. Use this information, to contact the buyer later to see if they are satisfied with the transaction. This type of service is usually well received and is usually well addressed by the provider.

If you show them how such products can save you money, time, or hassle, you will do even better. People will pay for a product if it saves more than they spend.

Affiliate sites help ordinary people who have normal websites make money selling high quality products. Some people make a full time living in this way while others make enough money to pay all their expenses, buy some luxuries or pay for annual vacation. Selling affiliate products is a great way to make money if you don't have your own product to sell.