Why your site is not receiving hits


Why your site is not receiving hits - Being popular on the internet is similar to being popular in schools. Others may be liked right away by the whole school, while another child will be bullied all day. But what determines who becomes famous and who is not popular? We all want to have the right direction and be as popular on the internet as possible, but we tend to mess around along the way. Beginners make mistakes, even experts make mistakes.

You may care a lot about your website, and work to provide them with the content they need, but still not have traffic on your site, or have little, then maybe you did. wrong something.

Therefore, in this article we outlined the basic principles you must do right and the principles you do wrong if you find that your traffic flow fluctuates too much or doesn't exist.

You practice bad SEO

Optimizing your website is a difficult job, because you don't know the exact rules and the engine we know is a search engine with a lot of changes. People around the world are still trying to guess, how does Google rank websites?


Because search engine algorithms change so quickly, you'll most likely use Google's best SEO practice that is no longer working. A lot of professional programmers think they understand search engines well, but they are often confused. They do good SEO on the page, help a lot of search engine robots, but there are many other ranking factors.

Things like your site's loading speed, user interface design, the time users spend on your site, the quality of your content, the resolution of images, internal navigation, organization content and it is all in your overall ranking.

It takes a lot of effort and some clever design to get all of this and you probably did a lot of that wrong if you didn't get traffic.

Another major factor that can be problematic and must be addressed is your backlink profile. If you get low quality links from low quality sites, you cannot expect to get high positions.

If you have not done any formal link building yet, you should definitely review the topic and implement best practices.

One good way to get started is to blog comments. Find top blogs in your niche and ask them if they allow you to write a guest post. If they agree, you can earn one or two quality back links.

For the remaining factors mentioned, all of them must be processed individually.

Your article does not focus on keywords


You will have a very difficult time getting natural traffic to your posts, if they are not built around actual search terms.

Keyword research appears before any posts or any actions you take towards publishing content. Take time to identify all the keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Then, use Google's keyword tool to find tools that have about 1,000 monthly searches for them.

Always include your target keywords in the title and in the first 100 words of your article. They should also be included several times in the body text (one or two), depending on the length of the post.

The competition for your keywords is too high


Targeting highly competitive keywords is a common mistake and it can actually greatly affect your traffic. The more highly competitive a keyword is, the less chance you have of driving natural traffic to your site. That is why it is important to perform thorough keyword research for your website before performing any other task.

For example, if you have a fitness site and write a post about quickly getting a six-pack body, then name it How to get a 6-pack fast. It is the most popular search term that people will use and it is also the most competitive.

There are only 10 positions in the first page of Google, where websites are ranked, based on various ranking factors. Google seeks to provide users with the best content possible, from the websites they find most trusted. Because there are so many websites writing thousands of posts like this one, with this title, your chances of going there will be greatly reduced if you only optimize for this popular keyword.

But if this is what most people are looking for and it is difficult to optimize for these keywords, what should you do?

You can still get a lot of traffic if you just tweak it a bit. Not everyone will ask a question the same way and there are many ways to work with this. For example, we can change the post title to something more specific, such as GetSix Pack abs In A Month.

This way, you will most likely get people to visit your site.

Using long tail keywords is often the better path to take when you create a post or the entire site.

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You have used black hat SEO practices


Low quality content


If you write low quality content with minimal or no value information, then people won't read it over. If people do not find your content interesting, they will not share it or read it.

But people are not the only ones who distinguish between high quality and low quality content. Because search engines are also capable of such distinctions.

Low quality content is hard to work well in search engines and is shared on social media channels. Therefore, it is important that you improve the quality of the content.

Writing best copy practices is beyond the scope of this article, but they will list a few key points:

  • Write shorter paragraphs and sentences (easier to read and more interesting)

  • Includes many visual content, such as images, infographics and videos

  • Use actual data

  • Talk directly to your audience in a friendly way

  • Make sure your content is rich with valuable information

It is also important that you establish a connection with your audience.

Write well-researched comments that give your readers useful information. People and search engines want to see new, unique content, so give it to them.

