Do not show the author another image of another Wordpress file

    Do not show the author images of files of otherss - When you allow others to collaborate to write articles on your blog as an "Author". By default, when in the "Write a new article" and then select the "Add Media" or on the "Library" in /wp-admin/upload.php collaborators can easily see the files, images you and all other collaborators have uploaded to the "Library" section of your blog.

    This is if your blog site allows multiple contributors to write articles, including those not only for the purpose of writing, but also for your competitors. Based on the images in your "Library" section, they will know the images that you have uploaded to "Gallery" but do not add to the article and images that you have uploaded in draft, but not yet posted Public posts, based on which they will guess the article that you are about to write on the blog and can rob your topic and post before that topic.

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    Do not show the author another image of another WordPress file

    By default all contributors on your blog will see the whole image in the "Library" and in the "Add media" section in adding new posts is not really necessary. And to solve this problem, hide these items, you just need to insert a simple code into the file functions.php. Code:

    Open the theme in use. Copy this code and paste it into the file functions.php in the theme theme that you are using for your blog and then save it.

    Do not allow the author to view other people's files

    Do not allow the author to view other people's files

    As a result, all of your contributors who now write on your blog will not be able to see images, files that other collaborators or you have uploaded to the "Library" section. "Or the" Add media "section when writing more articles. At this time, collaborators can only see the images and files that they have uploaded themselves.

    Now the author collaborators can only see the files, their pictures uploaded only.

    Do not allow the author to view other people's files

    Do not allow the author to view other people's files

    Above are the problems I encountered in the development of my own blog when many collaborators wrote articles on the blog and in order to keep the information more confidential for my blog, I have learned and used this method. this address. It feels good so I want to share it again for you.

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