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Media effects from 4 minutes of greeting Van Hau

Van Hau's four-minute greeting to the Dutch Heerenveen Club took a lot of media attention. The effect also spread to the Dutch fans and some other countries. Yes, that is just a very normal story. A player enters the game during a football match in Europe, as well as thousands of players who are still playing for other European clubs. But there are two big differences in this match.

first, it is a rare Vietnamese player who plays in Europe, but plays in a prestigious tournament like the Dutch league.

Monday, our players will only play 4 minutes late in the match, including 3 minutes is extra time!

The small factor has ignited an intense communication fire, interspersed with seemingly infinite national pride!

And the other players

Before that, we had to mention the strong media effect from Cong Phuong, another rare Vietnamese player who also competed in Europe for the first time. Then, the previous trips abroad of Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh and Cong Phuong players to Japan, Korea and Thailand.


But look back, all that Vietnamese fans receive is just a backup period of Vietnamese stars in their homeland. They not only have to sit on the bench in Europe, but also the bench at Asian clubs. They sit on the bench in Japan's second tier club, and on the bench in a country where football is only on par with Vietnam like Thailand!

What do you think?

Contrary to the joy and pride of most Vietnamese people, my own besides new hope is sadness and concern!

Sad because many Vietnamese also have the habit of being proud! After a few months on the bench, they just let your pride on the pitch in the last 4 minutes when the match is arranged. So, what do other countries with regular European players have in their minds? Are they laughing at us?

Sad because his country has not yet escaped from the valley, there are no high-class players in Europe. While Japan, Korea .... and many other Asian countries they have exported European players from decades ago, including quite a few successful cases.

Sad because the physical condition of the Vietnamese is too small and weak, not yet able to compete with the world, not only in football, but also in many Olympic sports.

O responsible people!

If you understand that, will sports officials for the country reduce the diet of athletes, work better to improve their physical and skills?

Would the schools be less negative, did not eat less part of the boarding school meals? There are no meals lacking quality?

Food manufacturers are more interested in not to market harmful, poor quality food? Do drug dealers not produce and trade counterfeit drugs? Do market managers reduce negativity so that they do not take bribes and manage food and quality assurance drugs for consumers?

And above all, are the leaders of the country, the officials less corrupt, bribing and working more responsibly to build a mighty country? Only when the economy is strong and strong will it facilitate the physical development of the race and cultivate talents for future generations.

Author: Pham Khuong

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