2020 Coming - VHW offers Hosting & Theme copyright for readers | Fun Learning Web-Sharing knowledge and IT resources

VHW TEAM continues to offer Hosting - Themes & Plugins gift program for the new year 2020!

  • Gift A - Get 3 months Hosting + Install copyrighted theme
  • Gift B - Get 1 year of hosting when registering for Membership

a. Gift A - Give Hosting & Install free copyright theme

The free Hosting Program + Copyright theme / plugin will continue to run until the end of 2019.



After the Black Friday program, you will receive 6 months of Tinohost Hosting for 5 of you. VHW Team still offers the following 6 hosting options:

  • 2 capacity of Tinohost Cloud Hosting 1GB SSD - 6 months
  • 4 StableHost Phoenix (US) capacity 1GB SSD - 12 months

Comes with support to install copyrighted theme on a site as shown below.


Finished - see the list below

Surely you have heard about TinoHost - a hosting company that is hosting very well in Vietnam, has been introduced in many big blogs.

I (the person in charge of the blog) has received a number of contacts from TinoHost, but the VHW Admin is quite difficult to recommend Hosting, so the VHW blog before only introduces the services that Team experienced when designing the web for customers, and new services or ads are hardly posted on the blog.

In response to the enthusiasm of TinoHost, VHW has offered to offer 5 hosting capacity - 1GB SSD storage and 6 months of continuous use, to give you on this occasion.

VHW will also support installing free auto-copyrighted theme on a Website in these Hosting packages for you, you can choose to install one of the following themes:

  1. Astra Pro - Astra Premium Sites
  2. OceanWP (and Premium)
  3. GeneratePress Premium
  4. Deep Theme

The auto update license will be valid for 1 year, after that you can still use the full features normally, just not update the new versions anymore.

Note about Gift A
  1. VHW offers you 5 hosting packages from TinoHost for you to experience the service here and share your experience so that VHW can objectively evaluate the quality of Tinohost's service and decide whether to introduce it in the long term or not.
  2. If you really need to use, then register because 3 months is not too long, if not use immediately will waste.
  3. VHW will guide you to backup the copyrighted site, in case after 3 months of unsatisfactory experience, you can move the site to another hosting.
  4. VHW will reactivate the site if you move to another hosting 1 month before the expiry and share your TinoHost experience with VHW, if you move the site right after receiving hosting, VHW will not support activating the key again.

TinoHost is a domestic hosting service which is invested fairly and enthusiastically (although there are still many problems in the design and content on the homepage).

VHW hopes this service will become AZDIGI's main rival, in order to promote higher and higher quality of Vietnam Hosting service!


  1. Process - 1 pack of TinoHost 1GB SSD for 6 months
  2. Sabo - 1 pack of TinoHost 1GB SSD for 6 months
  3. Tran Loc - 1 pack of TinoHost 1GB SSD for 6 months
  4. Nguyen Thanh Duy - 1 package of TinoHost 1GB SSD for 6 months
  5. Nguyen Cong Phuc - 1 package of TinoHost 1GB SSD for 6 months

And don't forget to share your experience by commenting on the VHW blog!

B. Gift B - Get 1 year of hosting when registering for Membership

Membership Program at wpbanquyen.com of VHW Team is having 50% OFF Lifetime discount.

WPBQ Membership will run a special Black Friday program.

Guys if Register for 1-year Membership package will be given a Hosting package with a term of 12 months:

Priority in order - you can contact to know which hosting packages are available.

Hosting StableHost Location Phoenix - US has resources - load capacity - stability much better than StableHost Singapore, because StableHost Phoenix deploys on new technology - Cluster Server (with a cluster of 50 Servers interconnected together - similar to Cloud Server model).

Meanwhile, StableHost Singapore uses traditional technology - Traditional Server, that is, hosting packages located on a single server.

How to register

Read carefully the information on the Membership page below, if it suits your needs, you should join.

WP Course & Store Membership

If you only need Hosting, you should buy Hosting directly instead of signing up through this gift.

Good luck!