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Entering our country market for nearly 10 years, but Apple still sees Vietnam as a third-class market, which is a market that does not need to pay too much attention, even though Apple is still a very valuable brand in Vietnam. .

So the question is why are we in Vietnam only at rank 3? Although the consumption of Vietnamese iPhone is not low.

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#first. Vietnam is Apple's third-class market

This is said by some of Apple's major retailers or distributors.

That is also the solution for the fact that their new products always reach Vietnamese consumers much later than other markets.

The most obvious is the 3 iPhone 11 launched this year, our product is quite late, after a month compared to the neighboring markets.

The number of iPhone users in Vietnam is not small, and so is the number of ifan. So why is our country a third-class market?

#2. The reason Vietnam is only Apple's third-class market?

Much. But mostly, we have the following remarkable reasons:

Apple in Vietnam is not as popular as overseas. Easy to understand because Samsung and Oppo have occupied too large market share, and far beyond the iPhone.

Instead, Apple dominates the high-end smartphone segment, with prices of 15 million or more. This segment is a fairly difficult to reach segment for most users, so Apple's market share is still not large compared to the entire Smartphone market.

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New Apple device is the best seller. Apple smartphones from 2015 and 2016 like iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6S Plus still have acceptable performance and technology at the moment.

And the fact that these models are only a few million dongs has satisfied many people's desire to have an iPhone.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will probably get iOS updates for at least the rest of this year. Similarly, the death and discounted models of Apple brought the main source of revenue for retailers in our country.

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Regular users tend to spend money on mid-range devices instead of high-end devices.

The quality of hardware and software in the mid-range segment has been much better than before, so those who do not want to show off will find a device that suits them in this segment.

Too many portable items. The fact that Lock and Lock products spilled into Vietnam with prices much lower than genuine machines made a large number of iPhones sold as portable goods.

Of course this will affect the sales of genuine machines already sold. Apple tried to strangle the laptop with a new warranty, scan and disable ICCID Fake, but it was still ineffective.

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# 3. Conclude

In summary, Apple does not discriminate against our market. They will provide services and items to our country's market is no different from other markets.

It is only the time they will support our market later. The fact that Apple ranks our country in the third-class market also comes from the use and purchase of users.

What do you think about this? Is Apple's third-class market a big deal for consumers? Feel free to leave your comments below this article!

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