CleanTalk effective anti-spam for WordPress


CleanTalk effective anti-spam - It's been a long time since SPAM has lost its effectiveness, when it comes to link building and other tools! Even so, there is still no difference in the number of spam comments and spam subscriptions you receive on your website, even though you may be using ineffective anti-spam solutions!

Most such solutions want you to keep an eye on the dashboard so you can review and delete spam content when the plugin has found something. And, to do all this, they may also need CAPTCHA protection, which is not good in terms of real users' perspective. However, in this post, we have come up with a completely new solution that has all the necessary features to fight spam from your WordPress-provided website - CleanTalk. We will have a detailed review of CleanTalk so that you can decide if you should use CleanTalk instead of the existing anti-spam services and plugins. Getting started, we will introduce the CleanTalk plugin.


Plugin CleanTalk WordPress - Introduction and how it works

Basically, CleanTalk is a WordPress plugin to combat spam comments, subscriptions and contact forms! However, it should be noted that CleanTalk is not the usual anti-spam plugin, but rather an installation tool and never looked back at the innovative methods used to combat spam more effectively. To understand how CleanTalk works when fighting spam, you need to know the working principle of CleanTalk.


This is what happens when a spam bot tries to comment on your website post: after submitting the comment, the details are sent to the cloud server of CleanTalk and these details are cross-checked with the database. Data giant of CleanTalk to know if it is spam or not. If the response is positive, the comment will be deleted immediately; instead, if the answer is negative, it will be published immediately. All of this happens in seconds and you'll never have to worry about comments and spam subscriptions after installing the CleanTalk WordPress plugin. Since it doesn't use CAPTCHA, calling CleanTalk is the simplest way to distinguish between people and bots!

That's all about the working principle of the CleanTalk WordPress plugin and it's the one worth checking out! CleanTalk is available for most popular CMS, like Drupal, Magento and Joomla. Now, we will share our experience with you when using this plugin.

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Install and use CleanTalk for WordPress

Along with the Install and Forget feature, CleanTalk also includes a simplified installation process! In fact, there are 2 steps to setting up CleanTalk in the website provided by WordPress - create a CleanTalk account, download and install the plugin; Both are quite simple.


However, you can download the WordPress CleanTalk plugin by searching in the built-in plugins directory and the installation process will finish quickly. When you click the button to activate CleanTalk, you will see the page that requires the CleanTalk access lock to move forward. To get the access code, you'll need to create a CleanTalk account, which takes only a few seconds. Once you've pasted the access code in the corresponding location, you've done it - you have secured the WordPress website.

By default, CleanTalk will analyze the content submitted to the comment form, registration form, contact form and custom contact form, although you can access the advanced options page to customize. these features, when you want to exclude a custom contact form from the list. You can decide whether you want to delete spam comments immediately or be saved to the SPAM folder.


SPAM analysis

If you check the CleanTalk dashboard, there is a lot to analyze! There, on the dashboard, you can see the details of the website you have secured with CleanTalk and how many legitimate comments / spam have been sent and approved (or deleted).


Once you've got enough data to figure out how many legitimate and spam comments you can see, the Analytics section can tell you everything you want. And, when you go to the Settings section, you can have the options to set up comment moderation manually by setting parameters and some other features that can move spam comments into a specific folder instead of delete them. In addition, a log is kept to give you information about each comment and comment, be it a bot or a person.

Price - You have to pay

CleanTalk is the premium version, although it is offering a 14-day free trial that seems to be powerful enough to force most people to get the premium version. There are two types of plans available. First, you have to pay according to how many websites you want to keep secure - if you want to keep your website secure, it only pays $ 8 per year; instead, if you have 10 websites, it costs $ 46 per year. However, in the second category, only 3000 comments can be checked every day, but you can secure as many websites as you want. Please note, the limit of 3000 comments only applies to legal comments while not restricting requests for spam comments or other spam requests. The selection depends only on your requirements and budget. We find that the price is quite reasonable, especially when considering its top features.


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Without a doubt, CleanTalk Antispam is one of the best WordPress plugins we've ever encountered! While the plugin's Install and Forget nature makes things simple enough, the daily updated information about robots and spam content makes us confident about the cloud-based robot separation process. And, since there is no CAPTCHA type and any related tests, that's great from a usability perspective. In short, CleanTalk has impressed us, in every way.