Cheap WordPress Hosting Options For Website


Cheap WordPress hosting option for websites - When you are offered cheap web hosting, make sure you understand why it's cheap! Most web hosting services advertise cheap monthly costs, but this usually involves advance payments for 12, 24 or even 36 months of hosting.

If you are looking for cheap hosting, you may be short of cash until you have your website. So what reason do these hosting companies think you can afford to pay nearly $ 100 upfront? Or even $ 144 in the last 3 years?

Remember that you don't need to sign up for a shared web hosting service if you just want to run a WordPress website, although professional WordPress hosting tends to cost more. There are two basic types of web hosting services suitable for WordPress websites:

Regular Web Hosting

With regular web hosting services, such as HostGator and Bluehost, you can install WordPress from the control panel and run your website as your main website or as a subdomain on your website.

Main website: Most web hosting services provide unlimited domain names. This means you can run as many websites as you like with your hosting account, among them your website. If you choose to run your website on your own domain, you must first pay and register the domain name, then point the DNS details to your web server. You can register a specific domain name for your website, which will appear as in addition to paying for other domain names to run as separate websites on your hosting service.

Subdomain: Subdomains means you can have your regular website and run your website in a separate directory on your website. It will then have the web address or URL in the form of instead of just In this case, you do not need to register and pay for the name ‘mywebsite’, only with the domain ‘’.

Expert WordPress web hosting


There are several hosting companies that offer hosting services just for WordPress. With managed hosting like WPEngine, the host ensures that you are using the latest updates, plugins and also maximizes your website's security and speed. Website functions, keeping you focused on content, SEO and advertising.

Here are a selection of cheap WordPress hosting options for websiter who want to keep their initial spending low until they make satisfactory money on their website so they can be self-sufficient. However, don't use the word 'cheap' in search, as most reputable web hosting services will use the term ‘low cost’.

Free web hosting


Before we begin, just a word of warning about free web hosting. There is no such thing as an 'Free' online. If you get something for free, there's a reason for it. With web hosting usually means there are more or less the following problems:

  • Malware or adware is being downloaded to your computer.

  • You pay a high price after the ‘Free trial’ period.

  • You have ads on your website that you cannot delete.

  • Your website looks cheap and not what you want if you want to have a serious impact on your customers and potential customers.

  • Your website lacks functionality.

  • You get very little or even no support if you have problems.

  • Your website can be opened for hacking: security is your problem, not theirs.

Plus others that you might come across if you choose free web hosting; A serious potential problem is that your website may be closed without notice, for no apparent reason. You may have violated some obscure service conditions or people who run ‘free services’ may close their activities. We will focus here on some cheap hosting services that you can use to keep your website hosting costs to a minimum.

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Cheap WordPress hosting options

The cheap web hosting services that we recommend here are reliable and provide a great service for the price they charge. In each case, when you check prices, make sure you understand the difference between monthly payments (if that's the option offered) and prepay (this is normal for all servers). .) Here are the aspects of each server, which you need to check:

  • There are any limits on the bandwidth or number of documents you can upload and download.

  • What type of server do they have and are they fast?

  • Because they provide WordPress installation with just one click.

  • Because they offer unlimited domain and subdomain names - in case you want to start your regular website with your website.

  • Is their support good: is there 24/7 phone support or online chat?

That said, here are our top picks for cheap WordPress hosting that answers all of the above questions:

Bluehost - Web hosting for WordPress

Bluehost usually offers cheap options for people looking for WordPress hosting, for example:

Bluehost is a highly regarded web host for regular websites and WordPress websites. It marks the above requirements for good, cheap web hosting and provides WordPress installation with just one click. Support is excellent, live chat and free phone support worldwide.

You also get a money-back guarantee at any time and unlimited email accounts, domain names. You can get a free domain name and in general, Bluehost is considered a reliable web hosting service that provides all you may need when starting a WordPress website. However, as stated earlier, cheap may not be all that BlueHost has.


Price $ 3.95 / month based on the 36-month prepayment for the Starter package with only domain name and 100 GB storage This is good if you have only a WordPress website and no additional websites.

You may be interested in the first 12 months, or maybe 24 months. However, Bluehost advertised $ 3.95 is only applied before 36 months, so you have to pay $ 237 to get started. But what if you want to try the website for two or three months?

