Cycle & Time, 2 key in financial markets

From small things, in a short time like CryptoCurrency to classic financial markets like gold, real estate, etc., most of them have two very important keys: cycle and time.

Time is really interesting, it makes people forget the worst pain, causing people to change previous thoughts or ideas.

Let's start with Crypto, you can easily see the shift in thinking in the community about belief: When believing more than anything, sometimes fear. With price movements happening, but combined with prolonged time, it sow into people's heads "prejudice", "only will". When it rises for too long, it is assumed that it cannot be reduced or mitigated, infinite optimism. When undergoing major events, ngta are often impressed or obsessed with it, so that the mindset often does not escape these events. That's why the more experienced people are, the harder it is for X accounts, the easier it is for the new ones to get X, but quickly then it's easy to divide by 5 divided by 7. The number of people who are afraid of being right at the right time is extremely rare. , only fear is too afraid, but greed too. There are some people who see people A and X30 who do not return to X2 often say: "I and X30 have closed for a long time", but please answer: Such people do not have the opportunity to close but because X30 they can't wait for X3.

Returning to classical finance, through human economic developments, there is also a tendency to haunt and fail:

The cycle of movement of investment over time
The cycle of movement of investment over time

1, In the late 96 years of 98, the price of $ increased sharply from 10,000 to 14,000 (approximate figure), 2 years increased by 40% making the confidence in VND decreased infinity, of course, those who hugged $ from before big win. However, the fear and prejudice that caused after 98, many people still only worry about hoarding $, the result is very sour that after 10 years, the dollar only appreciates more than 10%, far behind the interest rate of VND deposits, and all Of course, there is a pool with BDS.

2, 10 years later, ie 2008 BDS to the peak. With years of increasing prices, "people give birth but not land", there are people who are very sour when the BDS price after 10 years is still not equal to the purchase price, regardless of the depreciation of the currency or bank interest rates.

3, From 2008 -> 2010, In 3 years of gold tripled, the dollar increased by 30%, the cautious trend once again prevailed. It is not difficult to see tips to store capital, store gold before VND becomes scrap paper then. This is the period when I witnessed many friends accumulating $ actively, and nearly 10 years have passed, only 10% of dollars, a bad investment option. And of course, anyone who holds a gold price of 40 million VND / tree after 10 years and the price of 36 is even more broken.

4, About the past few years, BDS is warm again with many export regions. Perhaps the past about 10 years ago is still haunting, so BDS has not created a trend like the peak of 2008, but still very successful.

So, whether or not the victory of careful / fearism (Golden embrace, capital embrace, economic crisis worry) alternately? The choice is yours, of all the things listed above, nothing is always right, whether it be dollars, gold, land, VND or whatever. The right people, the right time to succeed. Right person, wrong person is still SML, wrong person is wrong time from the table.

P / S: Personally, I voted gold up, but still afraid of "right person, wrong time" )

Hoai Phong