Compare the difference between writing full time and part time


Compare the difference between writing full time and part time - When comparing writing full time Vs. Part time, is basically a discussion of professional and amateur authors. Writing articles on websites is their source of income, sometimes it's more of a hobby than earning some money. Sure, there are people who rely on part-time writing to complement their daily work, but for professionals it's daily work.

Writing full time involves a different kind of commitment than writing part time. Full time is not merely trying to make money from the website. It involves an overall strategy to have enough income to live. Switching part time to full time is a big decision, so here are the pros and cons of each side.

The social aspects of writing articles on full time and Part time websites


Doing full time is giving up the current job. The social benefits of this are significant:

  • You are the boss and no one answers but you.

  • Working hours are most convenient for you.

  • Leave work if the family is sick without asking permission.

  • Go on a vacation when it's right for you.

  • No need to drive to work every morning rush hour.

  • You save parking and fuel.

  • Every penny you earn is yours - and that of a taxpayer!

You think about many more things, you have a decision and no one is watching you and judging you all the time.

However, there are disadvantages of freedoms. It's easy to take too much time off and take too long breaks. They find it difficult to discipline to adopt a professional approach to self-employment and work from home.

The financial aspects of writing full time and part time


When you write part time, you get income from your daily work. This gives financial security. Also writing fulltime articles, they work for a living! They have no pay until every month!

Writing on a full-time website means you have to earn enough money, not only to feed and dress, but also to pay mortgage, medical bills, university fees, etc. If you decide to write full time, you will need:

  • Business planning

  • Branding and promoting businesses

  • Make money from the website

  • Invest in business

  • Maintain accounting records

  • Pay your own taxes

  • Saving for your own pension

  • Pay your own expenses

Making money will be extremely important and should be part of a long-range and short-term strategic business plan. Part-time bloggers often get what they come for, but you have to plan ahead if the website is the only revenue channel.

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Approach to writing Posts: Funny or working?


The most significant difference between full time Vs. Part time is in thought. The important goal is to earn enough money to live. Many people who decide to go in depth have a partner who continues to work. However, you will be under pressure to match your partner's input to the relationship.

Writing part time articles will not approach the business way, but consider it a part time operation done in the spare time. Full-time writing must be approached professionally. It is important to invest and plan ahead. You must plan to make money and set goals for your income at specified intervals. It is a big difference between part time and professional author (full time).

Consistency is the king


For a website to succeed, you must have a consistent theme. Businesses must have a brand to represent. Information seekers should look to the website for that information. The post must be original and you should see which guest authors have accurate content of high quality.

Part time authors don't need this level because they don't rely on the internet for a living. It is also possible that a part time website will not spend time on it for its consistency and high quality. The timer will post when they like it. Full time experts post regularly. Multiple posts at the same time each day, so followers know when to check it out.

Importance of lists


When comparing writing full time Vs. Part time, professional people will have the form to register to participate to create a list of interested people. Maintaining this list will account for a significant portion of the day of professional authors. Maintain both creating new content, writing e-books, compiling weekly newsletters, programming autoresponder, etc.

A large portion of professional income comes from the list. Part-time authors will be less likely to create a subscription list. If they do so then it will not be maintained regularly and newsletters will not be emailed automatically replies on the same day and time on a consistent basis.

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The main difference is the importance of website profits. That then leads to the characteristics of subsidiaries in terms of consistency in content, quality and administration of professional websites.