Choose the best web hosting and Web Hosting service


Choose the best web hosting and Web Hosting service - Most people are looking for a web host for them to write articles or sell products online. Shared hosting is what you need for that.

Below is an introduction to the types of services available. Whether you are simply looking for a hosting service or a search expert beyond that, it will get you on the right track.

Shared server


The internet service provider owns the server, who has hosting services for different websites. Its downside is that certain data and web tools are not available. However, it offers a cost advantage - it's usually cheaper than other types of services.

Dedicated server


Dedicated web hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, but it will operate larger websites with massive traffic.

The main advantage is guaranteed uptime: 99% or more. Dedicated hosting helps you choose and pay for the features you want. This helps you run the software that is best suited for the business.

You should have no problems with other sites using the same virus referral server. If you choose the right dedicated server, you will have an external firewall to maximize security.

VPS hosting


VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a combination of shared and dedicated web hosting. The server is external, located in a remote data center. It has its own bandwidth, disk space and operating system. In fact, it is a dedicated server but in the form of partitions in a larger data center.

VPS has more control over the web environment than shared hosting without hosting costs.

If other websites on the server have sudden traffic, it will affect users with the same sharing service but it will not affect the VPS service. This is because the server part is not affected by any user. The main drawback is the cost on shared hosting. VPS is significantly more expensive than shared hosting and the price will be banned for websites. You have to choose VPS wisely. If it lacks web space, you will find it impossible to expand resources.


A shared hosting service is full of amateur and professional websites. Dedicated storage is an option for large businesses with large amounts of data stored and large numbers of customers. Need a dedicated server that will use VPS while the business grows. Lower costs, but tend to be expanded into a fully dedicated web hosting service.

When using the reseller service to host multiple domains - one domain per page, instead of using the subdomain after one primary domain. This is better for SEO purposes, and will be discussed later.

Share web hosting company online

The following shared web hosting services are currently available online.



HostGator has all of the above options. You will get shared web hosting for under $ 5 monthly and unlimited storage and bandwidth. The HostGator VPS service is relatively cheap at $ 39.95 monthly after the first month at $ 31.96. You get 500 GB bandwidth, 30 GB drive capacity and 768 MB RAM. The processing speed is 1.13 GHZ.

The sharing service is great, with unlimited subdomains - meaning you can run as many domains or websites, as you like from one account. This is a cPanel hosting service that has the tools you need to run a website like installing WordPress with just one click. For more details on HostGator, read HostGator's Review.

HostGator's shared hosting price is $ 3.95 / month for the previous 3 years ($ 142.20), or $ 7.96 payable monthly.



Bluehost is not always honest with the price and you will find yourself paying more than expected. It now also has VPS and dedicated hosting, as they promised. The price is a bit higher than HostGator: the advertised price is $ 3.49 and they advertise a free domain name.

However, when purchasing a trial, the price must be paid 36 months in advance for this price. In addition, the free domain name is only applied when the Pro option is at $ 13.95 / month.



Dreamhost has shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud storage services. Support is an issue and Dreamhost does not use cPanel.

That said, the service hosts more than a million websites and many use it like that.



iPageiPage is rated excellent. With a $ 1.99 introductory offer, up to 12 months upfront, this is great value for shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and domain name. 24/7 phone or email support plus live chat.

Free domain registration for one year and free domain transfer. iPage does not have cPanel, but uses a separate control panel called VDeck. Those who use it believe it is as good as cPanel, but don't use it, can't comment. It is claimed to be better, has bigger functionality along with shopping cart and credit card flexibility.

However, iPage only has shared web hosting service. If you are looking for VPS, dedicated hosting or reseller packages, then you will have to look elsewhere

Dedicated hosting service:



InMotion is a respected dedicated service that also receives great reviews. Its services start at $ 119.95 / month in the previous 12 months, or $ 149.95 monthly. This service with dual core and 2 threads has a bandwidth of 4.0 TB / month, 2 GB RAM and 1 × 160 GB storage along with 5 IP addresses.

There are 5 levels of service, Top business class priced at $ 595.95 / month for the previous 12 months or $ 645.95 monthly, both set free. This class has 12 cores with 24 threads, 10 TB bandwidth / month, 32 GB RAM, 1200 GB SS 15K storage (3 x 600 B) plus 15 IP addresses. It also comes with RAID-5 storage technology with 512 MB NV cache controller.

