CPA marketing and beginner guide on CPA

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CPA marketing and beginner guide on CPA - CPA marketing is a popular way to make money. CPA stands for ‘Cost per action’ or ‘Cost per acquisition’. For example, you publish links on websites and get paid by clicking on them and taking a certain action. The action is:

  • Provide email address

  • Provide personal information

  • Accept free trial product

  • Make a short survey

  • Provide credit card details

The problem here is that with CPA you will make money even if the product is not sold! This is not affiliate marketing where someone must buy your product to get paid. The payments for each action vary. The CPA program goes further on the buying path that visitors must go - even though the final purchase is unnecessary.

The basics of CPA marketing

If you have a website with a few hundred visitors, then you will make a decent amount of money when publishing CPA links on posts or in the sidebar. If you are looking for a long-term source of income, CPA meets that need. Even if it is only a small amount to encourage you, the CPA program will be a good addition to Google AdSense.

The benefit of CPA over AdSense is that you choose the right programs. Here are actions to help you make money when choosing CPA programs. When the CPA link (text or graphic) is published, forget it - you have nothing else to do but wait for the cash you earn to accumulate.

CPA Guide: Typical actions

Send Email Address

This is a client creation program and requires readers to provide an email address. You get paid for each email address provided, then the sponsor's vending machine will work to convert customers into sales.

They pay you to each potential customer cheaper than advertising for themselves, on average about 20c - 1 dollar, but you have nothing to do when the link is on the website.

Completed form

There are two types of forms that visitors are required to complete. A ‘short form’ usually requires at least one name, date of birth, email address and physical address. The "long form," usually required by financial companies or companies that offer free product trials before purchase, has credit card details.

Short forms earn $ 1 to $ 10 each, while long forms earn $ 40 and up. The second thing is profitable if you convince people to accomplish them.

Send mobile PIN

A type of CPA program that has demonstrated profitability involves readers having mobile phone numbers and receiving PINs. This usually involves services like free ringtones or other services. You earn from $ 2 to $ 10 or more per deposit.

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Free trial

If the customer completes the trial form, you will earn between $ 10 and $ 40 per person. Some people make a living just by having these CPA offers on their website.

This is just a selection of the main types of CPA programs available. People who earn thousands of dollars and more from them offer CPA links on many websites. Examples of websites are health, weight loss or weight gain, financial services, ringtones and other services.

CPA marketing supplies

Where do you find such CPA offers and how do you put them on the site? In fact, different companies offer links. Most CPA expert firms have multiple categories with CPA programs related to each. This makes it easier for you to choose the right deals for your campaigns.

The program is explained in detail on the CPA marketing page you choose, along with the payout for each action. The action required for payment is explained along with an example of a graphic. You can view the information for the visitor to accept the offer. This is an insurance that visitors are not exposed to the incentives you want them to not.


This is a big CPA company that has everything from a few cents to over $ 40 per customer. It has a list of campaigns to search for a large number of niches. It also informs you about the type of ad: search links, banner ads, emails or incentive offers, where customers are encouraged to complete the action.


Similar to MaxBounty, with a tighter list of programs. But there are not many incentives, although Neverblue is appreciated when using CPA as a main source of income.

Find CPA Deals and Affiliate Networks


This is an extremely useful website for CPA search programs. It outlines the various offers and programs available online alongside companies and the CPA network. Many new people with this type of marketing will start here.

There are many other things like PeakProfits, DirectLead, Earnuead and Inuvo. If you do a Google search for CPA programs, you'll find a list of advertisers with CPA links.

The preferential CPA program

Have you ever seen these online ads where you were asked if you wanted a free laptop or TV? You just have to check the suggestions or do the survey! When you click, you will get an offer after providing your email address, full details or financial details.

This is what is called recommended CPA incentives. Sure, you get a laptop, but you have things to fill and lots of offers to accept that you wonder if it's worth it! In fact, many people believe it is worth it, because these CPA programs help people make a lot of money!

You must first ensure that the offers you offer are 'encouraged'. CPA companies like MaxBounty and Neverblue tell if you have an incentive for everyone to complete the offer.

If so, translate it into ads and get free rewards to complete the offers. You only need to make sure the payments for each action and related offers exceed the cost of the product you are offering and only those products that are 100% of the deals have been completed.

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Choose CPA marketing to make money without any marketing knowledge. You cannot afford to make a living with just one website. However, if you run some, then the potential income is unlimited.