WordPress Website Typeface And How To Improve It

Type Website font WordPress And Ways to Improve - The fonts you use on your website can have a big impact on how your site feels to your visitors. Are you writing for an official audience or a casual audience? An audience looking for a feminine lifestyle website or an advanced technology website? The choices you make about your WordPress website's typeface show an immediate atmosphere for what your visitors are seeing, even before they read a word.

Many WordPress themes come with carefully selected fonts and are paired by designers, but some are quite simple. Or perhaps you want to use a theme for a purpose other than its original purpose and the font choices that the designer makes no longer meet your goals.

Perhaps you just want to refresh everything without having to go through sometimes difficult processes to switch to a new topic. In any case, adjusting fonts on your WordPress website is a great way to change the look of your website without investing a lot of time and effort.

How to improve your WordPress website typeface

This post will cover some easy ways to change and improve your WordPress website's typeface and fonts, from going into settings for your theme, to using a sectional built-in plugin. destination.

Some typography rules to keep in mind

To make reading your content more interesting, you need to choose the font size and number of characters per readable line. To do this, you can use the Golden Ratio Calculator. Just enter your content width and it will give you the perfect font size and line height suggestions for your paragraphs and titles.


Once you have these suggestions, you can integrate them with your website in a number of different ways.

For a manual approach, just follow these instructions to identify the elements to edit in your custom CSS. You can put your code in the box below Layout> Edit CSS.


Note. Here is a short tutorial on how you can add custom fonts in ThemeIsle themes by this method.

Change your font through theme settings

The options you have for editing your WordPress website's typefaces vary from theme to theme. Some themes give you maximum control over font, size, and color if you dig into the settings, while others give you next to no control (I'm looking up to you, the default WordPress theme).

For example, here are the font settings from a theme I installed on one of my websites:


Compare that to Twenty F Ten, which only allows you to change the color of the text on your website and nothing about the font:website-wordpress-style-and-how-to-run

Since this is completely different from topic to topic, you should first find the font settings. Install the theme either usually under the Appearance section of the admin panel menu, or in its new menu section under the name of the theme. If you find font settings for your theme, it's great - that would be the easiest way to change the font of your website. But if you don't see them, don't despair, keep reading.

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Change your font using a plugin

Due to the lack of default font settings in WordPress, developers have released a large number of typefaces. Out of all the options available, there are two in particular that I would recommend. One of them is extremely simple and easy to use, while the other gives you a little more control:

  1. Style


Styleguide is a free WordPress plugin that extends into the WordPress Live Customizer, an integrated feature that allows you to preview changes you want to make to your website before making them. It adds 45 of the most popular Google Fonts in the Colors & Fonts menu, which is an adaptation of the current Colors menu available by default.

Google Fonts is one of the most convenient web font libraries because all fonts are free, even for commercial purposes. If you're looking for more font options, Font Squirrel (unofficial) is another free WordPress plugin that takes web fonts from Font Squirrel using their official API.

After searching for the plugin, installing it on your website and activating it, you can customize the website's font in Layout> Customize in the WordPress menu. This will open the Live Customizer. After you click Colors & Fonts, your options will look like this:website-wordpress-style-and-how-to-run

From here, you can choose a font for your site title and a font to use for content and titles. For example, you can also choose the default, normal or bold font weight. When you make changes, they will be displayed in the live preview to the right of the options.

This WordPress website typography plugin is very easy to use, but it is somewhat limited. All your titles will have the same font as body text, only at predefined sizes and weights. There is also no setting in this plugin to change the color of specific titles or other paragraph styles. Styleguide is a great option if you need something super fast and easy, but not the best option if you need to change the font details and the color of specific titles.

  1. Google's WP font


In case you want to set specific font and font weight for certain titles, WP Google Fonts is the plugin for you. As one of the most popular free WordPress font plugins, it has more than 100,000 active installs plus an average of 4 stars rating and it's the plugin I regularly use when setting up a new WordPress site.

In addition to allowing you to choose from over 100 Google web fonts, you can choose the weight you need, check which styles to apply and even enter custom CSS. Using this plugin, you can customize up to six different fonts and what they apply to. (Not that you should use a lot - the font looks most professional when you only pair two or at most three.)


When you're done adjusting the settings for your fonts, remember to click the blue Save all fonts button to apply the changes to your website.

Unfortunately, you cannot preview changes to your site before they are released directly with the WP Google Fonts plugin, unlike Styleguide, but the level of customization you get is worth it.

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Changing the website's typeface in WordPress is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the mood of your website, whether you finish it through theme installation, WordPress Live Customizer or a free plugin. like Styleguide or WP Google Fonts.