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HostGator starts at $ 174 / month with the first month being $ 139, more expensive than InMotion.

The bandwidth is 10 TB, which is higher than the lowest level of InMotion. The drive is 500 GB RAID-1 - different service levels. Has 4 GB RAM, 5 IP addresses and a 2.3 GHz processor speed compared to the 2.4 GHz advertised at the lowest InMotion. Better service level at a higher price.

HostGator's leading shared hosting service, PRO package, is $ 374 / month. Save money when using HostGator coupon codes. You have the same bandwidth of 10 TB, 16 RAM, 1 TB RAID-1 drive and 5 IP addresses. You also get a 3.3 GHz processor.

Again, prices tend to vary with storage space. InMotion has a significantly wider range of dedicated hosting services than HostGator. GoDaddy and 1 & 1 Hosting have good dedicated hosting packages, but InMotion gets the best reviews and is considered the best out there.

Archive for WordPress


The above services are suitable for hosting wordpress websites. One recommended tool is WP Engine. This company is unique in that it will only host WordPress websites.

Because it's dedicated to WordPress control pages - like any expertise, you have to pay for it. At $ 30 / month with a limit of 25,000 visitors / month. Once traffic reaches this number, you must upgrade to the $ 100 / month plan. That helps 100,000 visitors / month and up to 10 websites.

Therefore, WP Engine is not for hobby sites. You convert customers to cover web hosting costs. Here are the advantages of using WP Engine as a WordPress hosting company:



The site will load at a very fast speed - much faster than HostGator, GoDaddy or Bluehost. This in itself is worth a lot for the monthly cost, the slow loading speed makes visitors leave the page before the homepage is loaded.


Support is excellent. Because WP Engine is specific to WordPress, employees are experts at using WordPress with hosting services. They will help you when you encounter problems. It will save the use of WP forums and hope someone answers the question.


WP Engine staff will help you install WordPress correctly and install it in the safest way.

The staff know all about WordPress and resolve any problems you encounter. How many times have you had problems with the software - setting up or trying to find the best plugin for that particular purpose? It is worth the price just for this expertise.

Program of web hosting agent

Reseller package is good if you want to run web hosting business. When reseller web hosting accounts have other uses besides reselling to customers.

Many people use reseller accounts to manage multiple domains better than they use subdomains. You will get better rankings when choosing a full domain name on a separate account rather than subdomains on a shared account. Reseller accounts help you have your own custom DNS server identity. This also helps in ranking domain names and reliability.



HostGator has a shared hosting service, VPS and a dedicated web hosting service in addition to reseller accounts, you will move from a shared account to a reseller account. As your business grows, you move onto VPS and then to different levels of dedicated web hosting.

This is a natural transition and because you are using the same company, HostGator will help you with each conversion will be almost seamless. So web hosting agent is helpful. It is also helpful to grow the business and get the best search rankings.



ResellerClub is another option if you intend to resell web hosting. Part of the Directi Group, ResellerClub received mixed reviews.

The service ranked 9th in the Web Magazine's Top 10 Web Hosting Awards 2012, behind only HostGator at 7, so it can't be bad.

Heart Internet & GoDaddy:


The 2012 top prize for the agency section is UK’s Heart Internet. The company has a high quality reseller hosting service for £ 34.99 (~ $ 53) monthly. GoDaddy is another popular company, but it didn't make it to the top 10. One problem with such a list of awards is that they are often based on opinions.

Where reseller web hosting packages are of interest, it seems to be a very private option. They choose HostGator due to their long experience in web hosting, and others prefer GoDaddy for the same reason. Heart Internet won the award and ResellerClub has lovers and hates.

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Web hosting packages are available for amateur and professional internet marketers. Amateur people will start with shared hosting under $ 10 / month for a fairly comprehensive control panel service like cPanel.

Businesses will use VPS or dedicated hosting service depending on their size. Using an agent package instead of a subdomain on a primary domain will be better for search rankings and will advance to VPS and the level of dedicated web hosting as they expand.

WP Engine is a great service for WordPress sites, but it's expensive. So more suitable for professional WordPress sites with high conversion rates. Web hosting is a very personal option and the hosting company will depend on your needs and budget.