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Cheap hosting AZDIGIAZDIGI is the best premium premium hosting in Vietnam today!

Hardware resources and acceleration technologies, security - 24/24 technical support is much better than the common ground of domestic hosting.

AZDIGI hosting also has a server - technology & speed that is superior to two favorite Vietnamese services, HawkHost and StableHost.

For WordPress enthusiasts, AZDIGI is the top reputable choice - because it is the startup of Thach Pham (CEO) - the number 1 name in the Vietnamese WordPress community.

AZDIGI has now deployed Cloud Turbo cloud technology for Hosting and VPS, which helps optimize performance - speed & load capacity, as well as security much better than traditional hosting technologies.

On the occasion of service launch Turbo Business Hosting with superior performance on old packages, meeting the needs of running large average sites and running multiple sites on the same hosting, AZDIDI launched a great promotion:


Customers who register for AZDIGI Hosting, VPS services will receive incentives 30% off on total order value. Applicable for the following packages:

  • AZ PRO Hosting (From the AZ PRO 2 package onwards)
  • Turbo Cloud Hosting
  • SEO Hosting
  • Business Hosting (including Turbo Business Hosting)
  • SSD VPS Cheap

Go to the AZDIGI Promotion page

Discount program is only applied the first time you register, the renewal price will be the original price without discount. Registration is allowed up to 3 years and unlimited number of registrations.

Tips: You should register a new account to use this promotion, do not log in with the old account (if you are or have been using AZDIGI).


During the period from now until the end of December 31, 2019, when 1 year service extension will be plus 2 months. Promotion has cumulative, so if 2 year extension will be plus 4 months of use.

No need to use coupon code, no need to contact support, incentives will automatically update within 24 hours after paying the bill.


Besides, AZDIGI also launched a 25% discount for any old or new customers when buying Reseller hosting with coupons RESELLERHOSTING25

With the 25% discount code, only 290k / month, you can sign up for a powerful Reseller package - can create up to 30 small cPanel hosting packages for customers, calculate the cost of each Hosting package only 10k / month - too good if you want to do web design services.

Go to the AZDIGI Reseller Hosting discount page

Reseller Hosting AZDIGI

AZDIGI's price is the cheapest for Reseller Hosting in Vietnam, the quality and reputation of AZDIGI are also higher than many other ‘perennial’ services. In particular, they are constantly upgrading their hardware and software!

Advantages of AZDIGI Reseller Hosting

  • Created on Management by 2 software No. 1 for shared hosting is cPanel / VHM
  • White Label: the 'cool' feature allows you to change the AZDIGI logo in cPanel to yours and create your own Nameservers. This feature can help you open and sell Hosting services (Managed hosting for example).
  • Using CloudLinux technology - prevent cross-contamination & minimize the performance impact between Hosting packages.
  • Use LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise WebserveR & LSCache comprehensive support: a solution to accelerate the trendy Website that reputable hosting are using.
  • Redis Cache: supports the most powerful Caching technology today - if you have experience using Redis Cache on WordPress, the speed will increase significantly.
  • Backup every day with JetBackup and Reseller can manage customer backups
  • Each host package created by Reseller will have 100% CPU core, 1GB RAM, 10MBps Disk IO, 50 Entry Process.

Hosting AZDIGI has no effect when the fiber optic cable is broken - simply because they put the server at 2 international standard Datacenter of FPT and Viettel IDC in Binh Duong & District 7 - HCMC!

Some outstanding technologies that AZDIGI Hosting uses:

  • Using cloud computing technology
  • Memcached & LiteSpeed ​​Cache
  • Using CloudLinux: hosting packages have no interaction between performance and security
  • Automatic backup every day - restore in the blink of an eye if something goes wrong
  • LiteSpeed ​​Webserver Enterprise - speed up WordPress greatly with the free LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin.
  • High Availability & SSD Enterprise + NVMe storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Scan & remove malware automatically - with backup and restore
  • No effect when the cable is broken because the server is located in Vietnam
  • Technical support - livechat 24/24
  • Flexible payment & upgrades - automatically right on your account

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I wish you a happy holiday & happy!