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Life is a difficult problem that I am sure no solution is more perfect than experiencing reality.

You know, accurate experience is one of the important keys to help us live better, more mature, and better every day.

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However, not everyone can fully understand this multidimensional problem. Because if we are only engrossed in "spreading", you will still fail to find your own happiness.

"Spread" is not enough, we still need to "experience" anymore 🙂 And in today's article, you guys join us talk about experience - one of the issues that young people are particularly interested in. Let's get started!

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#first. How long is the magical experience?

Technically speaking, experience means experiencing all the ups and downs, sadness and joys in your life in your own life, and then re-experimenting on your own, thereby drawing valuable lessons learned.

Experience will bring us meaningful days. Because when you backpack up and set foot on new roads, you will feel more holistically the beauty of the smallest things.

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Experience also gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves, allowing us to freely waved the creative zone. Since then, the road to success also seems to be wider. Because the person who dares to experience is the one who dares to pioneer in finding new directions that really work.

Of course, you don't always succeed. There will be stumbles, even bitter failures. But life is long and we are still very young, so why are you hesitant to falter?

More importantly, after those failures, what do you learn? At the core of our experience is how we turn every storm of suffering into lessons that help us become stronger and stronger before the harsh life.

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Don't let your insecurity dominate, imprinted your strength on the wonderful turning points of life. Because one day, when you are no longer in this world, all you bring with you will be just sweet memories, rich experiences that you have gained during the years devoted to lifetime.

#2. Are You Experiencing The Right Meaning?

We all know the benefits and the magical power of experience, but let us turn to the issue to make sure the article is the most objective.

Don't forget that experience only really makes sense when we're on the right track. That means that the things we venture into are all worthwhile.

Because besides the good things, there are still many dangerous temptations, always lurking and seeking to knock you out whenever you are!

Be alert to distinguish clearly right and left, towards healthy things, away from bad things.

Be careful, because if you experience only to know the smell of alcohol, dance floor, dance hall, ... then sooner or later you will become the version that day, myself hate the most.

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Another thing to note, is to know your strength. Do not try to continue the game when you know you will fail.

Experience does not mean risking your life to plunge into things that are out of reach. Because then you will only get hurt after consecutive failures only.

Remember ! Be flexible in any situation to become a wise person. And then you will have all the necessary conditions to reach the highest peak of this life!

# 3. Epilogue

If you have accompanied me to the end of this page, then I hope we all can experience and feel the full range of surprises that life gives!

I wish you success, do not forget to leave positive feedback for blog development every day!

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