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    Youtube: Google's world's largest video sharing social network has recently updated its user policy, changed its display algorithm and changed its content requirements.

    Among the updated policies, there is a provision that users are very interested in. What is the term? Please join me to find out more details shortly.

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    #first. New terms of Youtube

    Updated Youtube terms have been sent to Gmail for all users. You can search and read messages that Google has sent to you, or you can immediately see the Youtube terms here:

    In particular, there is a provision for maintaining and terminating a user's Google account, based on its commercial viability.

    The full text of the provision is as follows:

    User access or Google account access to users may be terminated in all or part of the service, if YouTube believes that, at its sole discretion, providing the service to users No longer commercially viable.

    In other words: Youtube will delete your account or other content creators' content on their platform, if they are not profitable for them.


    #2. How does this new provision affect?

    Did you watch youtube with your Google account, and Google asked to delete your account?

    The convenience and usefulness of Google makes the number of users very dependent on the services they provide, such as Gmail, Google Map, Youtube, Google Drive, etc. This also means that users who have their accounts deleted will be in huge trouble.

    Although Google can make money from its other services, but according to this policy, it depends on the ability they make money from you only on Youtube, ie money from views, subscriptions, number of times show ads, number of ad clicks, and so on and so forth.

    As for Youtubers or YouTube content creators, their channel must be enough to bring in revenue for YouTube, which is a lot of views, lots of sub (followers) and ads, or at least they Must earn money for Google as a normal user.


    In short, the accounts in the category that may be affected by this policy are: Content creation accounts that are not profitable for YouTube, those that use YouTube but have promotional measures Report, block views or sub views, ...

    However, you don't need to worry that Google might just disable some of your services, instead of completely deleting your Google account. But in any direction, this is still harmful to users.

    # 3. What to do to prevent your account from being hacked?

    Youtube has not yet announced the details of this policy, but users still need to be more vigilant, and the effect of this new policy will start from 10/12/2019.

    You should use genuine YouTube, do content in a large scale, methodically and should use your Google account to view YouTube content while waiting for the channel to be big enough to maintain money for YouTube.

    Yes, that is the most notable point in this new policy update of Youtube. How do you feel about this? Leave a comment below this article. Thank you!

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