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When you are poor and you are in front of you, no one will look at you. When you are rich, you are in a deep cave they also visit. The relationship between people was as thin as paper.

In modern life, although we always say that "Money cannot buy everything", in reality, life cannot be separated from money. It is true that money is not everything, it is impossible to buy everything but not having money also means that we are not eligible to buy anything. Living in full physical condition will be completely different in both quality and quantity from a life of inadequate needs. So, even though you can't be rich and fall, don't become a millionaire, you have to at least keep on trying financially, not falling into poverty.

No matter what we say, we cannot deny the fact that money is the clearest mirror to reflect the true nature of things and things happening around them. When falling into the penniless situation, we have the opportunity to personally experience what is a humble life and difficult to understand. When you don't have the money, what do you get to maintain relationships? Use friendship, friendship, or just rely on your tongue in materialistic society now?

In a small village in China, the Zhang family gave birth to two sons. The eldest son is quiet, he has been married for 5 years, both parents work as teachers at a commune school. Salary enough to eat enough pepper, not too difficult if you know how to save a little bit. As a teacher, I also have a lot of free time, my eldest son often comes back to his parents' house to help and support manual work.

In contrast, the second son has a passionate enthusiasm, asking his parents to do business and make a lot of profits. He was engrossed in making money so he was busy, just going back to his parents' house once a year, each time just sitting for half a day, leaving expensive gifts and then going away.


It would be all right after Tet that year, big brother Zhang's son had to be hospitalized for pneumonia for a long time. The cost of hospitalization and medicine is very large, beyond the control of the couple as teachers. They went to the dead end to ask their parents and younger brother to come home. Yet, Mr. and Mrs. Truong said, "I gave all the money to the youngest son to do business", and the young Mr. Zhang bluntly refused because "because of lack of business capital, there is no excess loan."

Big Truong and his wife had to pledge and sell a lot of personal belongings in the house to be able to carry it over that time. Later, they overheard that the young Mr. Truong was very rich, never lacked money but intentionally did not lend money to his siblings because he was afraid that they were too poor to pay and then made an excuse to make money.

In fact, when you are poor and penniless, all relationships, even parents, even brothers, even close friends may despise you. Indeed, poverty is the best time to know the true face of those around you, including those close to you.

The ancients also once said, "What a poor wife, what do you mean?" Meaning "poor couple should be sad and sad." Money is not universal, but without money, doing anything inconvenient. To be honest, being poor is not an incurable disease that scares us. But without money, we have to accept that we will have fewer options, face more difficulties. Only efforts to earn money, give us a full and prosperous life, we can make our existence more fully, are also eligible to help and ask for help from relatives when necessary.

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There is a saying: Save yourself a thick amount, so that someday, even if you lose the favor of anyone, you can still worry about your life. Even though matter cannot bring absolute happiness, it can at least solve most problems in life and bring you out of a lot of sorrow, coming a little closer to happiness. Self-empowered to feed ourselves, we can confidently decide our destiny, no need to depend on anyone.

Be aware that, without a penny, do not say to care for others, to take care of yourself is also difficult enough. At that point, we will realize that there is so much powerlessness in life. In the face of economic difficulties, we cannot make better choices other than giving up. Don't dare to be unemployed, don't dare to be sick, don't dare to spend, day and day out of sorrow for daily life.

As they say, when you are rich, you are in a deep cave they also come to visit; When you are poor, you are in front of the eyes, nobody will look. The relationship between people was as thin as paper. Despite knowing hundreds of people, how many people can reach out to the most difficult time? Or just close relatives, distant friends, unrelated friends, and lover gradually change. Ordinary people who can eat and drink, look like deep-hearted companions, will also find a way to evade each phone call for our help.

So, when you can, use your ability to strive to make money, use your money to protect your self-worth and build your position. Having enough conditions at hand, we are not afraid of natural disasters, can be assured of illness and care. It is not just a mental training, but also a need to develop both quality and competence. There are truths to be faced as soon as possible, do not let the old age be transparent.

Pham Khuong

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