Your title is not attractive enough


About 80% of people see your title and about 20% of people will read the rest of the content. That is the first impression you make and it has to be strong. The main goal is to make it provocative and fun enough, so that users can't help but click on it.

One of the best ways to find the perfect title is very simple. If you've already set up what your article will say, start trying with different headlines. Write down 3-5 headlines, with your keyword in the first 3 words and choose the best keyword among them.

You do not use social media channels

Social media platforms are one of the main tools for discovering content that people use. How many articles have you reviewed today? You can even find this through a post on social media.


If you don't take advantage of major social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, then you are missing out on a lot of traffic. Social media signals are also important from an SEO perspective. Studies show that posts with a few thousand shares are often among the top 5 results in search engine results.

A lot of businesses take advantage of these channels and get lots of new visitors for their websites. Using them is free and if you invest some money in your advertising, they will be even more effective.

On social media sites, you can find any demographic, so you can certainly find your target audience as well. Once you've done your research as a perfect fan, customer, or business partner, you can build your strategy around it.

Regular posts and paid ads are your main tool here and if you use them wisely, you'll get a lot of traffic as your ROI.

Your website provides an unpleasant user experience


If your user experience is not fluid and engaging, how can you expect people to spend time on your site? Visitors may come to your site to read some of your content, but if they try to go to the rest and get stuck, they will eventually feel frustrated and close the page. So a clear and intuitive navigation system, site structure and a search bar are needed.

Navigation must be seamless, fast, and help users get what they want with minimal steps. If it's responsive and intuitive enough, people will love it.

Your website loads too slowly


The loading speed of your website is said to be part of important search engine rankings. And it also greatly affects the user experience.

For many people with high-speed internet connections all over the world, they expect a website to load in less than 3 seconds. If not, they will exit and never return. Nobody has the patience and time to wait for your site to load, so it's time to optimize your site speed.

If your site is really slow, it could be due to a number of issues. This is usually because you use a low quality hosting service or because your website code is not optimized. It could also be because there are too many images on your site or the rest of the content is too big.

If your site loads faster, you will have a better ranking, which will result in more traffic.

Your website is not optimized for mobile devices


Nearly half of the traffic on the web comes from mobile devices, and if your website is not optimized for them, you won't get any traffic.

Using a good, responsive web design for your website that works on all screen sizes is one of the most important attributes of any successful website in 2019.

You are not promoting your content

It's one thing that when you write your posts and publish them, but people won't see it unless they visit your site. Also, how will they access your site if they don't see your content first?

Nobody cares about your website and you put a lot of effort in writing content on it. This is why you have to spend some time promoting a piece of content, like the money needed to write or create it. Another rule is to spend about 80% of your investment on advertising and 20% on creating content.

Publish your content on social media, keep reaching out to other influencers until they share your content. Do everything in your power to get it published and displayed in the right place, so you can attract the right people to your site.

You have not yet built an email list


You can always send a message to everyone on your email list, after you've published a piece of new content. This is one of the most effective ways to get traffic and sales, so start using it if you haven't already.

Email is the most important and best source of traffic for your blog.

You do not show anything new

There is a reason why we all talk about the same topic in our posts, because that's what people want to read and what we'll get traffic to. However, no one wants to read or see something they've seen too many times, so what do you need to do?

First, eliminate the habit of sitting down and writing an article in a few hours. No matter how many articles you create, it's important that each post is awesome and interesting. But even if you produce something good, how is it better than other websites?

Approach the topic from a different perspective, use your own perspectives and personalities, or delve deeper into a specific topic that people will be interested in. There are still many opportunities to show everyone something new!

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There are many things to do right when you are trying to do something that people will like. Certainly there will be a lot of attention to get as much traffic as you want your website to have and you will not get everything right the first time.

If you look at all the potential issues that we discussed here, you will undoubtedly come across a few issues that you can fix and eventually get the mutations you want to see in the chart. His traffic!

We hope that you enjoyed reading through this article and we have provided you with enough useful information!