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Spotify and Deezer are two of the leading popular music streaming and streaming platforms.

You can easily listen to high quality music from record labels, famous singers such as Sony, Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music Group….

However, when you use it on the Web, you cannot download music to listen to when there is no Internet connection, even if you have a VIP / Premium account or whatever.

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But do not worry, in this article I will introduce you to a completely free utility to help you can Download music on Spotify Easily and quickly your favorite songs, find out in this article!

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How to download music on Spotify and Deezer with Spotify & Deezer Music Downloader

Applies to Chrome, Coc Coc and web browsers that use the Chromium kernel.

As I said earlier, this is a completely free utility available on the Chrome Web Store, developed by flash_downloader, has a lot of users and reviews, very positive feedback, generally pretty good.

As for how to use it is extremely simple, you just need to install it in your web browser and leave it there, no activation or setup at all: V


To download and install this extension, you access the link below => click the button Thêm vào Chrome and when the confirmation window appears => then you press Add Extensions or Thêm tiện ích is okay.

Link to download the utility: Anuncio Agregado Spotify ™ & Deezer ™ Music Downloader 34

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After installing, you will see the icon of this utility on the Google Chrome toolbar, to use, you can visit any Playlist containing the songs you want to download.

You look to the right of each song, there will be an additional button Download blue => and your task is to click on it to download the song only 😀

Note: If any song click Download that show Error then the utility cannot download this song. But since I've used it, I've never seen this case, so feel free to use it!

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Similar to How to download music on Spotify then with Deezer page you do the same.

You access to Deezer, find and open a playlist, look to the right there will be a gray Download button for you to download the song.

You can put all your favorite songs into a playlist as in the picture you make and download them for fast.

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Just like on Spotify, there will be some songs on Deezer that this utility cannot download, such as See You Again - Charlie Puth in the image below.

In this case, we have to find another way, and what is the other way, it will be in the next articles!

And the downloaded file will be in .MP3 format, you can save it to any type of music player for normal listening.

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Above is his detailed tutorial about How to download music on Spotify and Deezer quickly and extremely simply on the web browser. I think this is pretty good, how about you guys?

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