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HawkHost - Cheap hosting is no longer a strange name for Vietnamese users and the world because of extremely good hosting quality, affordable price, great support.

HawkHost Xmas & New Year 2020

At the end of December 2019, Hawkhost suddenly launched a promotion up to 70%, including a lifetime coupon and especially the program applies to both Reseller Hosting.

The program will end after 48 hours, so please take advantage of it!

A. HawkHost Coupon Code - Shared Hosting

HawkHost's Shared Hosting service has the great advantage of creating as many websites as you like, whether the Primary or Pro packages are the same.

  • With the discount code of 70%, the Primary package is only $ 0.9 / month, storing 10GB SSD and not limited to any other parameters.
  • Pro package only $ 2.69 / month, without any parameters

The longer you pay, the deeper the price will drop.


  • Discount code 70% HawkHost Shared Hosting The first bill is: cbdshared2019
  • Discount 70% HawkHost Cloud Hosting The first bill is: cbdcloud2019

Lifetime deals, Applies to both renewal:

  • Hawkhost Coupon reduced Shared Hosting 55% lifetime was: cbdshared2019r
  • Or Hawkhost coupon reduced Cloud Hosting 55% lifetime was: cbdcloud2019r

HawkHost promotion registration link

If signing up for each month, use the coupon discount 55% lifetime. And register for 1 year -> 2 years, use 70% coupon!

Note: Although when registering you can choose Location Hong Kong but after buying, hosting will be Singapore Location, this is the location with Datacenter quality & speed of VN very well, no less than Hong Kong location. Currently, HawkHost's Hong Kong Location is full, so their load capacity is not so good as before.

Price list after 55% discount - IF USING COUPON FOR LIFE

HawkHost discount code - Best cheap hosting

B. Hawkhost Reseller Hosting with huge discounts

If you want to buy a good Reseller Hosting package, do not miss this opportunity, HawkHost Reseller Hosting packages can be divided from 50 to 200 small Hosting packages.

This is the best Reseller price for those who want to start a hosting business or do a web design service package hosting for customers.

  • Discount code 70% of first bill: cbdreseller2019
  • Or 55% for life - apply monthly payments: cbdreseller2019r

HawkHost promotion registration link

If signing up for each month, use the coupon discount 55% lifetime. And register for 1 year -> 2 years, use 70% coupon!

Valid for all locations except Hong Kong. You should choose the Singapore location to the fastest speed to VN.

C. Coupon HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Semi-Dedicated Hosting is a premium Hosting package - large server resources - good load response for sites with relatively large traffic.

  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting 70% of the first bill: cbdsd2019
  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting 55% for a lifetime: cbdsd2019r

HawkHost promotion registration link

Which location does HawkHost Hosting choose?

  • Location Hong Kong for the fastest speed, unaffected by cable breaks.
  • Location Singapore is also very high speed.
  • The US location, especially Los Angeles works extremely stable, if CDN CloudFlare enabled, the speed increases significantly.

Refer to other incentives:


Since 2016, with more openings Datacenter in Hong Kong, help speed to Vietnam much faster than rivals and especially unaffected by undersea cable breaks like most other international Hosting.

Not only that, they also pioneered support for advanced security and acceleration technologies such as Memecached Server - Litespeed Cache plugin - Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Therefore, HawkHost has become the No. 1 choice for Vietnamese users in recent years.

They also have the best Reseller Hosting program for Vietnamese users, because it is a rare Hosting service that provides Reseller Hosting at Datacenter Singapore, giving Vietnam very fast speeds - and very affordable prices.

HawkHost big promotion - Free domain name

Present HawkHost Provides many Hosting packages, from Shared Hosting to Reseller Hosting, which are all highly appreciated for speed and stability.

The most special feature of HawkHost compared to competitors such as StableHost, SiteGround or Hostgator, A2 Hosting ... is that you can run many websites on all Hosting packages and promotions regardless of new and new customers, nor mandatory. must register by year.

Highlights of HawkHost

  • Using the latest hardware, high-speed SSD storage.
  • Unlimited number of websites, bandwidth, for all packages
  • Free Migration - Help transfer website from other Hosting to HawkHost for free
  • Use cPanel 62 - makes managing and installing much easier than previous versions.
  • Free certificates SSL - Let’s Encrypt! Create and activate automatically for you!
  • Free integration DNS & CDN CloudFlare in cPanel help speed up considerably and anti DDos very effective.
  • Additional technology supports trendy acceleration Memcached Server
  • Support acceleration by Litespeed cache plugin for extreme speed.
  • Have server cluster in Hong Kong for the speed twice as fast other suppliers, especially the speed to Vietnam unaffected by undersea cable breakage
  • The promotion applies to both new and old customers, pay monthly (monthly) or yearly (anually) are allowed
  • You may request a quick location change if you are not satisfied with the speed
  • Support 24/24 extremely enthusiastic, professional
  • Having Refund support for the first 30 days is easy

Current HawkHost price list for Shared Hosting

HawkHost - Super Speed ​​Hosting with big promotion

In addition to Shared Hosting, HawkHost Reseller Hosting packages are also very popular due to their high load capacity, easy management and cheap price.

Current HawkHost price list for Reseller Hosting

HawkHost - Super Speed ​​Hosting with big promotion
HawHost Reseller Hosting Price List - Quality and price are very good!

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Having fun!