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If you are a regular moviegoer, you are a movie lover, then surely there is nothing strange with the name anymore, right!

That's right When you search for a movie title, the first result is almost always This is really a very powerful free movie streaming website in Vietnam, with all types and quality of movies as well.

This is a Vietnamese-created website that allows you to watch the latest blockbusters free of charge, updated daily without a ticket, and to the cinema.

While it's free for you to watch the movie, sometimes ads will pop up, making you watch it before you can watch the next movie - or appear subtle ads like gambling and physiology. It makes you quite shy to see them with others.

But this is quite normal for a free movie site, and can be said to be acceptable. Because I think that an advertisement is needed in order for the site to work, and there is a free movie for you to watch.

I only encourage you to turn off ads in certain cases only, the rest should still be advertising to support the author. Saying that does not mean that I am promoting pirated movies, copyrighted films, do not misunderstand.

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That said, you probably already understand the problem, and in this article, I will show you how to block ads on with an extension on Google Chrome, which automatically bypasses all socks. ads while watching movies on!

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Watch movies without ads with Ads Skipping

For those of you who are not sure, there are 2 types of advertising on

  • One is an ad that attaches to a webpage, which is already below the movie player - you can click it - and you can't use ADBlock to block it either. But I think this does not need to turn off because it does not affect you at all, so leave it to support the development team.
  • The second ad is just like on YouTube, a promotional video will appear when you have just opened the movie or in the middle of the movie, it depends. This ad is quite annoying, you have to watch all or wait at least 5 seconds to skip and continue watching the movie.

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This utility will help you automatically skip video ads when watching movies, in addition it also has a few other functions such as: Turn off ads, direct links to larger video watch pages.

This is a free extension on the Chrome Web Store, and was created by a friend named Khoi-Phong-Le 2 years ago, although it hasn't been updated yet, it still works extremely well.

Now let's get started:

// Note: The extension works well on Google Chrome, Coc Coc, Microsoft Edge Chromium, and browsers that use the Chromium kernel.

+ Step 1: Click on the link below to install the utility => then click the button Thêm vào Chrome => and select Thêm tiện ích When a confirmation pop-up appears.

Utility installation link: Ads Skipping

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+ Step 2: After installing the utility, go to the movie you want to watch on Phimmoi, right below the video player, there will be an option Tư động tắt.

This is also the main function of the utility, which helps automatically skip advertisements when watching movies. Remember to tick this box for the utility to work.

Besides, when you click on Direct link it will open a larger video page for you, generally nothing special.

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This is the page when you click on the line Direct Link next to the option to turn off ads.

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Yes, I have just guided you how to block ads on very effectively already.

This is a nice utility as it gives you a more comfortable, great movie watching experience.

However, once again, I do not encourage you to use it because even though it is also the effort of, advertising is a source of funding for website maintenance as well as finding and sub movie, who doesn't need money right?

Hope you will have moments of interesting relaxation, comfort with friends and relatives. I wish you happy movie!

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