BackUp Maker Professional v7 Full Crack - Software for backup and data recovery Windows

    BackUp Maker Pro v7 Ascomp is a free data backup solution for Windows. It automatically backs up your files and folders on schedule or when something changes and it can create new backups or add changes to existing backups. It does not create a system image, so it cannot restore your entire system, even though Windows Backup did that. Best for backing up important daily files and folders. BackUp Maker Standard Edition is a free, full-featured software that displays a sesame display on startup and when the backup is complete.

    BackUp Maker Pro v7
    BackUp Maker Pro v7

    The user interface of BackUp Maker displays the prominent Backup and Restore buttons above the compact list view to display available backups. The program offers two modes, a beginner mode based on the wizard and an expert mode with more control; Basically, expert mode uses 12 steps for what the new regime starts to do throughout the year. They both start with Step 1, Data selection, with two options: Simple selection, grouping data by Library, Bookmarks and Email and File & Folder, allowing us to directly select items to back up from tree view and program list.

    BackUp Maker also provides Filter Options to exclude files, including by size; Automation, to enable backup after intervals, on system events such as logging and by date and month; Enforce execution, allowing you to tell the program how to catch up with missed or missed backups; Backup type, to specify full or differential backup; and other settings such as Privacy and Procedures. BackUp Maker can save backups to various destinations, including CD / DVD burner, FTP client and IntelliVault account. We chose the private hard drive we used to back up the system, choose the backup type and other settings, name our backup copy and save backup definition. When we are ready, we have selected our backup in the list view and press Execute. BackUp Maker has quickly created our backups and also quickly (and automatically) restored our files when we ran the Restore tool.

    BackUp Maker Professional v7
    BackUp Maker Professional v7

    We still recommend that you regularly create a full system image backup using Windows Backup or a similar program. The best use of BackUp Maker is to protect important data from loss or damage with regular, powerful backups.

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    Virus, user errors, and computer problems put you at risk of losing important data at any time. Therefore, it is important to secure your files regularly so that in an emergency your computer data can still be accessed. BackUp Maker automatically stores your data and also provides intuitive operation: select your data, set automation options for scheduled backups, choose destinations and instantly, valuable documents. Your data will be transferred in zip format to hard drive, USB flash drive or directly to CD / DVD according to schedule or depending on the circumstances.

    To ensure that your sensitive data is always secure at all times - BackUp Maker provides highly secured encryption up to 256 bits (AES). It also allows you to transfer protected backups to a web server via FTP / FTPS upload. Note to security professionals: You can secure limitless information with BackUp Maker. Only backup new and changed files; Create multiple backup generations as needed; Divide backups on multiple data storage devices and perform random operations before or after backups.

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