That is hard to do but you can pay your Bluehost account monthly, even if it will be more than when you commit to the whole year at $ 5.45 / month ($ 65.40) ) is not? The answer is no! The minimum you can pay with Bluehost is one year in advance. Unlike HostGator (below), you cannot pay monthly. However, even then, prices are still very low for a premium web hosting service that provides doors to websites, email addresses, subdomains and databases.


HostGator offers a service similar to Bluehost, with a base price of $ 7.95 / month for 12 months, although in this case you get unlimited storage with one of your domain names. Go to the next level and you get unlimited domains. HostGator charges $ 5.95 for 36 months.


Each plan offers you unlimited storage and bandwidth. Business Services also gives you free private IP, SSL and toll free numbers.

HostGator check all support boxes and also provides WordPress installation by click from cPanel. It is hard to distinguish between Bluehost and HostGator, although Bluehost has its own modified cPanel format. We like the standard cPanel layout as provided by HostGator, but it's really just a matter of preference. There is nothing to choose between two other things than the price.


Dreamhost only offers shared hosting packages, like most of the above packages provide everything unlimited. Dreamhost starts at $ 10.95 for monthly payments, down to $ 7.95 / month for 3 years of prepayment. Standard web hosting runs cPanel, with WordPress installation in one click. The company also offers a dedicated WordPress hosting service.


They also offer a 14-day free trial, although the benefits of the free trials are suspicious when you have to transfer your domain name to use it correctly on your website. However, there are many ways to perform such tests with your working website without transferring it permanently. Check out the post on our website that shows you how to test a new server before converting.

Dreamhost is more expensive than Bluehost or HostGator, but it provides great support and the company's Hosting service solves a lot of problems when using WordPress. This is also worth a few more dollars each month. You can automatically update to the latest WP version, built-in image themes and a high level of security on your website.


Justhost provides shared hosting, VPS, and is suitable for beginners with experienced websiter. It provides excellent 24/7 support with 1: 1 support until your problem is solved. Justhost is offering an introductory discount, starting at an equivalent price of just $ 3.95 / month for a period of 36 months. The monthly price is $ 7.99 normally.


The Starter pack for websites, includes a free domain name even if only 100 GB of web space is allowed. You are also limited to 5 unused domain names and 25 subdomains. If you want more, the Plus option gives you everything unlimited and is the most popular option.

Justhost is a relatively new service with less history behind it than these. However, the people who use it give it great reviews, its support is unbeatable and it is a viable option for cheap WordPress hosting options that are more set for websiter. . You can install WordPress with just one click.


iPage also offers free domain names, along with unlimited space and bandwidth. You can sign up for a special referral price of $ 2.49 / month with a 24-month advance payment instead of the standard $ 7.99. If you go to the registration page then leave without registering, you will be offered an exit offer for $ 1.99 / month.

iPage offers shared hosting, dedicated VPS and WordPress, with unlimited domains and great 24/7 support via email, phone or live chat. This service has its own on-site control called VDeck.


This seems to be a great low-cost web hosting option, including a WordPress hosting option that eliminates the hassle of setting up and serving WP websites. It is a good choice for both new and professional websiter.

When a free domain name is included, so pay it back if you switch servers or bid for that host. It can be awkward if you can't, or don't have a chance to do that, because you might lose your brand. Check this out before signing up. Your web host may or may not come to an agreement with you on domain ownership if you decide to switch.

You can find special offers on each of these WordPress hosting options at different times throughout the year.

Free WordPress hosting

Like the free web hosting discussed earlier, you can find some free hosting options online that also require specific hosting of your WordPress website. Avoid these at all costs, because they can close your website at any time without giving you any reason. You can also get hosting for two dollars, but be careful with such cheap deals.

Sure, they can work well for you at some point, but if they close, or even get faulty or security leaks, you have nowhere to seek help. Free WordPress hosting service has no commitments or obligations to you or your website. You can lose everything in the blink of an eye.

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WordPress WordPress hosting tool


This was mentioned in the past as it is not a cheap WordPress hosting option at $ 29 / month. However, if you want to pay a little more for dedicated WordPress hosting by WP experts, then WP Engine is for you.

You can learn more about this and the WordPress hosting options above on our web hosting website posts.

There are many different cheap WordPress web hosting options for websiter. The options above are our choice. We cannot recommend one on the other. However, if you want to update your WordPress website with the latest versions and plugins, then the WordPress expert server is likely to be the best, although most people involved in website writing work perfectly with HostGator, their cheap Bluehost and Dreamhost accounts.