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In jobs like designing leaflets, advertisements, timetables ... when you want to rotate vertical, horizontal, diagonal .... How to make the text more prominent and neat?

Yes, in this article I will guide you 3 ways to Rotate text in Word The simplest and easiest way. So let's begin.

Rule: If the word is not written, it cannot be rotated, you must insert a certain tool into Word => then write the word into that tool => then we rely on that tool to rotate in our direction want.

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#first. Use the Textbox and Shapes tools to rotate text in Word

The two tools are similar in usage, so I'll put them into one to guide you guys.


+ Step 1: Go to Tab Insert => select Shapes, if you want to use Texbox to rotate then you choose Textbox, if you want to use it Shapes then choose the square as shown below.

how-to-cycle-in-word (1)

+ Step 2: Use mouse to insert into Word

**** For Textbox

how-to-cycle-in-word (2)

Click on it Textbox to enter content into the object.

how-to-cycle-in-word (3)

*** For Shapes

If you draw a square, right-click => select Add Text to enter content in ..

how-to-cycle-in-word (4)

The blue square we turn to white gives the same background color, by double clicking the mouse will immediately move to the Tab Fomat, place of tools group Shapes Style then you choose white.

how-to-cycle-in-word (5)

+ Step 3: After you have entered the content, now you want to rotate the text, then you select the object, the arrow above appears, you rotate which direction you want.

how-to-cycle-in-word (6)

The results will display as follows:

how-to-cycle-in-word (7)

Now we will remove the outer border to make the text more natural.

+ Step 4: Click on the border, it will immediately move through the Tab Format. Next, you tick on Shape Outline => and then select No Outline to remove frame borders around the content.

how-to-cycle-in-word (8)

You can also choose to change the direction of text by clicking on Text Box, or Shape using => then go to card Format => click on Text Direction => and choose the direction you want.

how-to-cycle-in-word (9)

#2. Use WordArt to rotate text in Word

+ Step 1: Into the Insert => then click WordArt => select any art font type => Then write the content.

how-to-cycle-in-word (10)

+ Step 2: To rotate the content above WordArt => select the content and then drag the mouse on the arrow rotate and rotate in the direction you want.

how-to-cycle-in-word (11)

Or you want to flip horizontal, vertical, you select the content => then select on Tab Format, move to item Rotate Click the down arrow => select the angle you want to rotate.

how-to-cycle-in-word (12)

# 3. How to rotate text in a Word table

The styles of rotation above cannot be applied to tables, so we have to use another way.

After drawing tables and designing content to rotate text in the table, we perform the following steps:

Perform: Scan / select the content you want to rotate => then go to Tab Layout (or Page Layout) => and then click the item Text Direction => select the direction you want to rotate.

how-to-cycle-in-word (13)


how-to-cycle-in-word (14)

Note: You just choose the corresponding position in the image, the text will immediately rotate like that

Alternatively, you can also flip the text by highlighting the word => then right-clicking => and then clicking Text Direction.

how-to-cycle-in-word (15)

Display the dialog box Text Direction - Tabel Cell Let us choose the direction of the letters.

how-to-cycle-in-word (16)

# 4. Epilogue

So in this article I have instructed you very detailed on how Rotate text in Word Okay, these are simple but extremely important tasks, which require you to be familiar with how to use Word correctly.

Hopefully this article will be useful for you. Good luck !

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